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Photo Superstars We Are Looking At You!

Hello Legion! So as you all know our website www.myrwithlove.com is launching soon, very soon and we are in the middle of our writers search, (Click Here for the writers search page) for select people to join the My Relationship With Love writers team. The writers we select are going to become family and we are all going to provide you with daily content to enjoy! Also to take the website to great heights!

But we are also in need for some Photographers who are just looking to get more exposure for their work. Check Out our Instagram here! instagram.com/myrelationshipwithlove

Once you check out our Instagram and see how we use pictures and what sort of pictures we would need if you want to get more exposure for your work and have your pieces used on a growing brand then we are the place for you. We need daily show episode pictures, article pictures, headline pictures, situation pictures. When you choose to partner up with us, your pictures that we use would get shared across all of our social media pages and you would get photo credit on our website. Along with whatever links you have to represent your pictures would get spread across a very popular growing brand! This is a HUGE opportunity for you to put your work out there and get tons of exposure!

If you are interested shoot us an email at myrelationshipwithlove@gmail.com and we will get you set up with our shared google drive account where you can drop any and all pictures you feel would be useful for us! Among other things! Thanks guys and we look forward to seeing all of your work!

As always, share this and reblog this to your followers that you know are photographers who might can benefit from all of this exposure! 

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50Shades is now recruiting members to exclusively post news.

  • You do not need to have any edit abilities. 

You need to keep the blog updated with the latest news of Fifty Shades Of Grey and the cast (Jamie Dornan, Dakota Johnson, Rita Ora, Luke Grimes, E.L. James). You will not be forced to post any edits/gifs, just news.

If you would like to join we will be very happy to have you. You’ll always feel welcome to come and join us.

If you would like to join 50shades, please contact us here.

Thank you so much in advance and feel more that welcome to talk to us.

imagine one day stiles stilinski was served by matt donovan at the mystic grill, lydia martin let out a wail so loud it made tyler lockwood’s ears ring, or derek hale just dodges an arrow shot from alaric saltzman’s bow. what about if ethan and aiden ran into a pack of hybrids led by a certain mikaelson, little fresh beta liam stumbles across the blue eyed snake damon salvatore during the full moon, or allison argent is set out to hunt for a labonair wolf — or was it marshall? WELCOME TO BEACON FALLS. (inspired by this.)


  • the main idea of this verse is that the beacon hills gang (aka teen wolf cast) is now put in mystic falls, and they, mystic fallers included, have to figure out how to live amongst everyone. ALL CREATURES REMAIN THE SAME. this includes werewolves, TVD werewolves are different from TW werewolves — play with it.
  • be active, obviously. there won’t be a set amount of days for activity (i.e. ‘after three days of inactivity you’re booted), but just make sure you’re posting and such, yeah? if you join and don’t do anything, your spot will be reopened so others can have a chance.
  • message killedher to join. first come, first serve.
  • ooc drama will get you booted, but ic drama is encouraged.
  • aside from the dopplegangers, i’m going to say two of every fc maximum. that being said, i don’t want every character to have a twin, yeah? this being said, dopplegangers are ONLY the original TVD dopplegangers. there will be no oc dopplegangers (if that makes sense. like none for damon or bonnie.) and none for any tw creatures either. 
  • CREATURES STAY CANON WITH THEIR SHOW.  this means there will be no mystic falls banshees, and no beacon hills witches. make sense?
  • this verse WILL INCLUDE CHARACTERS FROM THE ORIGINALS. just assume they’re in the tvd side of things. (basically davina claire would just be a mystic falls witch along side bonnie, and jackson kenner would be a werewolf all the same).
  • always try to reply to any starters you see. it’s a shitty feeling when a starter goes unreplied.
  • track the tag ( v. beacon falls )
  • have fun :)


Join the Pastelarts Club!

I’m starting a club!

What is Pastelarts Club?
A club for amateur artists (like most of us tumblr kids) to connect, share our work, and make friends!
Members of the Pastelarts Club will begin connection through Skype and be able to connect as fellow artists and penpals, helping amateur artists gain followers and friends! About 30-50 people will be admitted to the club.

-mbf me pastellaluna
-reblog or like this post
-send me a message with your name, pronouns, age, a short description of yourself and why you want to be part of the club
-Be an artist, love art, appreciate art. Any level of art skill and appreciation is accepted.
-Be nice!!! No level of harassment or rude behavior will be accepted.

Things that boost your chances of membership:
-follow the Pastelarts Club blog
-tag posts with #pastellaluna and #pastelartsclub for me to check out!
-submit your personal art to the pastelartsclub blog!