I got to hang-out with some of my friends on this week’s Monday. Our meeting time was 12:30PM at Zee’s but as usual, some of us were late.

Liezel and I experienced our first drive-in car wash (not a big deal) and after that, we picked up John and Jean at their house. When we arrived at Zee’s, Joi and Jowi just got there and Zee was outside - either welcoming them or she just arrived. Later on, Gian and Aldione joined us.

We played this game called The Game of Things, more info here, and later I read palms again. Well, not fortune telling but more on reading feelings, etc. I’ll explain it some other time. I don’t know what time we left at Zee’s but after that Liezel, Joi, Jowi, John, Jean and I went to town, were supposed to sing karaoke but it was closed, and then headed to John and Jean’s to continue our hang-out. Carbonara is one of my favourite pastas so I was happy we had it that day.

By 09:30PM, Liezel, Jowi, and I were at Gian’s and Aldione joined us for an extension of our hang-out. We played Uno, ate (again) pancit and prawns, and drunk tequila. I failed at getting myself drunk again so I still have that on my bucket list.

Really had fun that day. Will miss these guys as I might not see them again for months when I return to Auckland this week.