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finally made my way through this interview after having it as an open tab for like…. two months. honestly it is super annoying that they have a translator right next to him, but they either don’t translate the korean Q&A that happens, or the video cuts past it most of it. so there are long patches that are entirely in korean, which is frustrating. but it’s a pretty interesting interview in a lot of ways! (this is the video where lbh mentions that ethan hawke “talks so much.”)


  • lbh didn’t like the original inside men script, since his character was too simple/stereotypical in the first draft. “Can you change a little bit of this character? Give him a more layered character and a sense of humor?” basically between this and some of the mag7 interviews, it seems like lbh’s first instinct is always to ask if his characters can be more funny, somehow
  • lbh is so weird when he talks about his craft. “I just remember the most horrible moments of my life.” “Stay childlike!” “Acting cannot be taught.” “Watching movies with my dad affected me a lot, but I have no idea how.”
  • the three hour director’s cut of inside men apparently starts with lbh’s character talking about a jack nicholson movie, which makes sense because it talks about the importance of having hands. anyways, this is mostly amusing because lbh says “I can jerk off” and everyone dies.
  • when he’s on a movie workout regime, he misses jajangmyeon the most
  • some mag7 talk: denzel is sort of intimidating and charismatic, pratt is funnier in real life, hawke talks a lot. he also mentions that hawke would write poetry on set and recite it, and that hawke gave both him and pratt a first print copy of his third book on the last day of shooting. “It’s one of my treasures.” lbh mentions that the main cast got pretty close and they talked a lot about their personal lives, including “secrets” (what a tease), and lbh seems genuinely fond of them
  • ^^this is contrasted specifically against his experience in terminator genisys/gi joe/red 2, where he sort of passingly mentions that he didn’t have the same sort of relationship with the others. combined with the other article where he mentions he’s been looked down upon by western actors for his race, i’m happy that the mag7 actors don’t seem to be implicated by this at all, but i’m also ready to fight everyone involved in those three movies
  • lbh wants to play a gay or transgender character: “not in a comical way, but a character with nuance.” LOOK YOU’VE ALREADY DONE THAT CONGRATS ON BILLY ROCKS ಠ_ಠ

important takeaway from the past two interviews: while mag7 was shooting, lbh found it relaxing to listen to ethan hawke recite poetry and sing and play piano, ethan hawke’s book is one of his treasures, what the fuck, just sign up for the ethan hawke movie already gdi


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