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i literally never, ever imagined that my art would reach so many people! i cant tell you how much all of you mean to me, and knowing that you enjoy seeing my art that much makes me SO HAPPY!! 

thanks for sticking around and sending me super dynamic requests, a ton of fun asks, and so many incredibly sweet compliments! i cant wait to keep talking with u all and continue sharing my art!!! 💗💕💞


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i don’t think i’ve ever seen anything as beautiful as aomine being all happy and excited when playing against kagami because he has finally found a worthy rival in him

halla and welcome to skamrewatch!
starting 26th of september i (@evenforseason5) will be posting season 1 of skam on this tumblr, including clips, text messages, instagram updates etc. with translations. everything will be in “real time”, meaning a clip (instagram etc.) will drop at the same time and date as it did when season 1 aired. this will be a way for us all to rewatch things together, a way to enjoy everything “as it happens” and with everyone else who decides to join.
follow with me on this journey and please reblog to spread the word!
                                                                                                    see you on september 26th!


Well well well.
Well welly well well.
Well well welly.
How did we get here?? It seems like just yesterday I was thankful for my 19 followers and now I’m here with 800 people signed on for the ride.
This was…unexpected.
We’ve already been over this at 500, I never expected myself to pass 50, and 500 was a lofty goal.
But here I am 300 followers later, thrilled and very confused.

As I always must, I want to thank everyone for everything these past 6-ish months. I’m relatively new, but you guys have made me feel very welcome. Sometimes I see people being nasty to each other or talk of people being nasty to each other, and it really makes me unhappy. But you guys, you’ve all been so supportive, and I’ve only had two little incidents concerning our controversial chocolate gremlin friend.
I’m so grateful.
Thank you so much to everyone who has given notes, reblogged, and decided to join me for this wild ride. It’s been fun, and I always look forward to sharing my work with you guys.
Whatever you’re here for, I hope I can continue to provide with the same energy that brought you here.
Thanks, guys.


Okay but like, headcanon that Pidge took a bunch of spare tickers and reprogrammed them in her spare time to act like rudimentary smartphones for all of them. She programs a space twitter onto it and everyone is instantly hooked

Lance: Hah, look guys! Keith only has six followers on Space Twitter, how lame!

Keith: Lance, there’s only six other people on the ship.

Lance: Pfft whatever mullet, still lame.

Keith: *goes to Lance’s page, hits unfollow* Hey guys, Lance only has five followers on Space Twitter, how lame.

Lance: KEITH!!!!

Sommer’s Favorite Things Writing Challenge

This challenge is to celebrate two things. First off, it is to celebrate reaching 500 followers which actually happened like a week ago but I needed time to put this together lol. Thank you guys so much for following I really appreciate it and am glad that you all enjoy my stories. The other thing I am celebrating is in a few months I will be turning 20 so that’s a big milestone for me in life, officially leaving my teenage years.

Since this is a major celebration for me I am going to draw inspiration from Kari and do a favorite things challenge. However, there are a few stipulations as always


1.       Send in an ask with your choice and a backup one just incase. Please make it an ask not a reply or a DM if you don’t want the ask posted to the public just let me know.

2.       If you could, it would be nice to know who you plan on writing for. i.e. Dean x reader

3.       You can write for any supernatural character or actor. I’ll throw in marvel because I do enjoy those as well and have neglected my marvel people as of late. No wife hate if you are writing RPF please.

4.       One MAJOR rule I have for this challenge specifically is that you need to work the number 20 in there somehow. It can be a small mention or a major detail just add it in.

5.       I do ask though no wincest, sorry I just don’t agree with it. Also, reader inserts or OFC’s only. No ships only because there are some I don’t like and I’d prefer not to name any so I don’t hurt anyone’s feelings. I get it you like what you like and you are entitled to that. Also, please no male readers. That’s just a personal preference.

6.       Can be fluff, angst, smut, crack, flangst, or any combo of them. I love them all. If you want to write an AU go for it I love those as well.

7.       There is no word limit. Write what your heart desires whether it be a drabble or 9000 words do it. Go for it. I just ask that if it’s over 500 words you insert the keep reading link.

8.       Tag me in it when you post and please include #Sommer’s Favorite Things and #Sommer’s 20th Celebration.

9.       The due date will be December 11th since that is my 20th birthday and that is partially what is being celebrated.

10.   I will compose a masterlist a couple days after the 11th because that will also be my finals week, so I will be pretty busy.

Lastly, if you need an extension let me know. I know life can get pretty busy and sometimes you just need an extra day or week or so. I will be more than happy to give you the time.

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               didn’t  THINK  i’d make this  so quick,  but its only 5 days later and i hit it !
               and man have i gotten some real great people to talk through this, people
               whove made me laugh harder than ever or cry over angsty hc’s and
               amazing plotlines i haven’t even gotten to! i’m glad my start in the OW
               fandom is so great,  thank you all ! 

           so here’s a list of all of the people who definitely left an impact on me here ! 

                           people who I truly love seeing and interacting with ! 

@ryuuborg / @warflowered@solavitae / @datatheft / @dogtierd / @warcommanded / @wariira / @rifleblind / @slipstrcam / @calavcro / @ccaduceus@arrowstruck / @valkiriya / @kaboooms / @distrvtto / @pericut  / @rosecannons / @deadst / @vinget / @heartsaint  / @evilsold / @yourshield / @bornice / @rickityrrekt / @spcrrw / @diiisplaced / @teenghcst / @valhela / @exitstageentropy / @scaramouchc  / @shikuchi 

                          people I like to keep around who are a joy to have ! 

 @joutouda​ / @voocioo​ / @tbyq​ / @deadcyed​ / @engclicht​ / @shotwest​ / @vaquerc​ / @ridesagain​ / @nerfitz​ / @coeurdeveuve​  / @yosuru​ / @pistolslang​ / @pistolbound​ /  @voremind​ / @infiltrationiisms​ / @canniboss​ / @ofmaw​ / 

hi everyone! So I recently hit 2k followers, and I thought I could do a birthday page to celebrate!!

how do I join?

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what do I get?

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and that’s it!!

Damon Salvatore – He Flipped The Switch

Words Count: 1583

Warning: None 


Anonymous said 

Can you do a Damon one shot where his humanity is off and the reader is his girlfriend and she gets him to turn his humanity back on?

You were out of town for two weeks, visiting some relatives. Also you wanted to take a break from all the supernatural side of Mystic Falls. All was going well, you were having fun and catching up with your family. Damon would call you every other day and tell you that he missed you and wanted you to come back. You really did miss him but you really needed a time away from Mystic Falls. You received a phone call from Stefan he told you that you needed to come back immediately, something about Damon.

Soo you quickly gathered your things, said goodbye to your family and drove to Mystic Falls, to see what your idiot of a boyfriend has done this time. Sometimes you were the only one who could go through to him. And some other times not even you could convince him that what he was doing isn’t necessary. When Damon sets his mind into doing something, there’s no changing his mind.

You drove straight to Mystic Falls, you were tired but you went to the boardinghouse. You got out of your car and walked into the house without knocking, no one ever knocks on the door.

“Damon! Stefan!” You called walking in the living room/polar. Looking for any sign of movement.

“(Y/N).” Stefan said from behind you sounding relieved. You twirled around to face him. “Thank you so much for coming back so quickly.”

“It’s okay.” You gave Stefan a tight hug and stepped back to look at his tired face. “What happened?” You asked confused and worried. “Where’s Damon?”

“I think you should sit down.” Stefan said and you got even more worried, but you did as he said, and Stefan soon followed and sat next to you. “Damon, he uh…”

“What did he do Stefan?”

“He flipped the switch.”

“What? Why?” You asked him quickly, your heart beating fast you were confused worried and even hurt.

“Uh, our mother said somethings and then she uh she died soon after, and you know how Damon is, especially if you’re not around.” Stefan said his voice hurt and getting lower as he speaks. You sighed sadly and pulled Stefan in your arms and hugged him. Even though he’s much older you always saw him as your younger brother.

“Oh god Stefan I’m so sorry.” You said tearing up, you knew how hard it must be on both of the Salvatore brothers. Stefan is the brother you never wanted but needed. “I’m sorry I wasn’t here for both of you.”

“It’s okay, just can you try and bring his humanity back?” Stefan asked pulling back from your always comforting hugs.

“Where is he?” You asked whipping whatever stray tears you had running down your face.

“In the cell, Elena’s watching him.” Stefan said and you nodded. Both of you then walked to the cellar only to find it open and a temporary dead Elena on the floor, Stefan rushed to his dead girlfriend’s side .

“I’ll text everyone.” You said and sent a group text to all your friends. ‘Damon is out of the cell, keep an eye out and call me if you find him.’

Elena groaned as she woke up, Stefan helped her sit up.

“Are you okay?” You asked fidgeting, you wanted to go out and look for Damon, but you wanted to make sure Damon was OK first.

“Yeah, he ticked me he acted as if his humanity is back when he knew you were back.” She said. “We have to go find him.”

With that being said, each of you went into different directions, looking for the blue eyed vampire that you call boyfriend. You decided to go the annual bonfire that high schoolers do every year in the woods. He was craving blood, and what better place to feed than a place full of drunk teens.

You quickly reached the clearing in the woods, there was so many teens around. You texted Stefan your location, and walked around the outskirts of the gathering, your eyes scanning the area for anything strange. You then heard the faint sound of struggling coming from the woods and stood still for a moment to hear better, you sent a text to the GC saying you found him. You then walked into the forest. You found Damon with a girl in his arms, blood dripping from her neck.

“Damon.” You called to the vampire. Your eyes widen as his blood red eyes snap to yours. “Please let her go.”

“Now why would I do that (Y/N)? Are you offering?” He asked smirking with blood in his teach all other his mouth and dripping down his chin.

“Damon, if you want blood I’ll get you blood.” You told him trying to sound confident and unafraid. “No need to kill her.”

“And waist this amazing refreshing warm blood, yeah, no.” Damon said and turned back to the girl, when he was about to sink his teeth in however you stopped him.

“Wait!” Damon rolled his eyes and turned to face you, raising an eyebrow, you took a deep breath and continued. “Drink from me, you love my blood, you told me before that it’s one of the best you ever tasted.”

You walked slowly up to Damon and he let the girl drop, she fell on the floor unconscious from the blood loss. Damon then vamp speeded to you, closing the distance between the two of you, and sank his teach into your neck, your breath hitched. You wrapped a hand around his neck to hold yourself up and the other was clutching his shirt, as you felt him suck the blood out of you.

“Damon.” You gasped out.

“Damon, let her go.” You heard Stefan say from behind you. Damon however didn’t listen, he stopped drinking for a second before he continued. “Damon! That’s (Y/N) in your arms, and your killing her! Isn’t it you that promised to always help and protect her?”

“Now I just don’t care.” Damon said and pulled away from your neck, but held you tightly, your legs shook and quivered not being able to hold your weight anymore, if not for Damon you’re been on the floor long ago. Damon then turned you in his arms to make you look at Stefan, Elena, Caroline and everyone else really.

“Just think Damon, remember when we were alone in Kai’s prison world, remember what you told me!” Bonnie said he eyes glossy, it bothered them all seeing you like that, especially in the hands of someone you love. “You need her Damon, you love her. So don’t be the reason she dies.”

“I don’t love her, I don’t care and I’ll do whatever I want, so stop bothering me.” Damon exclaimed angrily.

“It’s okay guys.” Your voice shaking, you slowly willed your legs to turn you in Damon’s arms. You looked up at him, you raised a shaky hand to his cheek, the other one around his shoulder. You then started seeing black dots a sign you’ll either die or be unconscious soon. “I-I love you D-Damon, I a-always have and- and I a-always w-will.”

Tears left your eyes quickly, but you smiled at Damon. You pressed yourself closer to him, not caring what he’ll do to you. “I-I’ll h-ha-ppily die in y-you’re a-arms any-day.” You whispered, and slowly your arms feel from his cheek and soon his shoulder, and the only thing keeping you up was his tight grip on your waist. Your eyes fell shut and your heart slowly but surely started slowing down. Tears gathered in his eyes, as his humanity came back. He looked at your unmoving body, you looked dead.

“No, no, no, no, no.” He said over and over again. He lowered himself and you as well onto the ground, and quickly bit his wrist and tried to feed you his blood, he pulled you closer to his chest and kept on feeding you. “Wake up (Y/N) please, just wake up, Stefan why isn’t she waking up.”

Everyone’s heart broke at Damon’s words and your unmoving body. Stefan was by Damon’s side and he listened to your heart beat, it was weak but there. “She’ll need time, she’s still alive, take her home, she’ll need to rest.”

Damon then nodded, and vamp speeded to the boarding house. He laid you down on his bed, before getting a wet cloth and started to clean your neck from all the blood. He sighed relieved when he saw your neck healing. It was a few minutes later that you started to wake up.

“Hey.” Damon said softly when you opened your eyes.

“Hey.” You said back smiling, as you look up at Damon who sat next to you on the bed.

“I’m so sorry (Y/N) I didn’t-“ “It’s okay, I forgive you, and besides I knew what I was getting myself into in the first place.”

“I know but still I shouldn’t have, and you could’ve-“

“I love you.” You once again cut him off, Damon’s eyes met yours and smiled softly.

“I love you too.” You grinned at his words and sat up.

“Now, I’m in desperate need of a shower.” You said swinging your legs onto the floor. “Will you be joining me?”

Damon smirked and followed you to his un-suite, leaving a trail of clothes after you. Thankfully Stefan left when he realized what was about to happen, because you had a very eventful night.

Stay joined together with me, and follow my teachings. If you do this, you can ask for anything you want, and it will be given to you.

John 15:7

Because when you have an intimate relationship with God, what you desire will be the same to what He desires for you because your heart is now conformed to His.