joining the cool club

It looks like Yuuri and Victor are crashing some wedding and Yuuri’s like at the point where he’s tipsy enough to tell really good stories about drunk Phichit but like, not tipsy enough to start going into stripper banquet mode

Actual good first-time college student advice:
  • Wear jeans/pants that “breathe” and bring a sweater, even if it’s scorching hot out, until you know which building blasts the AC to 60 degrees F and which feels like a sauna
  • Backpacks with thick straps are your friend!  Messenger bags are cool and all but if you’re commuting with a lot of stuff, symmetrically styled backpacks are better for your back
  • You are your own person and you can walk out whenever you need to or want to, so long as you’re not disrupting the class.  Meaning you can go to the bathroom without permission, take a breather if you’re anxious, answer an important phone call, etc.
  • If you don’t like the class on the first day, if you can- DROP THAT CLASS AND TAKE ANOTHER ONE!  It’ll only get worse from there!
  • If you can, take a class outside your major; it’s a good break from your expected studies.
  • You are in charge of your schedule.  Your adviser and guidance counselor is there to ‘advise and guide’ but if you don’t like certain classes and you can substitute for others, that’s your choice.
  • Consequently, if you are changing anything drastic in your plan, talk with your adviser and instructors.
  • Pay attention to your credit hours and grades.  Never leave this to the last week of school, you will be sorry and stressed beyond belief!
  • Unless it’s a lab book or otherwise specified, go to the class for a week or so before buying an expensive textbook.  Some classes, while having it on their required list, do not actually use the textbook a whole lot and you might find some of it scanned online.  Rent if you can or buy used online (schools actually don’t give discounts).  Use your best judgement on what you think you need.
  • Tell the people who go up to you selling or advertising things you are not interested in that you are in a rush to class and don’t have time to listen to them.  It’s less rude and they’ll leave you alone.
  • The smaller the class, the better it is to have some sort of acquaintanceship with a couple classmates.  They might save your ass if you are absent one day or need to study.  And talking with them makes the time go by faster without it being so insufferable.
  • You don’t need to join a club or sport, but internships are cool and useful!
  • If you can afford it, take a day off once or twice each semester if you’re too exhausted.  Just be aware of what you missed and if it was worth missing!
  • Your health is the most important, this goes for mental health too!!  Note: College-age/upper teens is when mental disorders like depression and anxiety are most commonly diagnosed.  Most schools have therapy services, especially during exam time.  Look into it if you need to!
  • Communicate with your professor if you are having trouble with something.  Anything.
  • Eat and stay hydrated.  Bring a water bottle and snack to class.
  • All-nighters will happen but never go over 36 hours without sleep.
  • It’s going to be hard and there will be times you might think about giving up.  This WILL happen.  You just have to make sure what you’re doing isn’t making you absolutely miserable and/or there is something rewarding and positive to look forward to at the end!

[Disclaimer: this is a U.S. version and written based on my experiences; it’s important to keep these points in mind, but know that nothing is ever 100% accurate as each university and college runs differently to some degree.  The intention of this post is to make aware of the big potential circumstances one might run into and what to do.  It’s by no means a complete list and it’s important to get advice from multiple sources as well!  Thanks for reading and I hoped I helped at least a few people!  c:]



Mamoru is the kind of guy who tries hard to be cool and fails miserably. He joined basketball club because it was cool and his dream girl, Nishiura-senpai, is the club manager. Due to his oblivious personality, his teammates took advantage of him and made him a manager instead of a player. Nishiura also cooed him to do all of the chores by himself. Mamoru gained his Persona when he broke his left arm to save Nishiura from falling equipments. It turns out that Nishiura and Mamoru’s teammates did it on purpose to hurt him because they weren’t fond of him.

                let me introduce you to dctv’s prime lesbian detective maggie sawyer from supergirl. honestly, what can i say about this asshole? she loves aliens, scotch and throwing you into holding for fun. she will shut you off emotionally, but she will also charm the pants off of you. ask any one of her eighteen ex-love interests. she is a 5′3 hufflepuff and bonsai tree enthusiast, but don’t be fooled, she has a very unhealthy obsession with deadly weapons. she’s also been winning detective of the year since birth. one time, she quite literally taught an alien how to speak english just by making out with her. magic. maggie’s biggest fan is her mun, caitlin, who only wishes she was half as cool and would definitely die for her on any occasion.

in Stilwater U you can join these cool clubs


Do you want to be a FUCKING NERD!?!!?

Join this team and be the coolest PRICK around. You won’t ever regret it! Trust me.

Just look at this coo’ piece!”

“Intramural SPORTS

coo’ b-ball, eh? Punk. Now, fuck you.

Join our team! We are the coolest fucks on earth, see FUCK

Don’t you FUCKING look at me!”

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Can I request a fluffy Joshua scenario? Thank you so much for writing all of these and for your wonderful blog ^~^

- you and joshua are neighbors
- you both live right next to each other, but surprisingly….. you’re not close at all
- you acknowledge each other from time to time of course, whether it’s saying hi when you catch one another outside the house or nodding at each other in the school hallways
- but aside from that…. you just know him as your cute next door neighbor or your classmate joshua hong
- one morning, your friend asks you if you could get her one of those club application papers
- she can’t do it herself because she’s already running late that morning, like she’s running to school that very moment
- you successfully grab a paper for her, and you wait patiently for her to get to class
- she rushes into the room five seconds before the teacher enters, and you hold up the piece of paper and give her a thumbs up
- she mouths “thank you” and you’re about to get out of your seat to give it to her when the homeroom teacher enters the room and says “everyone, in your seat”
- you gesture to her that you’ll give it after, but the teacher suddenly says “okay, i’ve been instructed to pick up the club applications today. i’ll be picking them up at the end of class, and i’ve been told i can’t accept any after that”
- your friend just looks at you with wide eyes, while you try to figure out how to get it to her since you’re on opposite ends of the classroom
- any normal person would pass it around and tell them to get it to your friend but no, you know what you do instead?
- you turn the club application form into a paper plane and launch it towards your friend while the teacher isn’t looking
- you watch it fly across the room and instead of reaching your friend
- it hits joshua on the head
- startled, he jumps in his seat and looks down to see the paper plane on the floor
- he picks it up and looks around the classroom with confusion written on his face, stopping when he sees your surprised expression
- your mouth stays wide open in shock even when he points at the paper plane, and you mouth “sorry!!” while pointing over to your friend sitting next to him
- joshua just smiles and nods his head, and then he passes the paper plane to your friend who thanks him for it
- at the end of class, your friend successfully gives in the paper and they apologize for all the trouble like this wouldn’t have happened if they didn’t decide on their club last minute
- but you just shake your head and tell them it’s completely fine
- later that night, you’re doing homework in your room with the window open because the night breeze feels so nice
- halfway through doing your math homework, something hits you on the forehead and you let out a yelp of surprise
- while rubbing the painful spot on your forehead, you look down to find a paper plane lying on your desk
- you pick it up with confusion on your face, and then you look out the window to find your neighbor joshua laughing from his room across from yours
- he gestures for you to unfold the paper plane, and when you do, in neat hand-writing says, “that’s for earlier”
- you gape at the paper, and after quickly jotting down a response, you send it flying back
- joshua catches the plane and laughs at your response, which is “i’m so sorry again!!! i didn’t mean to, are you all right??”
- he writes something down, and sends it back with “i’m fine, there’s not much a paper plane can do to me :) is your forehead all right though?? sorry for hitting it!!”
- and for the next few minutes, you both communicate via paper planes
- the conversation goes from school to actual introductions, and you realize that this is your first real conversation with joshua
- “i’m joshua, but i’m sure you already know that lol. you’re (name), right?”
- “that’s me! so tell me, is math keeping you up too?”
- “nah, i managed to finish the work in class. the english essay’s a bit of a pain though”
- you both exchange paper planes, until joshua tells you he’s going to head to bed since he has to prepare for a long day considering club activities start tomorrow
- you tell him it’s fine, and after sending him the “good night” message, he smiles at you and closes his window
- you go back to doing your math homework, but during quick breaks, you can’t help but read through the paper planes again
- you thought that the paper plane thing was only a one-time thing, but no
- the next night, joshua sends another one over to you right when you’ve just entered your room after eating dinner
- “hello, neighbor :) how was your day today?”
- you smile as you grab a pen and write “joshua!! my day went fine. the cooking club wasn’t all too bad actually. which club did you join?
- “cooking club sounds fun!! i joined the music club. i met really cool people there, our class’ vice president jihoon is actually in that club too, did you know?”
- the planes fly from one room to the other (save for some that unfortunately missed the window and crashed to the ground), and you actually feel sad when you realize how late it’s gotten
- you tell joshua you have to do your homework, and he says it’s fine since he should probably get started on his too
- you say good night to each other, and you get to work, but your mind is clearly elsewhere
- the funny thing about this whole paper plane thing is that neither of you ever brought up phone numbers or social media accounts
- neither of you talk to each other in class either
- there’s the occasional good morning and hello, but aside from that, not really
- it’s like the only way for you both to actually get a conversation going is to send paper planes, and weird as it is….. you’re fine with it this way
- you guys will of course have talk to each other in person one day, but for now, paper planes will do
- the conversations eventually turn into a 20-questions type of game, and learning so much about joshua…. it feels nice….. he’s not just “that cute boy next door” or “model student joshua hong” or “mr. nice guy”
- he’s a friend
- “so joshua, any dreams?”
- “this might sound weird but…. i’ve already kind of dreamed of becoming an idol?? to be able to share my music with everyone, to be able to make others happy with my singing…. it’s just a dream though ^^ you?”
- “it’s a wonderful dream!!! hmm well….. i really just want a happy life, like we all do. a life where i’m always surrounded by my friends and family. that’s all i could hope for. it’s simple hahah”
- “but it’s a good dream nonetheless :) now it’s my turn to ask, isn’t it? how about we get to the smaller stuff? what’s your favorite color?”
- “really, joshua? LOL”
- it’s become a habit, really—your day is incomplete if you don’t send or receive at least one paper plane
- and you both may or may not have grown interested in the things the other likes
- never mind that you cried during each of the anime movies joshua recommended to you, or that you started listening to 2bic, or that you suddenly started craving kiwi ice cream
- and it’s not like you saw a bag of your favorite candy in joshua’s backpack, or that one time he came to class with your favorite kind of tea, or that one time you saw the album cover of your favorite artist on his phone
- you’re both just trying new things, right?
- your friends have been telling you how much happier you look these days, how livelier you’ve become
- and somehow, you’ve convinced them and yourself that the reason is “summer’s here!! how can i not be happy?”
- but after days of denying it, you FINALLY admit to yourself
- that you’ve fallen for joshua
- maybe it’s because he always sends over a paper plane with kind words on it when you’re feeling down
- or that he doesn’t mind staying by the window to help you with your math homework
- or that he’s just so kind and thoughtful and funny and….. he just….. makes your rainy days a little better
- you’re shaking with nervousness while writing on your paper plane to joshua, and he definitely noticed this because he sent you one before you could send yours
- you unfold the paper and read “(name), are you all right? you look a bit uneasy”
- you look up to see joshua standing by his window with a worried look on his face, pointing down at the paper plane you’re working on to let him know he’ll be getting a response soon
- you’ve only written a sentence, but it’s a sentence that could make or break your entire relationship
- you gently fold your paper plane, take a deep breath, and send it flying over to joshua
- you watch nervously as he unfolds it, and you know it’s over when you see him freeze
- “joshua… this might sound weird since we’ve hardly ever talked in person, but… i think i like you”
- he probably read it about ten times in his head before looking up at you, and you tense up when you have eye contact
- but then
- he looks down, closes the windows, pulls the curtains, and
- that’s it
- you walk over to your bed and sit on the edge, burying your face in your hands because what have you done
- your relationship was perfectly fine, and now it’s ruined, all because you let your feelings get in the way
- you leave your window open, not even caring if bugs crawled inside the room because MAYBE you’d wake up to a paper plane on the floor
- but the next morning, you find nothing
- you look out the window to find joshua’s windows and curtains in the same position as the night before, and your heart aches a little
- you frown the entire walk to school, and you take a deep breath before walking into your classroom because you know you’re going to see joshua
- the second you step into the room, you both have eye contact
- but he’s the first one to turn away
- this ruins your mood for the rest of the day, and you haven’t regretted something this bad in a while
- the day goes by painfully slow, and when it’s finally over, you’re so glad you don’t have club activities that day because you just want to go home and die in your room
- but while you’re walking, something suddenly hits the back of your head
- you turn around to see joshua standing a few feet away
- you say “joshua? don’t you have music club—?”
- he cuts you off and says “that doesn’t matter right now”
- he then walks over to the paper plane lying on the ground, picks it up, and holds it out to you
- you take it from him, slowly unfold the plane, and you break out into a smile when you read the words written on it
- “i think… i like you too, (name).”
- you look up to see joshua smiling shyly, and his cheeks are tinted pink as he says “i’m sorry for not replying last night….”
- you jokingly say “you should be. i hardly slept because of you!!”
- joshua laughs at your response and says “i guess i owe you something then, don’t i? there’s this new restaurant down the street we could try out if you’re not busy this weekend…”
- you nod your head, smiling, “it’s a date.”

thank you for your request!! ^^

Four skaters from Japan, Rika Hongo, Keiji Tanaka, Satoko Miyahara and Yuzuru Hanyu talked to us about their skating career before the ISU Four Continents Championships 2017.

Q = Interviewer Wei Xiong for ISU
RH = Rika Hongo
KT = Keiji Tanaka
SM= Satoko Miyahara
YH= Yuzuru Hanyu

Q: How did you get into figure skating?

RH: My mother is a figure skating coach. I followed her to work when I was three years old, and I played around the rink. When I was five, I told her that I want to learn figure skating, and that’s how I started.

KT: There was a skating rink near my home, so at the beginning I went there just for fun. It was during my first grade in elementary school. Then I enjoyed it so much that gradually I started to take regular skating classes, and before I realized, I was already a member of the skating club.

SM: I started skating when I was four. I lived in the U.S. for two years and a half when my parents were studying there. There was a skating rink inside a shopping mall, when I went there, I tried to skate for the first time and I really enjoyed it, so I started to skate.

YH: It was my elder sister who started to skate first. At that time I wasn’t particularly into figure skating, but I was just following my sister and skating with her.

Q: When did you decide to dedicate yourself to this sport and be an athlete?

RH: I was inspired by Shizuka Arakawa’s victory at the 2006 Olympics, since then I started to dream about competing at the Olympics, and I started to train hard to be a skater.

After she won the Olympics, there was a parade in her hometown Sendai, and you were the kid who accompanied her in the parade car. Do you still remember that day?

Yes, I remember I was sitting next to her, and I saw the shining gold medal at a close distance. I thought that was so cool and I was inspired.

KT: After I joined the skating club, I think being an athlete just became something very natural to me, and I never thought about quitting because training was tough.

SM: I kept skating and naturally began real training after I came back to Japan. When I was in third grade in elementary school, I competed at my first international competition. Ever since then I realized I would become an athlete.

YH: For me, an athlete equals to an Olympian, an Olympic gold medalist. When I was around five-years-old, I already seriously thought about winning the gold medal at the Olympics. But what made me want the Olympic title strongly was the battle between Yagudin and Plushenko at 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics.

Q: Did you already have the confidence that you were going to be a top skater in the world?

Tanaka: I still don’t think I am competitive on the international stage, but one thing that inspired me was when Yuzuru won the World Junior Championships. He is the same age as me, and the best among us. When he won the junior title, I thought it was really awesome, and I wanted to catch up with him. So I made up my mind and set my goal to be a competitive skater in the world. One year after, I won the silver medal at junior Worlds.

SM: I didn’t think about being a top skater at that time, but I strongly wanted to go to the Olympics.

YH: Yes! I remember I got the second place at my first ever competition since I started to skate, but soon I won my next competition. I was presented a trophy in that competition, and I lifted the trophy over my head, just trying to imitate what Plushenko and Yagudin always did. It was a small trophy like this size (he pointed to his beverage bottle), and I did it like this (he held up the bottle over his head). It was a small, domestic competition, I think I was five years old, or maybe first grade in elementary school.

Q: Being an athlete is tough, but is there anything even tougher that you hadn’t expected or imagined?

RH: All your time is occupied by skating, I train every day, and it is so difficult to find some time just to hang out with your friends. Also, I need to get up early in the morning, that’s also tough.

YH: The risk of injury is high, and there is no guarantee that the harder you train the better you become, so I think that’s really the difficult part. Also, I think this is unique in Japan, but figure skating is so popular here that I cannot go out easily, and there are paparazzi around, so this is something difficult to deal with too.

(Does training in Canada make things easier?)

Yes, I can get more of my own time in Canada.

Q: What’s your favorite element in figure skating and what gives you headache?

RH: I like the jumps the most. Among all types of jumps, I like toe the most, but I am not good at loop.

KT: I like doing footwork, especially when it fits the music, it feels really enjoyable. As for what I am not good at, compared to those best skaters in the world, I have a lot of work to do on my spins.

SM: I like all elements. But I am not good at twizzles, and I wish I could spin faster on flying camel spins.

Q: Could you share with us the stories or inspirations of your programs this season?

RH: My free skate this season is choreographed by Akiko Suzuki. I want to enhance my presentation, and I think I can learn a lot from her. Before she retired, we were skating in the same rink, and I was always amazed and inspired by her. It feels great that I can continue to learn from her now in this way.

KT: It is a new genre of music (“Federico Fellini Medley”) that I’ve never tried before, so it was really difficult at the beginning of the season, I just couldn’t catch the feeling of the program, and couldn’t show the right facial expression. When I made a mistake on the first few jumping passes, it felt very hard to concentrate on presentation, and hence couldn’t put the program together. But at the NHK Trophy, I did well with the first few jumps, so I carried the momentum to the rest of the program, kept the energy and paid attention to facial expressions. I finally felt I was able to perform this program well.

SM: Tom Dickson recommended the “Star Wars” music to me in the middle of last season, and we started to do the choreography right after the season ended. The music is something different from what I’ve skated to before, but I think it is so cool and I like it.

You are always shy off the ice, is it difficult to skate to something so “cool”?

Yes, I really need to pay a lot of attention to the movements and scale when I skate, and give much more strength than before.

YH: The music of my free skate was composed by a Japanese composer, if I go deep into the story behind the music, it was actually the opening song of 1998 Nagano Paralympics. My mom watched the Nagano Olympics and Paralympics, and then she wanted my elder sister to skate, so she took her to skating class. If you think about it, those Olympics were the starting point of my skating life, so I want to use this piece of music. Also, as I mentioned, it was composed by a Japanese composer, so I think I can continue to present something I’ve learned from “SEIMEI”.

The Olympics really is something special for you, isn’t it?

Yes. On one hand, when it comes to competing at a competition, like in Sochi, I treated it as a normal competition; but on the other hand, I am planning and preparing for the next Olympics, so I guess I have a special feeling for it. Of course, I want to win the gold medal again in Pyeongchang.

Your long program is called “Hope and Legacy”, and you talked about how skaters’ performances can remain as a legacy. Which performance of yours do you think is your legacy?

YH: It was my first novice national championships, which I won. I was very happy at that time, not only happy for the win, but also for my score. It was still under the 6.0 system, I watched competitions on TV a lot, so I knew only those very top skaters in the world could get over 5.5 points, but I got 5.2 for my presentation. I was so happy at that time, and my performance at that competition became my motivation of skating, and it still motivates me now.

Q: What’s your equity in Team Japan? For example, are you the one that laughs the most, or talks the most, or are you the one who likes to give advice and take care of rookies, or are you the one that doesn’t talk at all, etc.

RH: There are younger skaters coming up this season, but this is only my third year on the senior circuit and there are more experienced skaters than me, like Asada or Murakami, so I am the one who still tries to learn from the elders during competitions.

KT: I am the shy one and not good at talking. On the contrary, Yuzuru is very outgoing and really talks a lot, sometimes I cannot follow him.

YH: We are all teammates, but at the same time competitors. For example, I am at the same age with Ryuju Hino and Keiji Tanaka who also competed at NHK Trophy, we know each other since we were kids, we are really good friends off the ice, but on the ice, we are competitors.

Q: Yuzuru, Keiji just said you always talk so much that he sometimes cannot follow.

YH: I admit. I really talk a lot, but I am thankful that he is always willing to listen. Just like I said, we knew each other from long ago, so I feel like he can understand me.

Q: How about in the skating club? For Rika and Satoko, there are many younger girls in your rink, do you give them advice?

RH: I talk to them a lot, but we seldom talk about skating.

SM: I often practice with them, and I get stimulation from them, I enjoy skating with them. I don’t always do that, but sometimes I do give them advice. I also have things to learn from them, so I think it is a very good training environment.

Q: What do you like to do off the ice?

RH: I like sleeping and eating. I especially like ice cream, so whenever there is a limited edition or new flavor of ice cream, I will go get it and enjoy.

KT: I like watching movies. Recently I watch a lot of Japanese movies.

SM: I like reading books and sleeping, and I like cooking. I like something sweet, and I like Japanese food. I cook for my family when I have time.

Q: Yuzuru, you are taking university courses via e-school, right?

YH: Yes, but I am too busy training to keep up with my studies. Nevertheless my classes are very interesting. I am majoring in Human Science, it is very broad, and I study a lot about human, about computer science, etc. Recently I am really into Human Bioethics. I’ve thought a lot about “life” in my life so far, and I am also thinking about “life” when I perform “Hope and Legacy”, so studying Human Bioethics helps my skating. Given that I don’t really have much time, I try to take less courses, but study in depth and make every minute out of it count.

Q: One thing I have to ask Keiji, your name “Keiji” (which means “police” in Japanese) is so special. Who gave you the name?

KT: It was my father. He gave me this name because it is very unique, you can’t really find another person with the same name, and he wants me to be a person with strong sense of justice. He didn’t expect me to be a policeman, but I think this is really a good name, and I am glad that people can remember me by this name.


What a loser

You’re confused.

You’re utterly confused right now, because the biggest bad boy in school is standing in front of you, asking to join the fake club you made when you were seven, and he looks like he’s serious.

“You want to join cool club?”

the weird bad boy doyoung au no one wanted but i wrote anyways. enjoy ^^

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WHO WANTS TO JOIN MY COOL NEW CLUB??? You like borzois? and their inherent proficiency in arcane Magicks?? then this is the club for YOU 

 I’m making stickers (hopefully) and a zine (possibly) so excuse the watermark!!!

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College!AU Leo

so i have bts x forest fairy!au and seventeen x prince!au so here is some vixx (because i love them and they also deserve an au series) 

  • major: childhood education/literature 
  • minor: theater 
  • sports: captain of the soccer team 
  • clubs: choir club / book club because hakyeon made him join and then ditched him for another club but leo genuinely likes the nice group of people who run the club and their book picks are good so he stayed
  • so basically he wants to teach elementary school when he graduates and tbh when he declared his major the head of the department was like……….the soccer star of our university……..want to be…………..a teacher?
  • and leo shrugged because he doesn’t have to justify himself he loves books and he loves kids teaching was an obvious choice for him but he just gives the head of the department a nod and they’re like i mean i guess and leo is like ty professor gtg to soccer practice
  • in all his classes he’s pretty quiet and the professors never get it because all his written work is fantastic and everyone keeps urging him to drop childhood education and pursue like a PHD because his writing is just fantastic 
  • and someone once said like his genius shouldn’t be “wasted” on “teaching kids” and leo just grew cold immediately and was like you can’t fucking waste anything for kids, they’re the future, they’re the most important and almost knocked that guy out but that’s another story
  • but yeah he rarely participates but when he does and actually the first time he does his voice is so,,,,mellow and soft and the entire class + teacher is like,,,,,,,nevermind we can definitely see you as an elementary school teacher
  • also no one notices but his pencil case is covered in cat paws because he thinks it’s cute but he hides it so no one  finds out esp anyone on the soccer team
  • well actually vice captain xiumin knows but he won’t tell on leo
  • and you know one day you end up having class with him and at first he comes in and your first impression is he is very…..athletic looking and tall and you’re kinda like why is he taking a lit course about kid’s books but you’re like you know what i don’t judge
  • and then when he talks for the first time you’re like oh he’s……so cute wtf
  • and then he shows up one day to class right after practice in his soccer uniform and you’re like h O L Y S HIT
  • because he’s wearing the shorts and a tight fitted t-shirt and his hairs a mess and in his face and he has his duffle bag over his shoulder and his muscles are just…there and you’re like goodbye
  • and he sits next to you because your seats near the door and he doesn’t wanna make any noise crossing the room because he’s a little late and all of a sudden you hear his soft voice like “hey,,,,,what did i miss??”
  • and you kind of get flustered because he doesn’t really talk to anyone in class especially not you since you originally sit far but you’re like oh!!! not much just last weeks homework,,,here are my notes!!!
  • and he smiles at you and it’s the first time you’ve seen him smile and you have to like catch your breath because it’s such a gentle, small gesture but it makes him glow and you’re like do not fall in love with this dude do not fall in 
  • but when he whispers “can i copy them after class if you have time?” you’re like frick it im falling f R I ck it
  • and so you stay afterwards and leo is like jotting down what he needs and you notice that he takes his pencil out of this bag thats????covered in cat paws and you’re like wow cute!!!
  • but you don’t notice you said it outloud and all of a sudden this big dude that you thought never gets shy or anything turns the brightest shade of pink and he’s like ,,,,t,,,,thank you
  • and you’re like STOP BEING CUTE I SWEAR in your head this time but you’re like oh no problem!! do you like cats??
  • and he just perks up like !! i really like,,,,all animals,,,,but cats are,,,,and he kind of motions the paw thing that cats do and you’re like holy shit this boy has a soft voice and a SOFT heart can you FRiKCINg believe it
  • and you’re like that’s true cats are really cool and he’s kind of like …..quiet but like it’s not uncomfortable like you can see the hint of that smile again
  • and like when he’s done he bows and is like i have to go change out of this uniform (and you’re like no you don’t but moving on)
  • and you’re like ah!! yeah!! see you next class?? and he’s like yep and waves and you have to stand there in the empty classroom grasping your chest because fucking leo is adorable goodbye
  • and after that you guys like casually talk outside of class before it starts but you’re like it’ll probably never be more than that untIL one day leo’s like we have a soccer game coming up this saturday,,,,do you like soccer?? and you’re like watching it is fun yeah and he’s like,,,,,you should come watch me i mean our game you know support the college team hahahahaha and you’re like oh….o h ……. o H and you’re like o ok!!!
  • and he gets really smiley and keeps biting his lower lip back and it’s so cute and he’s like ok ill see you there then give me your number so i can text you were it is
  • and that is how you get leo’s number and tbh you squeal about it into your pillow when you get home (he does too, but you just don’t know that)
  • come game day you’re like at the place and the soccer team is out on the field doing stretches and you see leo and he looks so,,,,cool and calm in the uniform with the captain arm band and you’re kinda swooning because wow
  • and then he sees you and waves and xiumin next to him raises an eyebrow and when you go over to wish leo luck xiumins like WELL WELL LEO TELL ME ABOUT THIS CUTE PERSON and leo is like ,,,,,,,they,,,,,,are from my class and are nice,,,,,,,,,
  • and xiumin’s just smiling @ leo like mhmmm mhmm tell me more and you’re like ???? and leo like pinches xiumin’s nose and is like shush it and you’re even more ????? but you’re like good luck!! !!! and leo gets flustered again and even though xiumin is pinching his nose he’s like “leo’s gonna shoot the winning goal for you now~~~” and leo is like i s2g xiumin i will shove this soccer ball down your throat but anyway
  • you go back to the bleachers and watch leo play and he’s so competitive and it’s a whole new side of him and you’re like,,,,wow,,,,,
  • and just like xiumin says he gets the winning goal and you jump out of your seat and as leo runs to highfive the rest of the team he looks up at you and like runs his tongue over his lips before waving and you’re about to fall off the damn bleachers god damn iT LEO
  • after the game the team goes out to eat and you’re like ahh well ill see you in class but xiumin is like JOIN US and leo is like ,,,,yes,,,join us
  • and you know it’s a bunch of rowdy boys and leo tries to keep them calm but the food comes and he forgets completely because he starts eating like a damn animal and you’re like how do you fit so much food,,,,but then you’re like right he’s six fucking feet tall
  • and you’re sitting next to one of the players named ravi and he’s elbowing you like “hey hey i see you looking at leo, are you guys dating??” and you drop your chopsticks and are like wHAT no n o… noo hhaha and ken from across the table is like “really??? i would think hyung is in to you alot if he invites you to the games. he’s never done that.”
  • and all of a sudden the whole table is focused on you and leo and and you’re like getting super red and leo finally stops eating like…….guys shut it or ill kill you and they’re like o K hyUNG mhMMMM 
  • and afterwords everyones saying goodbye and leo’s like hey let me walk you to the train it’s late and you’re like oh ok and you’re chilly and he lets you wear his jacket that he has from the team with his name on the back and you’re screaming internally but you know 
  • and when you get to the train you’re like it was fun!!! ill see you in class??? and he sorta doesn’t say anything and you’re like ????
  • and all of a sudden he leans in to kiss you and it’s short, but it takes your breath away and when he pulls back he’s red but he’s like
  • “is it ok?”
  • and you can’t even speak you just nod and he pulls you in around the waist and holds the side of your neck and his kisses are so gentle that it makes you wanna melt into the ground holy shit 
  • and it’s just very,,,,,,,,,,cute the two of you
  • like next class he switches his seat to be near you and you two cutely talk over books you like and are reading and leo tells you excitedly about his nephew and you get why he wants to be a teacher
  • like whenever you two are walking out off campus and a group of school children walks by he’s always smiling and patting one on the head and you even learn that he helps coach the youth soccer team down at an afterschool club at a public school
  • and leo asks if you wanna join book club with him because they’re reading this cool novel he’d think you like
  • and when he’s like “oh i have theater class” you’re like ????? you’re a theater minor and he get shy all over again like musical theater and you’re like lEO you can sing????
  • and he’s like im in the college’s choir too haha
  • and you literally go “how are you so perfect and talented”
  • and he just puts his head down on the table and is like skhflwe im not
  • and you’re like yes!!!! yes you are!! and you like pat his hair and he just does the smile where he bites his lip
  • and also you two like religiously buy each other coffee now that you’re dating 
  • like if he’s running late - you meet him with coffee. if you’re running late - he meets you with coffee
  •  and when he finally tells the soccer team you’re dating ravi says he called it and that leo should make him captain now and leo just rolls his eyes and xiumin is like we should celebrate by making leo pay for our lunch yes yes
  • and you agree with xiumin and leo’s like how could you and you’re like tehehe
  • you go to leo’s theater productions and most of the roles he gets are when they put on musicals and his voice is the most beautiful thing 
  • and you notice how he sings when you two are studying in the corner of the library, just softly and it’s so calming????
  • you get him cute cat stationery and he puts his head down in embarrassment but you know he loves it
  • you guys probably like go to teach abroad together one summer and it’s SUPER CUTE and yeah im dead college!leo everyone 

van-goghing-to-hell  asked:

okay okay so I've been reading about the Intellectual™️ Otayuri au that's on your blog and I did a Model UN like once in my life so I'm like totes filing this away and writing a fic I'm so excited !!!



-Otabek tutoring Yuri before Yuri convinces him to ditch the session and go to an underground party with him.

-Yuri starting a book club at his school and becomes discouraged at how unpopular it is. Otabek, the resident king of high school, and who has a secret crush on Yuri, convinces all the cool kids in school to join the club.

-Otabek and Yuri arguing over a tiny detail for four hours straight before Phichit just googles it for them.

Friendly reminder:

Hispanics can have white sounding names and still be just as Hispanic as the rest of us.