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Actual good first-time college student advice:
  • Wear jeans/pants that “breathe” and bring a sweater, even if it’s scorching hot out, until you know which building blasts the AC to 60 degrees F and which feels like a sauna
  • Backpacks with thick straps are your friend!  Messenger bags are cool and all but if you’re commuting with a lot of stuff, symmetrically styled backpacks are better for your back
  • You are your own person and you can walk out whenever you need to or want to, so long as you’re not disrupting the class.  Meaning you can go to the bathroom without permission, take a breather if you’re anxious, answer an important phone call, etc.
  • If you don’t like the class on the first day, if you can- DROP THAT CLASS AND TAKE ANOTHER ONE!  It’ll only get worse from there!
  • If you can, take a class outside your major; it’s a good break from your expected studies.
  • You are in charge of your schedule.  Your adviser and guidance counselor is there to ‘advise and guide’ but if you don’t like certain classes and you can substitute for others, that’s your choice.
  • Consequently, if you are changing anything drastic in your plan, talk with your adviser and instructors.
  • Pay attention to your credit hours and grades.  Never leave this to the last week of school, you will be sorry and stressed beyond belief!
  • Unless it’s a lab book or otherwise specified, go to the class for a week or so before buying an expensive textbook.  Some classes, while having it on their required list, do not actually use the textbook a whole lot and you might find some of it scanned online.  Rent if you can or buy used online (schools actually don’t give discounts).  Use your best judgement on what you think you need.
  • Tell the people who go up to you selling or advertising things you are not interested in that you are in a rush to class and don’t have time to listen to them.  It’s less rude and they’ll leave you alone.
  • The smaller the class, the better it is to have some sort of acquaintanceship with a couple classmates.  They might save your ass if you are absent one day or need to study.  And talking with them makes the time go by faster without it being so insufferable.
  • You don’t need to join a club or sport, but internships are cool and useful!
  • If you can afford it, take a day off once or twice each semester if you’re too exhausted.  Just be aware of what you missed and if it was worth missing!
  • Your health is the most important, this goes for mental health too!!  Note: College-age/upper teens is when mental disorders like depression and anxiety are most commonly diagnosed.  Most schools have therapy services, especially during exam time.  Look into it if you need to!
  • Communicate with your professor if you are having trouble with something.  Anything.
  • Eat and stay hydrated.  Bring a water bottle and snack to class.
  • All-nighters will happen but never go over 36 hours without sleep.
  • It’s going to be hard and there will be times you might think about giving up.  This WILL happen.  You just have to make sure what you’re doing isn’t making you absolutely miserable and/or there is something rewarding and positive to look forward to at the end!

[Disclaimer: this is a U.S. version and written based on my experiences; it’s important to keep these points in mind, but know that nothing is ever 100% accurate as each university and college runs differently to some degree.  The intention of this post is to make aware of the big potential circumstances one might run into and what to do.  It’s by no means a complete list and it’s important to get advice from multiple sources as well!  Thanks for reading and I hoped I helped at least a few people!  c:]

It looks like Yuuri and Victor are crashing some wedding and Yuuri’s like at the point where he’s tipsy enough to tell really good stories about drunk Phichit but like, not tipsy enough to start going into stripper banquet mode



Mamoru is the kind of guy who tries hard to be cool and fails miserably. He joined basketball club because it was cool and his dream girl, Nishiura-senpai, is the club manager. Due to his oblivious personality, his teammates took advantage of him and made him a manager instead of a player. Nishiura also cooed him to do all of the chores by himself. Mamoru gained his Persona when he broke his left arm to save Nishiura from falling equipments. It turns out that Nishiura and Mamoru’s teammates did it on purpose to hurt him because they weren’t fond of him.

The LGBT+ is not a club. You can’t purchase or be allowed access. There is no stamp you have to get to be able to get in the door. Its not even one single community.

The LGBT+ is an ALLYSHIP. Its a coalition of a lot of smaller communities who found a common enemy and recognized their forces were more beneficial when put together, and that no matter differences in experience, they were all unified against the same enemy.

Every letter added to the acronym stands for another group fighting back, arm in arm. Not someone joining the cool kid club.

And you as individuals do not have the right to veto allyship just because you can’t personally understand the reasons why a group is fighting your shared adversary. You as smaller groups don’t have the power to deny allyship to any given group when the larger groups are holding their hands and standing side by side.

Grow up and stop behaving like toddlers who had to share toys with a kid they don’t like. Get over yourselves. Get over your bigotry. See the bigger picture.

Care about the groups you’re affecting. Care about the actual necessity of the LGBT+, the main goal, and the realities faced by the smaller communities more than you do about keeping your ideological concept of the community “"pure.”“

Stop looking at the LGBT+ like some treehouse that you own and get to decide who gets entrance to. The LGBT+ are so many communities, all working together, and you don’t get to decide for all of them who they want to align with, who they want to help and share experiences with, who they want to identify with, who they overlap with, who they share resources with. You speak for yourselves and that’s it.

cynicalmiles  asked:

hey do you have any advice for freshman? i start my freshman year next week and im incredibly nervous about going

Ahhhhh I’ll do my best but I’m also an incoming freshman, lol :3c Excuse the awkward formatting, I’m on mobile.

For me, I cope with my Anxiety by rationalizing to the point that my worries are abated. One way to do this is by over-preparing!!! I like to over-prepare because it helps me feel more in control of my situation. Here are some things to occupy your time with:

Start packing your clothes! My college is close to home, so I’ve been organizing my clothes by the season. That way, when I come home during a break/winter, I can easily switch out my clothes and bring weather appropriate attire. If you’re living far away from home, packing your clothes in advance makes it easier for your family to send it to you via mail!! (Better pray they don’t get lost though lol)

I really, really hope you’ve done your dorm shopping already lol. If you already have the essentials, maybe start thinking about the trinkets! The knickknacks. The crap you bring from home that drips with sentimental value. People always advise freshman to be out of their dorms as much as possible, but as someone who can be easily drained by social situations, it’s important to me that my dorm is a safe space. Also a comfortable one! Which is why I’m bringing lots and lots of pillows. I bought some dog pillows recently, they’re really cute!

I’d also email/text/chat with your roommate if you can! It’s an important thing to do because 1. You need to hash out who’s bringing the rug, and 2. First impressions, even ones online, are important! Also, it’s nice to talk to somebody before you’re even on campus. On that note, if there’s a group chat for your class, I’d try to join it. I’m not too active in mine, but it’s nice to pop in every once in a while. It’s a good way to get people to know your name :) Plus, you can find people who will live in the same dorm as you there! Nice.

If you have your class schedule for the first semester, then you know the names of your professors. If you’re feeling brave, email them and ask them to recommend some outside reading for the class or something like that. If the idea of emailing them makes you shit your pants, avoid talking to them directly and instead sleuth it up online! Google them! Go on ratemyprofessor and read the reviews! Analyze them for weaknesses. Just kidding! But no, seriously, figure them out as a teacher and plan accordingly.

I love school supplies shopping… I love the thrill of micromanaging every single purchase. Also the thrill of preparing for every sort of disaster, and then backup plans for that. Staples is my god. I find organization to be very relaxing! Especially because my executive functioning is shot to shit. Invest in a planner and also some sort of wall calendar that you can hang up so you see any upcoming consequences in real time instead of squirreled away in your book. Trust me, it’ll help. Also buy pens!! Especially sparkly ones. And mechanical pencils. I have a very big budget when it comes to back to school shopping.

BUY A FIRST AID KIT. They’re really fun to make, or you can drop some $$ and buy a pre-made one. Mine is $25 and weighs like ten pounds and has supplies for everything from a paper-cut to someone needing CPR! I love it.

Plan out what clubs you’re going to join! And it may be hard, but try to email the people in charge in advance!! In high school, I constantly missed the join dates for so many cool clubs… to circumvent this, email club presidents and ask for a calendar of all the meeting dates! Or ask them where their booth will be if your school is having a Join-A-Club day. Just make sure to get on the mailing list!!!!!!! Yes. Clubs are 1. A kickass way to spend time, 2. Looks great on a resume, 3. Opens the door to new opportunities like club promotions and other things, and 4. THE EASIEST WAY TO MAKE FRIENDS. For every douche in a club, there are like four overly nice upperclassmen who will gladly take you under their wing and mentor you to the point that it’s kind of overwhelming! So join clubs, but don’t overbalance yourself. College is a time to have fun, but also to learn!! Don’t waste your money on booze.

Hm……… I’m kind of tired so I may be forgetting some words of advice but here is a starter guide!!!!!! Good luck :3c


hi hello it’s your favourite poser
so i was tagged in the ‘then vs now’ selfie challenge (??? is that what it’s called) by @binsmoon, @kingdans, @minhwangs, @baejinie and @extraongdinary

i think this challenge revolves around a change in hairstyles, however my hair has been the same for about 5 years but there is a subtle change hairstyle in each photo if you squint. but anyway here are 3 photos from 3 different years, which are not in chronological order for aesthetic purposes
order: 2017 > 2015 > 2016

i’m going to tag: @kakaotaeks, @swaggybyeongari (girl istg if you dont post i will hack into your account and post for you), @swoojin, @memelordjisung, @ongdan, @dxnghyuns, @woojiniel, @minhyum, @park-woojin and @yisunq

                let me introduce you to dctv’s prime lesbian detective maggie sawyer from supergirl. honestly, what can i say about this asshole? she loves aliens, scotch and throwing you into holding for fun. she will shut you off emotionally, but she will also charm the pants off of you. ask any one of her eighteen ex-love interests. she is a 5′3 hufflepuff and bonsai tree enthusiast, but don’t be fooled, she has a very unhealthy obsession with deadly weapons. she’s also been winning detective of the year since birth. one time, she quite literally taught an alien how to speak english just by making out with her. magic. maggie’s biggest fan is her mun, caitlin, who only wishes she was half as cool and would definitely die for her on any occasion.

in Stilwater U you can join these cool clubs


Do you want to be a FUCKING NERD!?!!?

Join this team and be the coolest PRICK around. You won’t ever regret it! Trust me.

Just look at this coo’ piece!”

“Intramural SPORTS

coo’ b-ball, eh? Punk. Now, fuck you.

Join our team! We are the coolest fucks on earth, see FUCK

Don’t you FUCKING look at me!”

unconventional advice for your first year of high school

(by a jaded 23 year-old who’s speaking from her own experience to all the young’uns out there about to start their freshman/grade 9 years)

  • never underestimate the ridiculous things your classmates will do on a dare because grade 9s have the maturity of small chihuahuas. don’t let them get you involved (but appreciate from afar so you’ve got good stories to tell)
  • don’t stop in the middle of the hallway!!! if you’re lost step off to the side to figure out where you are. i can’t stress this enough, the only thing that we would complain about with niners/freshmen was that they would block the hallway and by senior year you just lack the patience for that
  • do not let other kids make you feel bad for being passionate, excited, or vocal about the things you love. being a nerd is a good thing despite what a lot of people will say or think. 
  • the only people i knew who ended up in lockers got in there voluntarily- never once did i hear or see of anyone getting shoved into a locker. 
  • exams are terrifying the first time, but study hard and stick to what works for you. you study best in silence at your desk? cool. listening to classical music and lounging on your bed? cool. spreading your notes all over the floor while binge-watching Friends? (that one was definitely me. might sound un-productive, but i spent all 4 years on the honour roll so) there is no perfect way to study: only the way that works for you.
  • don’t let that kid in math class throw your pencil sharpener out the window, no matter how cute/tall he is. he’s actually kind of a jerk and you can do way better.
  • your friends and you might drift apart. it will suck, but it’ll be worth it in the end when you find the people that are truly your people.
  • it is downright terrifying to find a seat at lunch, but it gets easier the more you go for it. (also there is nothing wrong with eating lunch by yourself. sometimes you’ve gotta be your own bff.)
  • take cool classes in addition to the ones you need. philosophy, yearbook, media arts, photography, ancient history, and law had nothing to do with my career choices, but they were fun and interesting.
  • there are teachers who are downright mean for no reason. all you can do is keep your head down and survive. try to bond with others in the class who can help you out and you can commiserate together. and remember: it’s not permanent. 
  • it’s okay to skip freshman activities day. school often doesn’t understand that not everyone thinks messy and loud relay races are a good time. you gotta do you sometimes. (don’t skip orientation though. it honestly helps.)
  • for uterus-havers, always store pads or tampons in your locker. ALWAYS. (pun intended.) other essentials to keep in the locker: deodorant, chapstick, an extra t-shirt, lined paper, and pencils. 
  • breathe. smile. laugh a lot. get to know your teachers. join clubs. take cool field trips when you can. be patient with yourself. high school is confusing and terrifying with moments of happiness mixed in with it!! you will get through it and you’ll come out the other side with a sense of self and some great stories. 
What a loser

You’re confused.

You’re utterly confused right now, because the biggest bad boy in school is standing in front of you, asking to join the fake club you made when you were seven, and he looks like he’s serious.

“You want to join cool club?”

the weird bad boy doyoung au no one wanted but i wrote anyways. enjoy ^^

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