johto dex holders

Johto Dex Holders’ Official Bios


Birthplace: New Bark Town
Birthday: July 21
Blood Type: B
Hobby: Eating the gourmet specialties of each region
Skills: Skateboarding, kickboarding, billiards
Favorite Food: Cinnabar-style Volcano Salisbury Steak

A sharp-tongued but kindhearted Pokemon trainer from Johto. Recently, Gold came to accept that, as one of the Pokedex Holders, he is fated to fight the Mask of Ice and oppose his evil schemes. Gold gives the impression that he is self-centered, but he is unable to ignore people and Pokemon in need. The home he shares with many Pokemon has been dubbed the “Pokemon House”. Gold is known as the “Hatcher”.


Birthplace: Viridian City
Birthday: December 24 (discovered after his reunion with Giovanni)
Blood Type: AB
Family: Father (Giovanni)

Silver is a trainer who searched long and hard to find his roots. He was kidnapped by the infamous Masked Man as a child, so the story of his origin remained a mystery for quite some time, but he was finally reunited with his father, Giovanni. As a highly skilled trainer, he excels in Pokemon battles and is especially knowledgeable about trading Pokemon. Thus, he is known as the “Exchanger”. He has learned to face difficult challenges with courage and dignity.


Birthplace: Violet City
Birthday: April 30
Blood Type: A
Family: Mother
Skill: Apricorn Picking
Hobby: Reading

Professor Oak gave Crystal a Pokedex and asked her to fill it with data about Pokemon. She is known as the “Catcher”. Crystal is a kind girl who takes care of everyone. She is devoted to her volunteer work at Earl’s Pokemon Academy, but she can also be a workaholic when it comes to capturing Pokemon with her team. She is currently working at Professor Oak’s lab as his assistant.

things that bug me:
•The sinnoh trio never meeting the kanto dex holders
•The sinnoh trio never meeting the johto dex holders
•The sinnoh trio never meeting the hoenn dex holders
•The sinnoh trio never meeting the unova dex holders
•The sinnoh trio never meeting the Kalos trio
•The sinnoh trio never meeting any other dex holders

Reasons why there should be a dex holder reunion in the ORAS arc:

• Ruby and Sapphire were mentioned in the Dimond and pearl arc
•Daisy was in the Platinum arc
•STEVEN made a cameo in the Platinum arc (or D/P arc)
•The day care couple told Platinum about Gold
•Archie/Maxie are connected with Team Galactic (Which caused the outcome of the Fire red/Leaf green, and Emerald arcs)
•May not be included in the manga but, LOOKER MAY HAVE AMNESIA IN THE MANGA AND THE SINNOH AND UNOVA DEX HOLDERS ARE CONNECTED TO HIM (Kalos too but I feel like their too new to be included and the arc hasn’t finished)
•If Hoopa appears and brings evey legendary pokemon there, Johto and Sinnoh dex holders might want to kick Dialga, Palkia, and Giritina’s butt
•Silver and Dia can watch Proteam Omega together
•Everyone can be impressed by everyone else
•Ruby is fabulous
•I need the johto trio

HGSS and ORAS might take place SUPER close to each other?

Like, almost-same-time close, not just happened-in-the-same-year close.

Blue must’ve stopped by Johto to give Silver the items to evolve his Pokemon, and, since she was in the area, Bill was able to invite her over to his place to help him out with the reforming Orbs.

That might be why Oak only tried to call the Johto Dex Holders in response to Lance’s message. He knew that Red and Blue were helping out Bill while Green was out of the region.