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Recommended activity for your birthday: draw self-indulgent pics of your beloved rare pair! You can’t even pry Clarisse/Annabeth from my cold, dead hands - I LOVE CLARABETH TOO MUCH!! ლ(*꒪ヮ꒪*)ლ (And thank goodness I have another sinner on my side! ILU, Aku <3<3)


Education is not a crime, it should never be one. Ever. Join the campaign at For my friends in LA, catch the live event on February 27! Tickets at

witnessing the great “La Maison de la Crau” by Vincent Van Gogh today. Might’ve shed a couple of tears, not going to lie. It’s amazing being able to stand so close to a piece that was created about 130 years ago.


Work events are much less work when you get to bring your spouse. Beth is joining me in Las Vegas as our customer event draws to a close.

I ran 5 tempo miles before we left for the customer party at Drai’s Nightclub at the Cromwell hotel. My company reserved the entire space for 3 hours and the dj did a great job. It was great introducing Beth to my work friends.

I wonder if there will be any rumors about me leaving the club with a good looking brunette on my arm.