Do you love Misha Collins? Is he the light of your life?

Welcome to the official Misha Collins Network

I really love Misha, as most of you know, so I decided to create a network where I could share my love with all of you! I already do that anyways, but this way we can all interact! I want to talk to all of you and just have a great time! 


you must love Misha (duh)

you must not post hate of any kind (this includes characters, cast members, or ships) 

you must be an active blog

steps to take if you want to be involved:

mbf this misha lover

rebloggie this post 

send me a message and tell me why you love misha (the crazier, the better)

if you’re accepted: 

you’ll get a cute little message from me asking for an icon picture, your name/nickname, and a short description

follow the network blog themishacollinsnet 

track the tag #themishacollinsnet, you must be active in this tag, post whatever you like (selfies, edits, fics, art, etc.)

enjoy new friends and fellow misha lovers 

Thank you, my lovely darlings! I’ll be excited to have you (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

here in death valley ;;

When the pack graduates high school and moves from the small town of Beacon Hills to start college, they think their biggest adventures will consist of wild parties and late night studies; but when the house they move into is the home of violent ghosts and locally known as The Murder House, they find themselves fighting not only to win, but to survive. Will all of them make it or is there no escaping when the devil comes knocking at your door?

the bible ;;

  1. verse inspired on the first season of American Horror Story
  2. this is a dark && mature verse, join at your own risk
  3. be active, this is very important to keep the verse going
  4. absolutely no godmodding without permission
  5. the pack will be renting rooms so you may join as a tenant but we will have a cap of 6 roommates outside of the pack at least until we get more ghosts
  6. please post a short bio upon acceptance
  7. track the tag ( v. twmh. )

submit application to luci or liz ;;

  • character name:
  • character age:
  • species: 
  • status: living or ghost
  • i solemnly swear to be active:

the living ;;

the deceased ;;

Studyblr Facebook Group

08.17.15// This group is to help Studyblr’s or anyone who wants to improve or achieve educationally. I made this group on facebook since it’s an international website. Planning weekly study groups, sharing helpful links, and just supporting one another off of Tumblr is just one of the things this group will help with. Make friends & share your goals, we’re all here for each other. 

Please tell you friends & anyone else who would like to join. If you personally don’t want to join, please reblog and share this. I’d like to get this page going this week (08.17.15) with at least 50 members. 

I think this page will be very helpful & more personal to connect and help. Please click THIS LINK to join the group & let us get this started! Studyblr’s unite! xx

Recruiting new members!!!!

Okay so, yxnglords, formally known as yxngputas are recruiting new members! It’s all about fashion, glam, beauty, etc., !!! I am looking for new members preferably 5 lit girls with Glam, Fashion, Cyber Ghetto/ Soft Ghetto, Beauty, Aethetics, Luxury, Other similar blogs! If you would like to join click here and message me when you’re done (: !!! I will reply as soon as I can!!!



  • reblog this post at least once
  • follow the owner
  • Must be willing to add a link/badge to this network on your blog (if chosen)
  • Your follower count doesn’t matter!

this network is place to:

  • make new friends
  • help each other with coding/polls etc.
  • do promos
  • get to know each other

All members you will be messaged if chosen!


We’re looking for:

  • People who makes edits/gifs
  • People who can keep the blog updated and active.

Are you interested?

We’ll reply as soon as we can if you have been choosen! 

** please do not delete the text. It doesn’t show on your blog **

😒😒  Introducing The Moody Teens Network 😒😒

// RULES //
- Must be following the admins ( Lola and Nicole )
- Must reblog this post at least once (likes for bookmarking only)
- Must fill out the application here (this will literally take you 1 min) 
- Must be willing to make new friends!

// PERKS //
- Your blog featured on the network page
- New followers!
- A cute little group chat where you can get html help, promos
  and advice whenever
- More blogs similar to yours to follow
- Lots of new friends 

- Reblog this post as much as possible (this helps us notice you
  when we go through the notes!!) 
- Tag a post with #invahle, #citrussloth and #themoodyteens telling 
  us why you want to be in the network
- Follow our instagrams -> Invahle’s , CitrusSloth’s and message
  us your usernames 
- Talk to uss! :-) 

// OTHER // 
- Banner and network page made by Nicole 
- We will pick when we get a good amount of notes (probably
  in about a month) 
- Feel free to message any one of us if you have any questions

Now get reblogging! 😁

Jamie Dornan World Is looking for new members.

If you want to become a member you have to make your own edits and gifs don’t repost other people’s work if you do, we are going to remove you from the members list also we are looking for people who will help us with keeping a blog active.

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imagine one day stiles stilinski was served by matt donovan at the mystic grill, lydia martin let out a wail so loud it made tyler lockwood’s ears ring, or derek hale just dodges an arrow shot from alaric saltzman’s bow. what about if ethan and aiden ran into a pack of hybrids led by a certain mikaelson, little fresh beta liam stumbles across the blue eyed snake damon salvatore during the full moon, or allison argent is set out to hunt for a labonair wolf — or was it marshall? WELCOME TO BEACON FALLS. (inspired by this.)


  • the main idea of this verse is that the beacon hills gang (aka teen wolf cast) is now put in mystic falls, and they, mystic fallers included, have to figure out how to live amongst everyone. ALL CREATURES REMAIN THE SAME. this includes werewolves, TVD werewolves are different from TW werewolves — play with it.
  • be active, obviously. there won’t be a set amount of days for activity (i.e. ‘after three days of inactivity you’re booted), but just make sure you’re posting and such, yeah? if you join and don’t do anything, your spot will be reopened so others can have a chance.
  • message killedher to join. first come, first serve.
  • ooc drama will get you booted, but ic drama is encouraged.
  • aside from the dopplegangers, i’m going to say two of every fc maximum. that being said, i don’t want every character to have a twin, yeah? this being said, dopplegangers are ONLY the original TVD dopplegangers. there will be no oc dopplegangers (if that makes sense. like none for damon or bonnie.) and none for any tw creatures either. 
  • CREATURES STAY CANON WITH THEIR SHOW.  this means there will be no mystic falls banshees, and no beacon hills witches. make sense?
  • this verse WILL INCLUDE CHARACTERS FROM THE ORIGINALS. just assume they’re in the tvd side of things. (basically davina claire would just be a mystic falls witch along side bonnie, and jackson kenner would be a werewolf all the same).
  • always try to reply to any starters you see. it’s a shitty feeling when a starter goes unreplied.
  • track the tag ( v. beacon falls )
  • have fun :)