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About the Voting Gauntlet

Let’s refrain from the insults okay?

You are not a “loser” for siding for a character that lost, you are not a “sheep” for siding with a character that is popular, it’s all about who we love in the end, I mean look at those numbers, they might be “too much” or “nothing”, but if you saw those numbers, the number of people who love you, you would be very happy, wouldn’t you? Our heroes wouldn’t want us to hurt others over what is basically a popularity contest, right?    No matter who wins, they remained loved at the end of the day, heck, I’m just upset because I didn’t see Lissa get to see her fans AND the ones of her “jerky older brother”, I like to imagine them seeing each other fans and feeling happy they have them.

People who are just joining the side they think that’s going to win to get easy items without effort, making sides unequal for basically being scalpers, though?

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animorphs in percy jackson verse

Here’s the thing: they’re not demigods.  They’re not sprites or deities or blessed ones or chosen champions.  They’re just heroes, that’s all.  

Tobias earns Artemis’s respect right from the start, because she knows better than anyone how to turn loneliness into strength, how to kill and hunt and provide for herself while needing no one else’s support or even their approval.  She rejoices with him over each kill and mourns with him as well, because she loves all the orphans with nothing left to lose but most of all she loves the cleanness of putting something right and doing it all by one’s lonesome.  She laughs as he leaps across the sky and clenches her fists with fierce pride every time he asserts again and again: I need no one.  I am myself, and I am free.  

Pan doesn’t come to him until later, crouched next to Tobias to whisper in his ear even louder than Taylor’s taunts, to warm more fiercely than the endless lights of the Anti-Morphing Ray.  Don’t you give up on me, you piece of shit, he growls in the voice of a collapsing mountain.  Us of lesser gods can survive anything, because we already have.  I know it hurts, you fucker, but you already have all the strength of all the ugly and broken and wild things that no human can ever love or tame.  Pan teaches him in that moment, and in a thousand thousand that will follow, that sometimes there is no need for words or norms.  Sometimes all you have to do is scream.  Sometimes you have to hammer your pain into the instrument of your enemies’ terror, and let it loose in a cry that will break the hearts of anyone who hears.  Pan shows him that pain has no words, but then neither does the feeling of the entire Earth joining together at your back to fight on your side.  

Marco wins Hermes over right from the start, with his charm and rule-bending and ability to get away with seemingly anything thanks to the sheer outrageous boldness with which he does what he is told not to.  Hermes cultivates his self-deprecation and quick-wittedness, laughs when he triumphs and laughs even harder when he fails.  Hermes teaches him to tell the truth in such a way that no one even notices when he does, to joke of church-doors and curses even as he bleeds to death, to be all things and all people but never ever serious for long.  Through Hermes Marco learns to be faster than the bullet that would kill him, to move through all places and modes of being—even darkness, even cruelty, even ruthlessness—but never to stay for long.  Always the delicate quick-thinking ones must race ahead of their would-be killers, dodging and twisting and coming at their problems from a thousand angles, if they want to survive the war.

Apollo shows Marco how to love beauty in all its forms—male, female, in others, in himself—but above all teaches him the beauty of simple clean rules of logic applied across all situations.  He might be cold at times, might be aloof even, but he also sees all possible angles to every problem that confronts him and can offer half a dozen solutions, most of them more elegant than anyone else might come up with, in half the time it would take an ordinary kid.  Marco has a beautiful body but more importantly a beautiful mind, and Apollo cultivates that mind like a peer and a lover and a patron and a worshipper all at once.  

Rachel fights with Ares’s own ferocity, the terror of tyrants and the pathbreaker for her peers.  She is a creature of legend and song, a pure warrior who can strike fear into Crayak himself while even the Ellimist watches in awe.  She laughs off her own wounds and drinks in those of her enemies like mother’s milk.  Ares revels in the slaughter at her side, and swaggers at her shoulder murmuring: You have power, power that you have killed and wounded and been wounded in turn in order to earn.  Walk with your head held high, because you deserve it.  Ares laughs with her as she kills, and he laughs with her as she dies.  There’s no such thing as a fountain of youth.  There’s only one path to immortality, and it’s fighting to your last breath.  It’s living like there’s no tomorrow because there is none.  It’s taking hundreds of the bastards with you as you go.  It’s leaving the world a safer place than it was when you entered.

For every ounce of Ares’s ferocity she possesses, Rachel also has all of Aphrodite’s poise and grace.  She can draw beauty from the most unlikely places and keep it at all costs, emerging unscathed from the hurricane and the carnage alike.  She is ethereal, untouchable, as golden and glowing as the goddess herself and as—rightfully—prideful besides.  Rachel has the instincts that tell her when a blouse is overpriced, when adjusting the curtains will draw out the beauty of a room, and it comes from her patron goddess.  After all, Aphrodite always does spare her best love for the ones who will never age or grey.   

Cassie doesn’t catch Persephone’s eye, not at first, because Persephone may love all things that grow but she also sees the pretty ones the most.  And then Cassie, eight years old and with tears striping her face, picks up a rock and crushes the skull of a suffering rabbit that was fatally injured by a passing car.  Persephone takes notice.  When Cassie saves four baby skunks and doesn’t blame Tobias for eating the fifth, Persephone watches carefully.  When Cassie coaxes David so gently to his doom, Persephone smiles just a little.  When Cassie eats a seal while its children watch, Persephone approves.  Life is death.  Cultivating a garden is a matter of loving every blossom and also knowing when to snap its neck.  Persephone is green and growth and spring, but she is also the goddess of death because she understands that these processes—growing and aging, blooming and dying—are one and the same.  Persephone may see the pretty ones first, but the ones she loves are the ones who know that all things must end, that all cycles have two sides, and that humans are ultimately not that special in the grand scheme.

Hestia’s interest in Cassie begins on those late nights spent watering horses and murmuring to sick wolves and checking on cranky eagles, but it blossoms into admiration the day that Cassie hugs Jake goodbye and chooses not to adventure.  Hestia is a one-woman army of her own, a burning homefire to her own adopted family, a brilliant brand in the darkness who never ever compromises her morals even for a second.  Hestia nurtures Cassie through the long years during which she must redefine home after everyone she loved is gone, but it is work that she is glad to do because Hestia is like Cassie in that regard: she understands that a hard day’s work is its own reward, but that a smile at the end of it is a greater reward still.

Ax comes to Gaia late, as an outsider, and she doesn’t know what to make of him at first.  In all her infinite millennia she has never had a creature quite like him running across her surface tasting the sweetness of her grass.  But he sees her in a way that none of her homegrown children ever really do, drinking in the incomprehensible richness of the millions of species she uses to populate even the meanest square of grass on the most neglected of her fields.  He speaks to her trees and drinks of her streams… and he shares her taste for vengeance as well.  Gaia can adapt and evolve, and so can Ax, but they both understand the importance of following certain rules and never losing sight of one’s heritage.  Gaia welcomes Ax and gives him a home like none he has ever known before, strange and frightening and wonderful and lonely.  He cultivates himself and his heritage under her watchful eye, and he learns to love her back even though he did not come to her by choice.

Hades is a keeper of memory the way that Ax is, sheltering him first when Ax is trapped beneath an infinite black ocean and surrounded by the dead.  Hades does not forget, and he does not forgive; every time Ax clashes with Visser Three, every time he refuses to compromise his morals to humans or to andalites, Hades is there.  Hades is a collector of rare and precious things, and he recognizes that Ax is a thing like no other.  Ax does not flinch from death, nor from killing, but he does recognize how terrible a life wasted is.  Ax can find the life in a simple sound or a beautiful food, but he never loses sight of the place that he came from.  Ax mourns his family, Ax remembers his heritage, but Ax has enough understanding of the vastness of his task as a warrior that he never allows himself to be consumed by grief.  Hades sees all, and Hades approves.

Jake springs from his cocoon of mediocre complacency the moment the war lands in his lap with a speed that reminds Athena of herself, and he wastes no time demonstrating a military spirit that proves her faith was not misplaced.  He is canny enough to maneuver seven Animorphs into the world leaders’ conference with everything from repurposed fishing weights to reverse psychology against Visser Three, but also bold enough simply to tear through problems with a rhino’s ferocity when he cannot solve them with a dragonfly’s cleverness.   He sees how the pieces—of situations, of tools, problems, of people, of teams, of empires—fit together, and how they fall apart.  Athena has fought on the shores of Normandy, in the icy waters of Trenton, on the bloody sands of Algeria, and now in the suburban streets of a California town.  War is an art, won through sacrifice and strategy and sheer cussed refusal to sink to the level of one’s enemies.  War is about victory for the sake of peace, about winning to return to the hearth, about making plowshares out of swords.  Athena fights by Jake’s side, and she considers it an honor.

Poseidon is inscrutability and depth of thought, but also rage that shakes planets and tears islands from their moorings.  Poseidon is about masculinity and pride, not the silly posturing of his younger peers but the brutal self-assurance that comes with hard-won maturity.  Poseidon recognizes himself in Jake, and though Poseidon does not ally himself with anyone, nor does he respect any mere mortal, much less admire such silly fleeting creatures, he still smiles faintly across the battlefield at a worthy opponent.  He watches the Howlers destroyed and 17,000 yeerks sucked into the unforgiving vacuum of space, and thinks that these things have earned his time long enough for him to whisper to Jake: The sea weathers down all things in the end, and the prettier they are the faster they fall.  But any rock that has survived a hundred storms and still stands has more dignity in its defeat than any statue or house never battered into the smooth utter essence of its being by the waves.

Love Thy Enemy: don’t look back [Pt. 1]

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND!  Actually, no, there legitimately is like 200+ pages worth of this melodramatic space trash™ in my noggin and I’m about to unleash at least a few dozen more of them for your holiday enjoyment 8D

Picking up right where we left off last time…(because while this is all meant to be one big continuous “chapter,” I’d rather not bombard y’all with a Great Wall of Text, y’know)

((OK, I seriously can’t believe how many of y’all loved the first installment and I’m still internally screeching about that but I’m gonna specifically tag @monsterquill and @mythaster JUST because y’all literally said you wanted 200 more pages and/or a novel and/or would give your left arm for more of this SO HERE IT IS XD :3

And special thanks to @culturevulture73 and @celinamarniss for reading my crappy first drafts, lol.  TBH, my writing’s a lot more rushed here because I just can’t frickin’ wait to get on with it already (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻ ))

MUSIC:De Profundis,” James Newton Howard, The Sixth Sense //The Healing,” James Newton Howard, Lady in the Water //Petition Denied,” James Horner, Bicentennial Man

“Commander…dare I ask how you’ve managed to stretch the parameters of your mission this time?”

A self-deprecating smile spread across Luke’s face at Admiral Ackbar’s gravel-dry tone.  “It’s quite a tale, I’ll give you that,” he replied.  “But you’re going to hear it soon anyway.”  He glanced aside at his father, still somewhat surprised that the comm didn’t pick up the sound of his respirator.  Convenient, for now.  “I…have a high-ranking defector with me.”

“Ah?  Well, this is an unprecedented occasion, after all.  Do either of you require medical attention?”

Luke winced; it had to be obvious from the lisp and strain in his voice.  Anakin’s helmet swiveled in his direction.  “…Technically, yes.  I’m not in control of this vessel, and my pilot’s sustained a limb injury.  Clearance to dock, sir?”

“General Calrissian, would you spare an escort?”

Lando’s droll voice joined their conversation.  “Luke, you’re not telling that story until my flask and I are ready to hear it.  Green Four and Seven, flank that Lambda and see her into Home One.”  Two affirmatives answered him, and Luke saw a pair of A-wing fighters draw up alongside the shuttle.

“Thanks, Lando.”  Luke grinned, relieved to hear another friend was alive and well after the battle, his joy evident in the blatant disregard for address.  “See you aboard, Admiral.”  Signing off, he slumped back into the chair and blew out a long breath.

Technically?” Anakin grated.

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Steve Rogers x Pregnant!Reader Pt. 3

Part One   Part Two   Part Three

Tags: @priettierthanyou @yaszx @shamvictoria11 @itsemmyb

Warnings: man-period, cussing (always expect that in my imagines), torture, labor (not who you think)  

You guys are so bloody amazing! Thanks to all of you I now have 70 fucking followers! You guys are so amazing and I do not at all deserve it. Since I am the slowest at updating this chapter will be the ass kicking and the birth!!! (yay!) 

Story-Line (Y/N) (Steve’s somewhat secret wife) has just arrived at Stark Tower after hitch hiking her way there from the Rocky Mountains with help from Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes. Pissed off and tired (Y/N) waits in Steve’s room while frightened (excluding Wanda and Natasha) Avengers are waiting in the living room for the Star Spangled Man With a Plan.

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Lord give us patience, Jesus fuck, I'm seeing so much shit of other shippers on Jikook saying we're "delusional". Oh my God, go jack off or summat, leave us in peace. You're amazing, thanks for being so nice and not getting into this 💜

I’m not so innocent cause I did make a post ha ha, but I do try not to stick my nose anymore cause I usually have one ask a week about “joining the winning side (Tae-Kook)” just today it blew up.But it’ll blow over when ships get there moments.

Also, I’m pretty sure we all are “dell” when It comes to our ships. Unless they get confirmed by the members which will never happen, all couples are platonic.

the signs as bright eyes lyrics
  • aries: As you tear and tear your hair from roots/Of that same head you have twice removed now/A lock of hair you said would prove/Our love would never die (Haligh, Haligh, A Lie, Haligh)
  • taurus: And on the way home held your camera like a bible/Just wishing so bad that it held some kind of truth/And I stood nervous next to you in the dark room/You dropped the paper in the water/And it all begins to bloom/Ya they go wild (Old Soul Song [For The New World Order])
  • gemini: I have sat too long in my silence./I have grown too old in my pain./To shed this skin, be born again,/it starts with an ending./So thank you friends for the time we shared./My love stays with you like sunlight and air. (Method Acting)
  • cancer: Well, let the poets cry themselves to sleep/And all their tearful words will turn back into steam/But me I'm a single cell/On a serpents tongue/There's a muddy field where a garden was/And I'm glad you got away/But I'm still stuck out here/My clothes are soaking wet/From your brother's tears (Poison Oak)
  • leo: That is why I'm singing.../Baby don't worry cause now I got your back./And every time you feel like crying,/I'm gonna try and make you laugh./And if I can't, if it just hurts too bad,/then we will wait for it to pass and I will keep you company/through those days so long and black (Bowl of Oranges)
  • virgo: And my father was there, in a chair, by the window, staring so far away./I tried talking, just whispered, " selfish..."/He stopped me and said, "Child I love you regardless/and there's nothing you could do that would ever change this./I'm not angry. It happens. But you just can't do it again." (Let's Not Shit Ourselves [To Love And To Be Loved])
  • libra: In an abandoned building where/Squatters made a mural of a Mexican girl/With fifteen cans of spray paint and a chemical swirl/She's standing in the ashes at the end of the world/Four winds blowing through her hair (Four Winds)
  • scorpio: When I feel lost I am not at all/.../Oh, I've made love, yeah, I've been fucked, so what?/I'm a cartoon, you're a full moon, let's stay up (Hot Knives)
  • sagittarius: I was a fool, you were my friend/We made it happen/You took off your clothes/left on the light/You stood there so brave/You used to be shy/Each feature improved, each movement refined and eyes like a showroom (Take it Easy [Love Nothing])
  • capricorn: And the future hangs over our heads/And it moves with each current event/Until it falls all around like a cold steady rain/Just stay in when it's looking this way (Landlocked Blues)
  • aquarius: So when you're asked to fight a war that's over nothing/It's best to join the side that's gonna win/And no one's sure how all of this got started/But we're gonna make them goddam certain how its gonna end/Oh ya we will, oh ya we will! (Road To Joy)
  • pisces: Yours is the first face that I saw/I think I was blind before I met you/Now I don't know where I am/I don't know where I've been/But I know where I want to go (First Day of My Life)

“Weep no more; behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has conquered!! – Revelation 5:5
You see, it isn’t over until it is over. Jesus WILL have the final word, yes the FINAL word. And that Word is victory!
Things may look dismal. They may start to look more and more hopeless. But the victory will be gained. Rather than weeping over the present state of affairs, take heart, child of God! Weep no more, but join in with great expectation because you are on the winning side! Christ has already triumphed over the enemy!!!

░ ❝ bright eyes sentence starters.

  • ❝ this is the first day of my life. ❞
  • ❝ i think i was blind before i met you. ❞
  • ❝ i realized that i need you and i wondered if i could come home. ❞
  • ❝ i’m glad i didn’t die before i met you. ❞
  • ❝ i mean i really think you like me. ❞
  • ❝ i know that it is freezing but i think we have to walk. ❞
  • ❝ i know you have a heavy heart. i can feel it when we kiss. ❞
  • ❝ it takes one to know you, kid, i think you’ve got it bad. ❞
  • ❝ i’m happy just because i found out i really am no one. ❞
  • ❝ i want a lover i don’t have to love. ❞
  • ❝ i thought he said to meet me here, but i’m not sure. ❞
  • ❝ i got a hunger and i can’t seem to get full. ❞
  • ❝ you write such pretty words, but life’s no storybook. ❞
  • ❝ love’s an excuse to get hurt and to hurt. ❞
  • ❝ yeah, they went wild. ❞
  • ❝ i’m wide awake, it’s morning. ❞
  • ❝ no one ever plans to sleep out in the gutter, sometimes that’s just the most comfortable place. ❞
  • ❝ i hope i don’t sound too ungrateful. ❞
  • ❝ when you’re asked to fight a war that’s over nothing, it’s best to join the side that’s gonna win. ❞
  • ❝ everything, it must belong somewhere. ❞
  • ❝ i know that now, that’s why i’m staying here. ❞
  • ❝ i was a fool, you were my friend. we made it happen. ❞
  • ❝ you stood there so brave. you used to be shy. ❞
  • ❝ it’s just, once something dies, you can’t make it live. ❞
  • ❝ you’re a sweet little kid, but i am a woman. ❞
  • ❝ someone might get hurt, but it won’t be me. ❞
  • ❝ you are the reoccurring kind. ❞
  • ❝ you never really leave my mind. ❞
  • ❝ you are a boomerang, you’ll see. you will return to me. ❞
  • ❝ no beauty could have come from me. ❞
  • ❝ i am a waste of breath, of space, of time. ❞
  • ❝ i am thankful that someone actually receives the prize that was promised by all those fairy tales that drugged us. ❞
  • ❝ i’ve learned to retreat at the first sign of danger. ❞
  • ❝ ambition, i’ve found, can lead only to failure. ❞
  • ❝ each new act of war is tonight’s entertainment. ❞
  • ❝ i’m not angry, it happens. but you just can’t do it again. ❞
  • ❝ how grateful i was then, to be part of the mystery. to love and to be loved. let’s just hope that is enough. ❞

It was the greatest betrayal in history… As humanity fell and apes rose to take their place, man’s former best friend eagerly joined the winning side, wagging their tails next to their new masters

Who Would Win in A Fight Mbti Edition

ISFP: you’ll win but you’ll feel terrible about it for the rest of your life

ISTP: the ISTP will win hands down, have you even seen any given action flick before?

ESFP: probably the ESFP, they can use summons from their party, have a high hp, and who knows what else that could inflict your status like burns, poison, etc.

ESTP: you — and by extension, everyone — they probably got themselves into this mess in the first place, just pay attention to your surroundings because they will use anything to knock you down as they probably fight dirty, but go ahead and fight them, it’s for the greater good.

ISTJ: indeterminate because they will do the same as the ESTP by using their environment but already have prior knowledge based on past survival and other past uses instead of blindly flinging things at you, fight at your own risk.

ISFJ: no one, why would you fight them you monster

ESTJ: you would win and they would likely join your side afterwards in the name of justice because defeat means friendship and you’ll have earned their respect.

ESFJ: the ESFJ because they have infinite heal and regenerate. They also tend to know use summons much like the ESFP would. You’ll probably get irritated by them moreso than the ESFP.

INFP: no one knows because they didn’t show up in the first place due to fear of conflict. Good luck trying to find them since they probably left the country and are riding on a giraffe they befriended in the plains of Africa, all just to avoid you.

ENFP: probably the ENFP because like the ESTP, they’re all talk, however you will faint at their constant jabbering on their views on morality and other social issues

INFJ: definitely the INFJ because they will take you down by knowing all of your emotional weaknesses and they will bottle up your tears, drink them, and go super saiyan on you. Scary, right?

ENFJ: you because they thought it would make you happy by letting you win. Great job you.

INTJ: probably you’d win unless they have loyal minions but physically they’re the weakest. Just be mindful of potential strategies they may use against you and make sure they don’t have dirt on you or have someone special to you captive that may cause you to throw the fight, also listing this as indeterminate.

INTP: absolutely no one because you hurt the very person who could curse all diseases and all they wanted to do was study and talk to people about their passions. Why would you even pick a fight with them?

ENTP: the ENTP would win because they’ll use mechs to win. Or become one themselves because it’s the right amount of chaos for them to partake in. And you don’t want that. It would cause worldwide destruction. So like the INTP, probably everyone would lose but because the world has been obliterated.

ENTJ: you, but it’s a Pyrrhic victory of sorts because they just finished warring with everyone and you’re picking a fight with them when they’re already down. They may later induce a counterattack later down the line. Unless you happened to win the Battle of Waterloo, then you’re fine. 

As you kept yourself near the bars, you could hear the stomp that were descending down the stairs. You try to push the bar as if your strong belief will open the door this time instead of the multiple times before.

“Y/N, you look a little pale. You need to get in the sun some more,”The Nogitsune told you and you shut your eyes, hands covering your ears to try and block out him out, however, your efforts were in vain due to his voice ringing through your mind. 

“Please stop. Just leave me alone,”You told him  and all he could do is smirk, watching you crumble at his fingers.

“I’ll leave you alone only if you join me. I want you to leave your little pack and join the winning side.”

“I would never join you. I will never abandon my friends and Stiles would never either,”You told him, and you never expected the response to be a scream from frustration.

You didn’t realize how much the Nogitsune wanted  you to be on his side. You have a huge role to play and if you didn’t join him, he would have more trouble in Beacon Hills than he expected.

safeandstiles  asked:

Teacher Derek fics? c:

a mixture of high school teacher derek and college professor derek, some are teacher/student, some are teacher/teacher, teacher/other

  • Triple Shot Pumpkin Spice Latte by coffeeinallcaps (E, 20k) ”For two years, Stiles had very much enjoyed his position as Guidance Counselor at his old college. The pay was all right, the students who came to see him were interesting, and his work was challenging and diverse. …Or so it used to be, before some guy named Professor Hale joined the staff.” AU in which guidance counselor Stiles has to deal with all the students crushing on the elusive and infuriating Professor Hale. 
  • Reach Out by weathervaanes (E, 20k) Stiles sees the flyer on his very last day at Beacon Hills High School. It’s hanging, unassuming, in the hall near the front entrance along with bulletins and other flyers, advertisements, posters for free student concerts, but the fact that the word “sex” is written in a font two times larger than the rest of the page catches his attention. It’s an advice hotline for a whole range of things, from teenage angst to how to deal with your parents telling you you’re adopted and a whole mess in the middle. Stiles thinks it’s funny, though, that they offer advice on sexuality and sex education. It makes sense on the one hand, since high school sex ed does jack shit for actual learning, but anyone who really wants to know stuff has an infinite source of knowledge right on their phone—the internet. So it starts off as a joke.
  • Flexible, Friendly and Adaptable by MsCee (M,16k) As a tour guide, Stiles liked to think that he embodied his company’s motto of being flexible, friendly, and adaptable. As a teacher chaperone, Derek Hale’s ethos seemed more along the lines of ‘inflexible, unfriendly, and rigid as hell’. Clearly, they were going to get along swimmingly. (Wherein Stiles is a tour guide to Derek Hale’s 8th grade class, and amidst the drama and chaos that is thirty teenagers on an overnight trip, falls in love with the grumpy teacher. Well, maybe not love, but he certainly entertains a solid number of fantasies about stroking Derek’s eyebrows. With his tongue. Is that creepy? Yeah, that is definitely creepy.) 
  • Hemingway Can Suck It by KuriKuri (T, 21k) “For those of you who just transferred into this class or simply decided that day one wasn’t important enough to attend, I’m Professor Hale. Welcome to English 346, The American Novel.” Stiles is pretty sure his mouth is hanging open right now and that his eyes are wide with shock, because holy fuck, he thinks he knows why his students transferred. Hell, if he was still an undergrad, he probably would have transferred, too. (Or: In which Stiles is a Biology professor and Derek thinks he’s a student.)

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Lok’tar brave adventurers! Today we have some exciting news that i’m sure will captivate you! <The Kor’kron Legion>, one of Moon Guard’s most well known Kalimdor side guilds on Horde, is changing! As Warchief Vol’jin has proven unpopular to the vast majority of us due to his staying behind on Draenor in irrelevancy, and we don’t see that changing, we’re joining the winning side! We feel that the Alliance will be a better fit for us, with less ambiguous races (except those pesky humans) and character focus not on someone nobody likes. As such, we have pledged our service to King Varian himself and have renamed appropriately to <The King’s Legion>. We feel TKL is a staple here, so we’re keeping that at least.

Our colors have also changed to reflect this! No longer are we the black and red as before (P.R. thought it was too “True Horde” like, along with the skulls). Instead we are blue and white, just like our new allies! We’ve also taken the sigil of a ship, as there is no better way to honor your greatest rival than to put it all over your clothes. 

Now, what can you hope to find in <The King’s Legion>? Well, what can’t you find! Our forces will be based in Elwynn forest so as to be nearer to the king’s side (only Greymane has us beat there). There will be plenty of fighting as we combat the various native life such as Quillboar, Harpies, and Kul Tirans!

<The King’s Legion> will protect all of his domains, and enforce his will for the glory of the True Kingdom. From the desolate woods of Duskshire, to the dry desolate farms of Westfall (we feel this is just like Durotar). You’ll even find us along the coast, where we will fight back the Vile Troll Hordes*.

Why should you join <The King’s Legion>? Well, why not! Your friends will practically be green with envy (I already am), and glory untold will await you. Men and women will want to be you or be with you!

So what are you waiting for? Join today!

*The Vile Troll Hordes are not related to the trolls in the Horde, or the Horde that houses the trolls. Blizzard however makes this distinction unclear.

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hi carrie! do you think that you could rec teacher/teacher sterek fics? hs or college, doesn't matter. thanks!

Oh man, I wish there were more teacher-teacher AU’s. I wrote a ficlet where they were both high school teachers once! ^_^ 

Here are some other fics where one (or both) are teachers, but the other is definitely not a student. 

  • Triple Shot Pumpkin Spice Latte by coffeeinallcaps (E, 20k) “For two years, Stiles had very much enjoyed his position as Guidance Counselor at his old college. The pay was all right, the students who came to see him were interesting, and his work was challenging and diverse. …Or so it used to be, before some guy named Professor Hale joined the staff.“ AU in which guidance counselor Stiles has to deal with all the students crushing on the elusive and infuriating Professor Hale. 
  • DILF by twentysomething (E, 31k) "Today is Scott’s first day of kindergarten and Derek is terrified.”
  • Flexible, Friendly and Adaptable by MsCee (M,16k) As a tour guide, Stiles liked to think that he embodied his company’s motto of being flexible, friendly, and adaptable. As a teacher chaperone, Derek Hale’s ethos seemed more along the lines of ‘inflexible, unfriendly, and rigid as hell’. Clearly, they were going to get along swimmingly. (Wherein Stiles is a tour guide to Derek Hale’s 8th grade class, and amidst the drama and chaos that is thirty teenagers on an overnight trip, falls in love with the grumpy teacher. Well, maybe not love, but he certainly entertains a solid number of fantasies about stroking Derek’s eyebrows. With his tongue. Is that creepy? Yeah, that is definitely creepy.) 
  • Hemingway Can Suck It by KuriKuri (T, 21k) “For those of you who just transferred into this class or simply decided that day one wasn’t important enough to attend, I’m Professor Hale. Welcome to English 346, The American Novel.” Stiles is pretty sure his mouth is hanging open right now and that his eyes are wide with shock, because holy fuck, he thinks he knows why his students transferred. Hell, if he was still an undergrad, he probably would have transferred, too. (Or: In which Stiles is a Biology professor and Derek thinks he’s a student.)
  • dammit, gym by aggybird (T, 2k) i need gym teacher!derek who tries to peacock around music teacher!stiles. and just failboats. maybe a triangle serenade over a track meet chaperoned event 
  • Handsome Hobo by relenafanel and swingsetindecember (T, 9k) Derek should probably stop rummaging through garbage if he doesn’t want people to assume he’s homeless.
  • How to Woo Your Starfleet Engineer 101 by twerkinshield (E, 5k) Stiles and Derek work at the same university together, Derek is a web design and marketing TA and Stiles is the genius head of IT. Derek hates the shitty school computers and ends up calling Stiles all the time to help him, and sparks fly over the phone. But they don’t actually meet until Erica sneaks Stiles into one of Derek’s lectures to force them to finally meet face to face. Stiles stays afterwards to blow off some steam. And blow Derek.
  • Call It Magic by teenwolf-lit (G, 3k) Hogwarts AU in which Stiles is the school’s Healer, and Derek is the DADA professor/Quidditch Coach
  • a sing-along wolf song by otter (G, 2k) There’s something seriously wrong with Mr. Hale’s kindergarten class. They’re adorable on an inhuman level and too well-behaved to be real children.
  • Hard and Soft Science by JessicaMDawn (G, 2k) Mr. Stilinski teaches middle school physical science. Mr. Hale teaches ancient world history in the room below him. All the kids know there’s a feud between the two, and they’re all happy to join in and pick sides. But who’s really winning The War?
  • untitled by fandom-madnesses (G, 1k, tw: grief)  He’s pretty sure the whole school knows Stiles and Derek are passing notes, or at least all of the staff.
  • untitled by pantstomatch (G, 5k) He can kind of talk. McGonagall says he’s supremely, annoyingly loud, and she’s batted at him with a broom more than once to get him to go away.Which is why he’s so surprised, when he accidentally tumbles into Professor Hale’s legs on a mad dash down the halls, that Derek leans down and scoops him up and…cuddles him into his arms.
  • Pining and Prospective Prom Dates by mynuet (T, 3k) After a minute of clenching his fists and opening and closing his mouth, Stiles finally said, “I just got asked to prom.” If he’d had time to prepare, Derek might’ve managed to stifle the laugh. Stiles was clearly outraged. “Sure, laugh it up, with your perfect beard and everybody you’ve ever met swooning over your impossibly good looks. I’m traumatized.” Derek was now laughing so hard he was crying, bent over the desk and pinching the bridge of his nose to try to get some control. The wounded noise Stiles made did not help.
  • untitled by halesrepublic (Not Rated, 1k)  Derek grins, all-teeth, obviously finding Stiles’s awkwardness very amusing. And woah - that smile. Derek Hale has fucking adorable bunny teeth. It’s not until Lydia starts laughing that Stiles realizes—holy crap he totally said that out loud.

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Can you write a scenario about a jealous hanbin? :)

Sure can! Once again, I’m experimenting with writing styles because I’m fairly new at sharing my stories >.<,so just message me if I need any improvements! Enjoy!

Indirectly Kissing vs. Real Kissing (Hanbin of iKon Scenario)


You and Hanbin were practicing a dance routine in the gym for a certain dance competition. Ever since you had heard that the winners would get the chance to attend into the famous Koreagraphy Skool, you have been practicing your butt off.

Koreagraphy Skool was the home to Younique, one of the world’s most famous dance group. Winning would give you the opportunity to join your idols side-by-side in the same, exact school. If you were lucky, you might even be eligible to join their group!

Hanbin had introduced you to the group, and since then, you’ve been one of their biggest fan. Knowing that you loved what he loved, Hanbin was willing to join into the competition with you when you had mentioned that you wanted to try it out. As long as it meant that you two would achieve the same dreams, he was willing to try it out.

It’s been about a hour since you two have started practicing. You didn’t expect visitors so you were caught by surprise when Bobby, Hanbin’s close friend, appeared.

You’ve met Bobby before, but never really got the chance to have an official conversation with the boy. So when Hanbin left to answer his phone, things got even more awkward.

“So, I heard that you and Hanbin were going to compete in that one dance competition?” Bobby asked as he sat down on the cold gym floor. You nodded and chuckled, “Don’t tell me Hanbin has been gushing about it to you?”

Bobby chuckled and imitated Hanbin, “My girlfriend is so cool! I’m glad I introduced her to Younique! We’re gonna win this competition!” You laughed hard at the imitation. Hanbin entered into the room, confused.

“Yah, what’re you two laughing at?” he questioned. You shook head and hand, trying to stop laughing. Your laughing then turned into a coughing fit, an uncontrollable one. 

Well how nice was this? Hanbin had forgotten the water bottles and had suggested that you two would walk out to the water fountain if water was needed. But you needed water, and you needed it NOW!

Bobby had luckily came in with a water bottle in his hand, and was in the middle of drinking it when you had your coughing fit. Quickly, he approached you and handed you his bottle. You took a quick drink before returning to your normal state.

Hanbin froze. Did this really just happened? Did his friend really just have an indirect kiss with his girlfriend? Kim Hanbin’s girlfriend?

Hanbin was beyond mad now. He was so jealous that he completely ignored everything and grabbed his bag and left. You called after him, asking him where he was going. Look apologetically at Bobby, you grabbed your bag and ran after your boyfriend. Bobby shrugged before taking a drink of his water bottle like nothing happened.


“Hanbin! Yah! Kim Hanbin! Wait for me!” you called to your boyfriend who was walking speedily in front of you. You ran with all your might and finally caught up to him. You grabbed his arm and bent over to catch your breath.

Calming down your breathing, you finally stood up straight. “Didn’t you hear me calling you?!” Hanbin looked at you innocently before pointing to himself, “Me? You were calling me? I’m sorry, I thought that you were still sharing a water bottle with Bobby.” Jealous filled his words as he spoke.

You were confused. “What? What do you mean?” Hanbin let out an irritated sigh, “You were drinking from Bobby’s water bottle earlier when you were coughing. You two just literally shared an indirect kiss in front of me.”

You didn’t have the energy to fight back, but you did have the energy to taunt him. “So you got jealous? Huh? Huh? Huh?” Hanbin began stuttering and denying. “Stop lying~ You are jealous!”

“N-No! Who said that I wa-” You stopped him in the middle of his sentence by giving him the sweetest kiss that he had ever received. He instantly wrapped his arms around your waist and you wrapped yours around his neck. After about a good minute, you broke it up.

“Feel better now?”

Hanbin smiled charmingly, “Much better.”

You intertwined your hands with him, “You should be glad that I had that indirect kiss with Bobby. I would’ve been dead by now! Also, where I’m from, indirect kissing really has no meaning.”

Hanbin chuckled, embarrssed at his actions.