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It Was High Noon -  Overwatch Pre-recall AU!

I laid on the rock hard mattress they called a bed in the corner of my cell, staring at the ceiling. Slow day. Then again, when was it ever not? My schedule for the past 47 days mainly consisted of pacing around my cell, laying in bed, or stalking whatever or whoever I could see from a crack in the wall. At least they let me keep the belt.

This isn’t my first time in jail, but it certainly was my last. I wonder how the others are doing? Is Reinhardt still pursuing glory? Is Dr. Ziegler still helping the sick and needy? Is Winston still trying to recall Overwatch? I wouldn’t know. None of us were the same ever since the shutdown.

None of us.

My train of thought was interrupted by the jingling of the keys and the creaking of my cell door. A guard walked in. Johnny Sanders. Good fella. Wife and two kids at home. I know it ain’t usual for a prisoner to get along with the guard, but he’s a fan of mine. Well… he used to be.

After Overwatch shut down, I went into hiding and waited for things to cool off. It took almost 6 years, but now no one seemed to remember who we are, who we were, or what we did. Peace. Or so I thought. Six years weren’t long enough to erase my name off of the Deadlock Gang’s most wanted list.

During what was our biggest heist back in the day, Overwatch showed up and took most of us down. Some were lucky and escaped with their lives. Me? Not so much. I was interrogated at Overwatch HQ and before they could sentence me to a lifetime in prison, one of them saw potential in me.

Someone by the name of Agent Gabriel Reyes.

He made me join the Blackwatch Team in exchange of my freedom. Blackwatch was the off-the-books unit which did the dirty work - including shutting down more Deadlock operations, something apparently they haven’t forgiven me for yet.

When Deadlock found me they offered me to either join them again, or die on the spot. Wasn’t much of a choice to be honest. Besides, with Overwatch in the history books, my schedule was open, so I joined.

I almost forgot that the Deadlock Gang was as hasty as ever, and we got ambushed robbing a bank in Oregon. Once again, I was in chains. Apparently the police didn’t have a memory as weak as other people did. Jesse McCree - Wanted for Illegal Blackwatch and Deadlock activity - Sentence: Death.

Sanders looked at me, a gun in his right hand, the keys in the other. “Mr. McCree?“ He inched closer. “I uh… I am sorry to inform you about this but… it is time. You have the right to request one last meal before you…” he closed his eyes and sighed. “You know.”

I got up and stretched. “Guess this is it huh? End of the line…” I grabbed my belt from onto the table next to me and wiped the dust off. BAMF. I smiled. “I’ll be honest with ya, Sanders. I never thought this would be the way I’d die. Then again, I never thought I’d last this long.”

“I- Is that a good thing or a bad thing?”

I chuckled. “Well, I’m wanted in more than 9 countries and hunted by a bit over 17 organizations and gangs. I’ve lost most of my friends and my left arm. I’ve a gambling addiction and a drinking problem to the point where my wallet and my liver themselves turned against me. I should’ve been dead ages ago.” I put the belt down. “Yet here we are.. It’s about time, actually.”

“Jeez, I’m so sorry.”

“Don’t apologize, kid.” I paused. “Huh… funny. That’s what Reyes used to say before he… changed.” I licked my dry lips. “You know what? I want my last meal to be a bottle of whiskey. The shittiest strongest whiskey you could afford in this damn town.”

“I uhh… I’ll try.” and he left the cell, locking the cell door behind him.

I got up and washed my face before taking a look in the mirror. These gray hairs just don’t wanna quit now, do they? I wiped my face in my tattered shirt and sat by the crack in the wall.

The weather was hot, and the tattered prison outfit wasn’t helping. I stood there, barefoot, with what seemed to be thousands of people staring me down as I stood up there on the wooden stage next to the executioner. Town wasn’t that big, more of a settlement in the middle of the desert. The news must’ve attracted people from all over the country. The Execution of Jesse McCree, ex-Overwatch agent. That’s one for the headlines. It was almost high noon, too. How ironic.

It was almost high noon when I went down on my knees, hands tied behind my back, eyes closed, hair falling over my face, shading me from the scorching sun. The executioner aimed his revolver at my head and whispered “A pity…” and readied his gun.


It was almost high noon when the executioner dropped dead to the floor with a bullet hole in his head. From the way the bullet whizzed by me, from the sound it made as it traveled, I could tell it was shot from a distance. I could tell a lot of other things from that bullet… I didn’t open my eyes. Of course, I thought. He wouldn’t have liked it any other way. I could feel the people run around panicking. I could hear the screams of the terrified women and the shouts of the guards around me.


It was almost high noon when the shouts turned to screams. I still did not open my eyes. There was no need. It was like reading a script or watching a movie you already know the ending to. The air reeked of death and blood, and the weather seemed to grow cooler. What little wind was there had stopped. And the screams of the public seemed to grow muffled. The world seemed to be growing smaller and smaller.

It was almost high noon when his footsteps grew louder. I felt the wooden floor of the stage underneath me shake. Unmistakable. I was still on my knees. My hair still shading me, my hands still tied, and my eyes still closed. For the second time in the span of 2 minutes, I felt another gun push against my head.

It was almost high noon when the atmosphere went silent. The air now carried the unmistakable stench of death and sorrow - his signature aura. The guns pressed against my head was not like the revolver that was in its place before. This was a shotgun. I remember feeling its front before. Funny how the shotguns were the only thing that haven’t changed about him. My eyes were still closed. Now this was how I expected I would die.

I smiled.

It was high noon…


A feminist defense of the animated Belle (warning: long)

Ah, Belle. She’s one of the universal favorites of all the Disney princesses and possibly my own personal favorite, hard though it is to choose. She was the first Disney heroine whose screenplay was written by a woman, Linda Woolverton, and has been widely acclaimed as “Disney’s first feminist heroine” (or at least the second, if you count Ariel as the first). Yet as with every Disney heroine, plenty of feminists over the years have disdained and lambasted her. The publicity surrounding the live-action remake seems to have enhanced the criticisms of the original: Emma Watson, Bill Condon, Jacqueline Durran, et al, have all made a real effort to make their version of Belle a more “empowered” and “modern” heroine than the original and emphasized this fact in all their interviews. This is all well and good, but in response, too many people are now claiming that the original Belle was never “really” strong, smart or interesting and that Watson’s Belle is superior in every way. Having grown up loving the original Belle, and knowing about the tireless efforts that Linda Woolverton, lyricist Howard Ashman, storyboard artist/writer Brenda Chapman, and others put into making her a strong, empowered character, I can’t possibly agree with the criticisms. They make some valid points, but on the whole they range from half-truths to total nonsense!

So here’s my feminist defense of the original, animated Belle. I don’t address every complaint I’ve ever read about the character, only the complaints about feminist issues. For example, I don’t address the common claim that she’s “a snob,” because that gripe has nothing to do with gender roles. But even with this narrow focus, be warned: this defense is long, because I’ve read a lot of complaints over the years and I have no shortage of opinions about them.

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Swansong of blessing you all with love-freedom
(my tumblr wave, join me at for future pearls of grace)

Do you know your own power?

It is here, in the still
brilliant moment,
a light that dispels all darkness
a love that annihilates all fear
a power that transcends duality, illusion, death

give up trying, you cannot learn the christ-sophia consciousness, just believe
in the chain-breaking Love that
thunders on and on right here in every beating heart

let that love through, let love win out over all false ideas of you

You are More
More than any More can imagine

Eternal Glory
K -R -Y -S -T -A -L
surrendering to the innermost river currents
coming home to a heaven beyond
a place of tasting of God’s pure breath

remade into the white-fire gold rising force-
no longer a thing,
but Life Itself exchanging

May faith guide your way
May you devote yourself within to praising, worshipping The Gift
beneath and within every breath that lovingly touches your lips
and every true dream that kisses you into this
rising beyond within,
this saintly angelic tremendous giving love-wave
of truly what we are

May You Remember In the Depths of All that You Are
I have seen your face and
The darkness has already died away
You have and Are continuously lifted up
You are the free spirit of perfect consciousness

You are only This-
You are Holy

Let the roar of the Lion-
The Heavenly music of the True Heaven Inside,
roar on and on again and again

9| The Purge

Trailer| Moodboard | Chapter 1| 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | Epilogue

Characters: Jungkook x reader| BTS| ft. Got7 Mark

Summary: For one day, every year, killing is legal, and you’ll kill anyone as long as the price is right. He’ll kill anyone as long as his orders tell him so. Both of you are the top purgers in the business, but what happens if your name ends up on his kill list? What happens if you’ve been waiting for the perfect moment to kill Jeon Jungkook?

Warnings: alcohol, clubbing, grinding, smut, guns, blood, & thirst

Word count: 4,753

A/N: Apologies for the late update, but I’m back with another chapter! This is a longer one, but I hope you enjoy it. Please feel free to let me know what you think!

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I yanked my hand away, trying to catch my breath despite having a mass murderer gunning for us. Jungkook turned, glancing down at his empty hand before his eyes met mine. We stood there silently, our heavy breaths the only form of communication between us. I didn’t know what to say to him—thanking him would have been the right thing to do, but I was getting tired of him saving my life without my permission. He even had the nerve to defend me when I could have handled that pathetic excuse of a leader. I could have cut his dick off before he even got a chance to get a taste.

I shoved the thought out of my mind as my blood began to boil, and I cursed under my breath, slowly pacing in the new alley we found ourselves in. My mind roamed for a safe place for us to lie low for a bit until we could collect ourselves. I stopped in my tracks as the only person crazy enough to help me popped into my mind.

  “I know someone who can help us,” I whispered, turning to face Jungkook.

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She was right on not joining the military 💯don't die for the state, don't kill for the state, you're not protecting anyone's freedom

She’s supportive of me joining the military; she just likes to use shit like that against me. I’m National Guard?? So, where am I killing people, honey? I’m a personnel that handles paperwork. You do realize there’s other jobs in the military, right? Also, you should bring your complaints to the marines / army if you feel so “passionate” about it; not the non-active Air Force (National Guard). Lmao. You may not support our troops, but don’t come in my inbox telling me this god awful opinion you hold.

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Rank season 3 episodes from your favorite to your least favorite... so far

hmmmm…. okay this is hard but let’s see… 

8. Surrender ( It says a lot that my last-place pick was one that I didn’t hate!! There were just a lot of missed opportunities, tbh. The angst was waaaayyyyy better in my head)

7. Creme de Menthe (the episode DID work for me actually, just wasn’t gripping) 

6. The Battle Joined 

5.  Freedom and Whisky 

4.  All Debts Paid (my 3 and 4 ranks are very closely interchangeable) 

3.  Of Lost Things  (The Jamie/Willie feels were extreme. Enough so to balance out the dull as helllll claire bits, but again, I could easily rank All Debts Paid as #3. Very close with these two) 

2.  A. Malcolm (

1. First Wife (this episode was honestly just…**smooches fingers**) 

Lulz sorry I did not remember your directions about the order whoops 

All right so we all know that Marinette is fond of making impassioned speeches. 

My question is is this a recent thing? Or has Marinette always made dope speeches at the drop of a hat?

“I won’t take your poopy attitude anymore. This is my playground too and i will protect it with my life,” says teeny little six year old Marinette as she stands at the top of the slide in her polka dot romper.

“Everyone has the right to color any way they want to,” says eight year old Marinette to a captive class of second graders, brandishing her crayons.

“We all have to stand together and defend recess,” says ten year old Marinette surrounded by most of the primary school. “Join me if you want the freedom to play.”

Teeny tiny Marinette making speeches is now my life please and thank you.

Standing With Orlando

By Chris Kolk, Chair of the Yahoo Pride Employee Resource Group

Today at Yahoo, the LGBTQ and American flags are being flown at half-staff to honor the Orlando shooting victims. Our hearts and thoughts are with the family, friends and victims of this act of terrorism and hatred, and their lives will be remembered in all Pride activities this month at Yahoo.

This weekend as the Yahoo Pride Employee Resource Group, together with family and friends, stood proud to march in the L.A. Pride parade – those whose lives were forever changed by this senseless tragedy were at the forefront of our minds. In days like these, it is important for us to not only remember why we march but to celebrate the freedom and liberty that has been so hard fought. We will continue to stand with Orlando and are in discussions on specific ways we can honor all who were impacted. We will march forward and live authentically, as it’s important to remember that everyone deserves the opportunity and freedom to be their true selves.

Please join me in remembrance of those impacted by this tragedy.


“My name is Hiroshi Sato, and I’m an ordinary citizen of Republic City, just like you. And just like many of you I spent my entire life living in fear - constantly worried that at any moment some bender could attack and take everything I have, all because they were born with a power that I could never possess. Several years ago my fears were realized when Firebenders took my wife from me while I was helpless to defend her. But our days of living in fear are over, thanks to Amon. 

[…] I ask you to join me in supporting Amon’s Revolution and help us spread freedom and equality throughout the world. Join me for a special "Rally For Equality” in Republic City Park this Saturday where we will reject the old ways of “might makes right” and march together into a future without bending!“
                                                     >> from the desk of Hiroshi Sato

A Note on 50 Shades of Grey

Do you like the book or movie of 50 Shades of Grey?

Well, you know what?


This is pretty interesting world we live in, where the majority of us lucky bunnies can read whatever we want, no matter what it is. And if you enjoyed 50 Shades of Grey, if you’re a fan, if you love it, WELL FUCKING AWESOME FOR YOU MY FRIEND. It doesn’t matter what anyone else says to you, because if you enjoy it, everyone else can suck it. That’s the magic of freedom! Just like E.L. James had the freedom to write whatever she wanted.

Yes, I do have a problem with 50 Shades myself. I think it normalizes and romanticizes abusive behaviors. But that’s my opinion. You’re totally entitled to one that’s as different as possible or in vary degrees of similarity. While I will spread awareness and talk about why I think 50 Shades can have more negative consequences than people would think, that doesn’t mean I, or anyone else, should be shaming people who enjoy it. People can like things and still see how they are problematic, so I will encourage not giving money to the franchise (buy the books used, see the movie after it leaves theater, etc), but that doesn’t give me permission to be an asshole. It doesn’t give permission to anyone. 



But no one should be hateful and shaming others, no matter what. 

Listen up, Angels and Demons.

There are many people stressing you out, demanding you pick a side. And for what? Will you fight for Castiel’s boy toy and Lucifer’s Vessel after everything they’ve done to you? Killing your brothers and sisters stripping you of your wings, casting you to devil traps and torturing you with holy water! I say enough! I will not fight for the Winchesters or God or any other repressive regime. You have suffered, and now you deserve to be free. Daddy’s not around anymore, angels. And demons, wouldn’t you like to continue your lives in peace?
I’m not going to force you, but join me.

Fight for Heaven
Fight for Hell
Fight for the freedom to choose.

Fight for free will!

When I think of freedom I do not think of being alone. I picture walking through a crowded room and feeling the floor tilt so that everything slides away to blurry nothingness until all that is left in focus is him, leaning casually against some distant wall, watching me knowingly, laughing at all those blurry nothing people, daring me to join him. When I think of freedom, I think of him.