joining the cool club

Honestly, this year I am focusing on just living the most out of my life. Yes, it still means putting hard work into school. But it also means not wasting those precious moments of being able to create new memories with wonderful people or just by yourself. It means taking that sunset drive out to see your best friend in the city, it means waking up at five to see the sunrise, it means speaking to the cute barista at a new coffee shop. It means finding new and interesting books about stories or topics you never would’ve have cared about before. It means taking advantage of all those free lectures and talks given by really cool or influential people. It means joining clubs, going out, and having a good ol’ time. It means really really really just getting the most out of life. Because, hey, we have now and now is all we have.

I’ve been getting a lot of ask about pointers or advice for high school, so I decided to just make a general post about it. So here you go!


  • You are not alone. There are hundreds of other teens who are just as scared or nervous as you are! 
    • Screw popularity and cliches. Be friendly with everybody. 
    • Make a friend in every class! 
    • Hang out with different groups
    • Go to social events
    • Have your high school spirit!
  • Join a lot of clubs! Great way of getting involved and making friends!
    • Best time to join all those cool/epic/funny clubs. 
    • Can’t find a club you like? Get a group of friends and make one!
    • Joining a sports team is a lot of time commitment. Know that ahead of time.
  • Learn where all your classes are and what time you have them. There’s no faster way to spot a freshmen than the one carrying a map and their schedule in their hand everywhere.
  • Walk on the right side of the hallway. And please, don’t crowd by the lockers. It’s really irritating, especially for other students who are rushing to class and need to get to their locker (that you are crowding). 
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Teachers are there to help you and you are there to learn. 
  • Have a solid study habit. Good study habits for the next 4 years and onwards starts now. 
  • Do the homework + study hard + participate in class. It’s the little stuff that make up a lot of your grades. 
  • Upperclassmen are not that bad. In fact, you should have a few upperclassmen friends so they can help you out when you need a heads up for the next year and what teachers to look out for, etc.
  • Freshmen Friday is stupid (and not a real thing). Don’t believe in that stuff, it’s just there to scare you. 
  • Don’t date seniors. This is especially for you girls; just don’t do it. In fact, just avoid dating for the first year, it’s just not worth it. 


  • Do really well on your PSAT! PSAT is the gateway to SAT; gauging your score on the PSAT might determine what you need to focus most on when studying for the SAT.
  • Start practicing for the SAT/ACT. This is the time you want to get a head start on standardize test prep classes and what not. Ideally, you want to spend your summer between sophomore year and junior year preparing for the SAT/ACT/SAT subject tests.
  • Get more involved!
    • Do more in your extracurricular activities, focus on activities that you are really passionate about.
    • Go volunteer!  
  • Get familiar with college planning. Go on college visits and what nots. The earlier you start, the better and more impressed the college guides/advisors will be.
  • Get more serious about your courses. This is the time you should consider/start taking AP classes, honors classes, challenging courses in general.
    • Plan ahead what AP courses you might take in the future. Considering that, prepare your schedule accordingly. Ex: Planning to take AP Chemistry in the future? Consider taking Chemistry Honors (if given) during sophomore year as a “beginner” course.
    • Most sophomore take AP World History as their first AP course.


  • Junior year is the ideal year to be taking your SAT/ACT. Consider taking SAT subject tests as well. 
    • Every weekend - practice like you’re actually taking the test. Wake up at 6. Sit down at 8. Time yourself and do the tests like you’re actually doing it for real. Once it’s over, go through the entire test, revise and understand what you did wrong. Repeat for another weekend.
  • Determine what colleges you want to apply to.
    • Consider things like SAT/ACT score compatibility, GPA compatibility, major availability, campus + location, tuition, undergraduate research opportunity, etc. (have an excel sheet for easier comparison)
    • Visit the college! You can not determine anything just from looking at their websites! Go to college fairs and what nots. Talk to the advisors from the colleges! Let them get to know you!
    • Ideally have 7 colleges on your list: 2 safety, 4 match, 1 reach
    • Finalize your college list by the end of your junior year and onto the beginning of your senior year
  • Let your teachers get know you! Start early on those letters of recommendation.
  • Keep up your GPA. It’s going to be a hard and stressful time, but you have to hold through. That being said, sprinkle a little bit of APs and Honors classes in your schedule! Colleges love seeing you challenge yourself.
  • Rack up on your resume! This is a great time to try out for that leadership position for a club, or do internship, or anything that makes you stand out! That being said, start making your resume!
  • Practice your interviewing skills! Gets rid of all the jitters during senior year when you get called for a college interview.
  • Start scholarship hunting! It’s never too early to start and this is the best time (when you’re not bogged down with college apps).
  • Practice college app essay writing! Brainstorm what you could possibly say about yourself, why you want to go to this college, etc. Some universities don’t change their college app essay questions, so take that to your advantage and start early on those essays!


  • Immunize yourself from seniorities. Plan ahead and execute your goals. Don’t let laziness and procrastinating habits get hold of you when you’ve gotten this far. 
  • Fall semester is probably the most stressful time. Gear yourself up for it!
  • Second semester still counts towards your grades. If you think that just because you already got accepted into college and you don’t need to worry about your grades for second semester, you’re in for a rough ride.
  • If you haven’t taken your SAT/ACT yet, take it this fall. Second semester will be too late.
  • Plan your college applications ahead of time! Aim for the early action applications!
  • Have 7 colleges in mind: 2 safety schools, 4 match schools, 1 reach school
  • Have a mental health day. Sometimes you just need a break.
  • Focus on your studies. Try really hard to put up/maintain your grades.
  • You are not a number. But accept the fact that some colleges only look at numbers before considering anything else.
  • Don’t fake your passion. Colleges want to see that you are true to your passion and that you can write coherently. Don’t fake your passion, it won’t be authentic enough.
  • Get your teachers to know you well. For your teacher recommendation, pick teachers who have had you for many years or know you from your involvement in a club, etc.
  • Ask early for recommendation letters. Towards second semester, students tend to just spring up on the teacher for a recommendation. 
    • Ask early on, and your recommendation letter will be more thoughtful.
    • Get different types of recommendation letters. Don’t get recommendation letters just from English classes, or just Math classes. Ask your orchestra/band/chorus teacher! Ask your club advisors! Ask several people so the colleges get a holistic view about you. 
  • Don’t go to interviews unless you are absolutely prepared!
  • Apply for scholarships if you haven’t already. Keep applying throughout the year.
  • It’s okay to cry from all the stress, and possible rejection letters. But get up and dust your knees, and keep walking forward.
  • Last but not least, don’t do anything that will jeopardize your chance to walk across the stage to get a high school diploma!
  • Realize that your life is just beginning. Step forth for a new adventure!

princeisaiah  asked:

Since ur like tumblr bee queen, I thought I would tell you something cool!! Well I just joined a beekeeping club where I'm gonna be taught how to bee keep and do actual beekeeping, I'm so pumped and excited !! I always dreamed about being a bee keeper but I never saw it as a possible career but now that I'm joining this club that has professional beekeepers in it and college credits and such, it's a dream come true seeing this career become obtainable to me!! 🌻

holy shiz, I am so proud of you!! I would love to become a beekeeper one day and I am glad you get to learn from actual beekeepers! That is one of the coolest jobs ever and I hope you enjoy it!! I am actually really happy bc u would be a literal bee since u take care of them and such, thank u for calling me a tumblr bee queen. It made my night:) 

there's a deaf girl in dance at my school

And it’s SO COOL to see her learn and work on the dance moves. We’re not in the same class period but sometimes our classes get combined when we’re working on a show and it’s fascinating. Our dance teacher teaches the class and the interpreter signs it to her. She may get off beat a bit, of course, but she fixes herself so quickly and follows the rest of the people in dance, and she is genuinely a good. Dancer.

I don’t know her name, but honestly seeing her dance and just forget about the world and the fact that she’s deaf is amazing.

And yeah, she might have a little bit of hearing in like, one ear, but that’s about it. I don’t know everything, but my point still stands. It’s super cool.

shortandspicy  asked:

hi i can't believe you just followed me i'm totally losing my cool right now. ((also i would love to join the 20+ club thnx))

Ah, I am the last person on earth anyone should lose their cool over.

(And yes please, I’m here to bully all 20+ Hamilton trash into the old people club.)

anonymous asked:

leo everyone i know seems to suddenly be coming out as obviously fake systems but no one knows about mine so I'm terrified to say anything and it's just so frustrating seeing people treat it like some fuckin club?? They all act like this is cool and not extremely debilitating :/

i love it when ppl treat traumagenic mental illness as a cool fun club u can join to get the Cool Fun Nifty experience of having Friends in ur head to have fun with all day every day forever!!

god tho that fuckin sucks im sorry that kinda goes to show ppl who are throwing their “system” around and treating it like a club vs ppl who are literally afraid to talk abt their systems and stuff :/

theres reasons u guys dont actually see me talk abt specifics of my system often and its not cuz im Fake™ lol 

when i was in high school i had this idea of like??/ a novel where the Young unPopular Boy who’s Snarky and Relatable tries to join the ASB club bc he wanted to be cool and start dating this girl he was in love with…. i think she was a lesbian or something but anyway thats when i realized i hating writing about men