johto gym leader

The Signs as Pokemon Gym Leaders (Kanto and Johto)

Aries - Lt. Surge

Taurus -  Whitney

Gemini -  Sabrina

Cancer - Misty

Leo - Jasmine

Virgo - Blaine

Libra - Erika

Scorpio - Koga

Sagittarius - Chuck

Capricorn - Bugsy

Aquarius - Giovanni

Pisces - Brock 


ohhh mannnn………..such awesome drawings. It’s especially cool to find these today because I’m currently playing SS and I just beat Miltank aka Satan’s Butthole earlier. *Nostalgia* :) I remember playing Silver for the first time and having no clue how to beat Metal Pokes….and I had my first starter Typhlosion in my team -_-; Especially love how little the artist made steelix lol. Enjoy! (Ps Wallpaper on the bottom with all eight :3)


★ we finished season two! ★ here are some small doodles i did while watching (including some pokemon au ideas lol)

 Johto gym leader are now on vacation on Alola!

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My first set of pokemon gym leaders is finally finished!  I’ve just been randomly choosing characters every day and Johto is he first to be cleared! YAY!

All these designs are available as stickers in my redbubble store! <3

cobalt-wolf  asked:

Hi I just found your blog and I think it's really cute :) Also, I wanted to ask your permission if it's okay to use your drawing of lycanroc drinking hot cocoa as my tumblr profile pic. If not, I totally understand and will respect your decision. (P.S. Morty is my favorite Johto gym leader)

I don’t mind anyone using my art as long as there is credit somewhere on your blog! Thank you for asking though! <3

(Morty a best)

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