Hear The Sound of the Yoik (De Juoiggas)
  • Hear The Sound of the Yoik (De Juoiggas)
  • Ulla Pirttijarvi

Joik (also spelled yoik, luohti, vuolle, leu'dd, or juoiggus) is a traditional songform of the Sami people, a nomadic group indigenous to Scandinavia. Joik shares musicological similarities with North American aboriginal chanting, and religious aspects with Siberian aboriginal groups. Traditionally, joiks sometimes have no lyrics per se, but rather syllabic sounds. Often joiks are personal in nature, meant to describe a person, moment, object, or event acoustically.

This piece is by Sami folk singer Ulla Pirttijärvi of Finland. In this song, she blends traditional joik with a pop sensibility and instruments from many cultures, including the erhu, a spike fiddle sometimes referred to as a “Chinese violin”.


today I ran into a demonstration for officially recognising ubmejesámiengiella (ume saami) as a written language

joiking ensued


Jon Henrik Fjällgren - Jag Är Fri (Manne Leam Frijje)


best unknown band in the world


Daniels Joik av Jon Henrik Fjällgren
Amazing joik devoted to his friend Daniel that passed away. In sami langauge.

“Do you go with me still, my dear friend,
Although I no longer see you?
Are you still here on earth,
Just as you remain in my heart?
I lie there and ponder,
Its a deafly soundless around me.
The tears break through and falls,
In the memories of you.”

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Mari Boine, previously known as Mari Boine Persen, (born 8 November 1956) is a Norwegian Sami musician known for having added jazz and rock to the yoiks of her native people.

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