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Why I Joined The Lugia Alliance...

My best friend and I decided to go out on a Poke-Adventure last night. We live in a relatively nice neighborhood, largely mid to upper class religious individuals with younger kids.

So we find a pokestop that has a lure set up, and we decided to chill there. Largely to help my friend level up since she’d only just started playing, but also cause I was running empty on pokeballs and needed to collect a ton.

It’s about 8:30 pm, we are two 27 year old 5′3 112 lb girls hanging out behind a little mall that has a Ralphs in it. These two guys come over and it’s clear they’re playing Pokemon Go too. We hear them say ‘Oh hey lets go hang by that lure’. So they come over, and we start chatting, they seem nice.

They then ask what team we’re on. So we say “Oh we’re on Valor”. Suddenly they go from being friendly to being angry and condescending. They proceed to flick us both off while glaring, (I won’t say which team they were on because I don’t want to perpetuate team hate) and then decide that this lure wasn’t worth their time before walking off.

We were so taken aback.

Then once the lure ended we started heading back over to my friends house, and we saw our gym was taken. It’s the only gym I keep because it’s literally the temple I grew up going to my entire life. So we take it back and I put my Arcanine cp1326 on it, my friend puts her Ponyta. 

These three guys across the major street see that we took it back, and then we lock eyes. We give a friendly little gesture of “hey good game! hope you have a happy hunting!”. They proceed to aggressively yell out ACROSS the busy major street, “I’M GONNA KICK YOUR FUCKING ASSES!”

Like… woah… what the hell?

Behavior like this is so beyond not okay. You don’t behave like that towards an absolute stranger just because of what FICTIONAL TEAM THEY ARE ON!!!

I was concerned about those hate memes that were flying around… and rightfully so. Words have power. And while people laugh and say it’s all friendly… clearly it’s not for everybody. 

We are all nerds running around living a childhood dream to catch all the fiction creatures.

How’s about we treat each other with some civility and respect rather than threatening and insulting one another?