join dumb clubs

This took longer than I would like to admit 

Sooo apparently @artsymeeshee and me are creating a club for awkward potatoes like us! 

If you’re ever too scared or shy to talk to someone don’t fret, we’re all scared and shy too xD But we should try to push that fear aside and still give it a shot! Who knows? Maybe you’ll find a new friend! :D 

 Come join us  in this support group of awkward people! Everyone is welcome to join! 


So there is an anime for every possible activity high school students could form a club around except for MY sport, which happens to be fencing. So I decided to hypothetically design one :B

And yes, I purposely made them a little ‘anime-tropey’ for fun. The main 4 are all foilists  - The cool rich girl, the awkward main character with a lot of heart and spirit, the tough but extremely genuine and loyal best pal, the really smart one who knows fencing down to a science. Then below there is the transfer student with a bad attitude who fences sabre and doesn’t want to join their dumb foil club, and the super cool upperclassmen guy who fences epee ('cause epee is the most bad-ass fyi) Of course he is either a mentor, villian, love interest,…or all of the above.

Just so you know, I’m gonna kickstart this anime, quit my job, and make a series all by myself. :P

also, with that knowledge: we have had at least two presidents who jerked off in a coffin in order to join a dumb club (no idea if that rule was in place when taft joined)

the UK flipped its shit over salacious rumors that david cameron skullfucked a pig head but both george bushes jerked off in a coffin (jeb did not)

john kerry jerked it in a coffin too