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Dick Grayson is Rromani. Making him into a genocidal fascist is not only an insult to his character but to the Rroma. This is in no way acceptable. It is antiziganist and incredibly disrespectful on so many levels.

He is one of, if not the most, iconic Rromani characters and him being made a fascist follows the decision by marvel to have Wanda Maximoff, a rromani woman, join hydra, a nazi organization. These are blatantly antiziganist and follow a dangerous trend in recent media that threatens the safety of minorities. We are being demonized and being made to be the perpetrators of fascism, of genocide, of Nazism. I have had enough and it is time the creators knew this. Fascism is not a joke, a simple plot device. It is what leads to genocide. To the deaths of millions and it is not to be taken lightly. These stories, arcs, whatever you want to call them, are normalizing fascism. This is incredibly dangerous and dc and marvel need to hear this message.

if you are gadje please reblog this. The Rroma will not stand for this. Neither should you.

Join us this Monday, May 29, in trending #MaggieMatters on twitter. 

From her first episode, Maggie has had such an important impact on so many people. We fell in love with her, as Alex did, we supported her, smiled with her, cried for her, and we want it to last. This is why it is now important to let everyone know just how much she means to all of us. Be loud, be loving, and share with the producers, writers, actors and official accounts what Maggie Sawyer means to you

We will be trending on Monday and we will make our voices heard on twitter. 

Here’s a list of people to send your stories to, as well as examples of tweets you can send and important things to keep in mind to ensure this trend is a success!

Important guidelines:

  • do NOT use the hashtag until the trending time, it would difficult our efforts. 
  • turn on your tweets location, if twitter can’t locate our tweets it won’t register as a worldwide trend 
  • be respectful, don’t antagonize the writers, producers, the cast and the crew
  • don’t forget to tag the writers and producers, as well as Floriana in some of your tweets. Let her know how and why Maggie is important to you. 
  • speak from the heart

Examples of tweets: 

  • #MaggieMatters because she helped me accept myself and be unapologetic about who I am and who I love
  • There’s so much left to explore regarding Maggie! Please keep her in the show for a long time #MaggieMatters
  • Maggie taught me that despite life’s hardships, you can come out stronger and kinder from it all #MaggieMatters

People to contact (writers, producers and crew) 

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I think Hetalians are like a secret society who rarely show our interest in Hetalia until something groundbreaking happens and then EVERYONE JUMPS TO ACTION like "whoa where did 3,000 people come from my post got 2 notes"

Flashback to 2013 when Hima updated and everyone lost their collective shit - old fans came back and somehow it ended up trending on Tumblr.



Hi!! If your request are still open I would like to request a BTS reaction to you walking around your house in a tee shirt and underwear please and thank you 😊            

Hi~ Sorry for the long wait :) Here is your reaction!


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“ I’m a gentlemen therefore I gotta act like one and make the lady as comfortable as she is. I mean, if she took off her pants, it means that she trusts me enough to do it, right? Anyways namjoon, just shut it and lend her a hoodie or something so that she doesn’t freeze.” He pauses “Y/N!!! Do you want some hot cocoa and maybe some pants to warm up! It’s cold in here” he’d cough

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“ Ooh~ What a look” Seokjin would wink at you “ I like those fuzzy socks, they match perfectly with that white shirt and that gorgeous pair of legs” he’d comment flirtatiously “ Your legs look more appetizing than these chicken legs” he’d laugh at his own joke “ get it? Because I’m eating chicken legs…no? Okay then “

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“Isn’t she feeling cold? I swear to my smol chimchim that I shivered a few seconds when she passed by. Maybe it’s the weather, or maybe it’s the fact that under that oversized shirt …@!#!%#@^$$. WHY IS SHE DOING THIS TO a DEPRIVED 21 YEAR OLD MAN LIKE ME” jimin would fake a sob “Screw college! All I need is a detox from this lack of action”

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“Yeah maybe she just forgot that normal humans usually wear pants? But she’s a normal human. Why am I talking about her as if she’s abnormal for not wearing pants? Maybe I’m the one who’s crazy. Yeah let’s just walk past her and ignore ignore ignore” he mumbles to himself

“Jungkook” you call him


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Taehyung would be torn between embarrassment and his tendencies to join along in crazy stuff

“ Oh well hi, Did I miss something or did you forget something, because you’re like.. not wearing pants and it’s uhm…” he’d feel his ears heating up as he’d try changing topics”IS IT A NEW TREND?! SHOULD I JOIN YOU?”

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Hoseok :

Hoseok stares at you for a few seconds before realizing the absence of any pants on your soft legs . He’d probably follow along with you.

“WHAT AN AMAZING IDEA!” he snaps his fingers “ No wonder why I get inspired more easily when my pants come off. I should do it more often” Hoseok slowly takes off his pants off   “ Let’s make this a tradition , man” he’d bro fist you

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Yoongi :

Being the old grandpa he is, he wouldn’t miss a chance to give you some constructive criticism

“ Youth these days go around with no pants” He’d eye your long legs “ Not that I’m complaining or anything lik,e that, but don’t come complaining after you catch a cold “ he’d cough “ Maybe I can help you warm up those legs and prevent any of us from getting a flu.” He’d comment “Don’t get the wrong idea. I only care about myself”

Hope you enjoyed~

inspired by @zephyrine-gale ‘s crop top Yuuri Katsuki but dis time I’m bringing Ice Daddy TM inside the trend.

Dun mind the daddy joining the bandwagon :”D

I’ll prolly draw croptop Yuuri one day.

One day.


Reasons To Join Team M!Robin

The Mage Gauntlet is approaching and I wanted to do my part spreading the Robin propaganda, so here goes!

  • First Character
    • A lot of people’s first game was Awakening (me included), therefore Robin was many people’s first character, a character that we could personalize to boot, so let’s go join his team, eh? 
  • Smash Fan
    • Do you like to play Smash? Then Robin’s the mage for you. Bonus points if Robin was your Smash main.
  • F!Robin Isn’t In This Gauntlet, So Make Do With This One
    • Disappointed that you can’t root for F!Robin? Then why not root for this Robin instead!
  • He’s Always There For You
    • Robin isn’t just available as a 4* and/or a 5*, he’s available as a 3* as well! You get to see his cool summoning video a lot! That, and even if you’re tired of seeing him, he’s at least Bonfire fodder so it’s not a total loss.
  • Triangle Adept Hero
    • Robin can take most reds to the face and colorless units can’t even touch him. Robin is one of the best units to benefit from Triangle Adept because it gives him advantage over two colors. He may not be a nuke, but he’s a pretty solid choice for your team.
  • Shipping Lord
    • Robin’s your best wingman. Who cares if you’re fighting a war? He’ll hook up anyone that can support.
  • Best Waifu
    • Don’t be fooled by the waifu status of mages like Tharja, Robin’s the real waifu and let me tell you why. In Awakening, Robin is literally best waifu. Got a character you want to S-Support? Waifu Robin. Want to make a certain child character OP? Waifu Robin. Want to make Morgan OP? Waifu Robin. Want that sweet ass custom hair color on a certain child character? Waifu Robin. Meanwhile in Heroes, if you want a mage with some bulk, then Robin’s the waifu for you. Tired of Takumis ruining your day? Robin’s the waifu for you. And yes, male mages can be waifus too.
      • Joking aside, Robin actually has a chance to be the first male character that beats the trend of female Gauntlet winners. Even if you don’t care much for the whole waifu thing, I ask that you help a male character win the gauntlet for once.
  • What Time Is It?
    • I implore you to join Team Robin. After all, we’re stronger together because our bonds give us strength. We have to show them how it’s done, that it’s the wrong move to even think of going up against Robin because he’ll find a way to secure that checkmate. Robin is here to even the odds, so it’s time my friends… Time to tip the scales!

Everyone gotta try to trend #JINGraduationDay. If we could do it for other members, we could do it for him. As a university student myself, I know how tedious it can be. And all you who are too will know. THIS GUY GRADUATED TRYING TO BALANCE TIME AS A STUDENT AND IDOL!!!!!! THAT’S AMAZING!!!! Can you imagine the stress he had to endure??? PLEASE CONGRATULATE HIM THROUGH TWITTER!!!!! HE WORKED HIS BUTT OFF FOR THIS DAY AND COULDN’T EVEN ATTEND THE CEREMONY LIKE HE WANTED TO. 

Happy One Year Anniversary! #1YearWithNCTU

Today marks NCT U’s 1 year anniversary as well as the beginning of NCT! We’d love to have everyone join in and trend #1YearWithNCTU as a thanks to the boys for working so hard for us from their trainee days as SMROOKIES, to now as NCT. Please show the boys lots of love and support! Happy 1 Year Anniversary NCT U 

— #1YearWithNCTU

— Graphic by Esmee @ FY! NCT (NCTINFO)