yagokoro-moved  asked:

silly gatcha headcanon thing: i like to imagine hajime taking utsutsu on dates after the end of s1 and katse trying to trick hajime into doing things wrong. BUT any time hajime falls for katse's tricks she and utsutsu end up having a good time anyway, and it makes katse all baffled and grumpy. in general i think its kinda fun to imagine katse trying to influence how hajime interacts with other people

omG  YEA  I WAS THINKIGN ABOUT THEM GOING ON DATES AND KATSEs just  there because  theyre alwyas there.  wth thats so fucked up . commenting like rlly shitty things  nd hajime just punches her own boob or sth   ( jk jk  shed just laugh it off)  (thank u )