johto pokedex

Finally ready to start posting pieces from my Johtodex project.  The goal is to paint a watercolor of every Pokemon in the original Johto regional Pokedex using their original GBC color pallets.

Starting things off with the Johto starters, still personally my favorite batch of starters from any generation.  The first of which is Chikorita’s evolution line.  I love how this spunky turnip becomes a feisty herb and then a majestic pacifist flower.

Posting this week’s update early in celebration of Pokemon Day!  Happy Birthday @pokemon, and here’s to many more!  Here’s everybody’s favorite Pokemon poster child, Pikachu and its family~

Part of the reason I chose to do the Johto regional Pokedex is because the Johto Pokemon are pretty inseparable from the Kanto Pokemon.  The Johto region brought new pre-evolutions (along with breeding mechanics) as well as new evolutions (with new evolutionary stones, day/night mechanics etc.).  It’s why in my opinion Johto felt so fresh while also refreshing some old Pokemon.

Also I’m a big fan of how chubby and cute some Pokemon were in their old GBC sprites that have been slimmed-down and stream-lined in recent years.  Raichu and Pikachu used to be such fat little beans and I’ll always have a soft spot for their original pudgy designs.

If you want to see more Pokemon, check out my Johtodex tag!

pnf playing pokemon go headcanons:

  • dan povenmire is team valor & he loves his growlithe because it’s the first pokemon he hatched from an egg
  • swampy is on team mystic w/ a 1150+cp lapras. he’s working hard towards that gyarados and loves seeing the youngsters being so active
  • doofenshmirtz still doesn’t understand how to use the game but that doesn’t stop him. took him 11 minutes to find the pidgey in his room because it was hiding behind him the whole time. he loves his golduck collection but he wants to find a cubone real soon
  • perry gets frustrated bc the app is smarter than he is when he tries to hatch eggs in his hovercar - it’s justified cheating to keep his identity clear, nothing more
  • peter doesn’t give a shit about the hype and still plays candy crush
  • phineas has already caught them all with a stable main team. owns half the gyms in the country
  • ferb hacked into the code of the game and located mewtwo (they had to make a day out of it since it was on the moon)
  • phin&ferb helped candace catch mew and named it jeremy. she keeps the aesthetic of cute pokés with the exception of gengar
  • jeremy’s a pokéstop fool and loves travelling with his buds/gf to different stops around the state (he’s planning a countrywide road trip with candace to claim gyms in each state)
  • roger caught his starter (squirtle), questioned the hype, and deleted the app
  • monogram is team instinct and proud of it. he ends every staff meeting with a team instinct cheer, forces everyone to keep their pokemon at least 200cp below him, and gets so excited when a new poké shows up on the radar. he absolutely loves this shit
  • carl is on administrative leave after sending in a request form to niantic to make the owca hq a pokestop/gym. security breaches are not taken lightly especially from nintendo 
  • buford is rly proud of his team valor and can’t wait until his wartortle evolves into blastoise 
  • baljeet has an algorithm already figured out as to where certain types are found in his area (v frustrated after trying to find ditto for a large portion of his playing time)
  • stacy’s just here to have a good time and go on spontaneous road/night trips with her friends. she’s more of a digimon girl
  • lawrence and linda are CONFUSED
  • pinhead pierre is one of those creepy ppl that sit in their car all night long defending one gym. if you visit that gym, prepare to be yelled at by a frightening man in a white sedan with a 9999cp dodrio
  • how the fuck does rodney already have a complete pokedex (kanto, johto, hoenn, sinnoh, unova, and kalos included)