johto champion


“It usually refers to a Trainer who has completed a Pokémon League by collecting all the necessary badges, and either winning a regional Pokémon tournament or defeating the Elite Four and the previous Champion (if there is one). Kanto and Johto share a Champion, while other regions have their own. If a Champion is defeated, they must relinquish their title to the victor, however, the victor can refuse the title.”


Pokéaniweek, Day 1: Favorite Saga

The entire Johto saga–Johto Journeys, Johto League Champions, and Master Quest.  As wonderfully nostalgic as the first season/Kanto arc is, I have a deep personal connection to the Johto arc, as I was playing Pokémon Silver for the first time, just ahead of when the Johto arc started (as opposed to Kanto, when I played Blue after watching a good chunk of the anime first), and I was basically blazing the trail along with Ash and the crew for a while and discovering things along with them, and while I did eventually pull ahead in the game, I was thrilled when some of my favorite elements in the game showed up in the anime, too.

I also really enjoy how close Ash, Misty, and Brock are in this arc.  They spent the Kanto arc getting to know each other and working through their differences, and then after Brock temporarily left and returned, now they’re true companions, ready to take on anything together.

Dragon Master Lance headcanons

• Lance hates to admit it but fairy type Pokemon terrify him. Whenever he sees one he’ll always stay a safe distance away
• Training dragon Pokemon is very difficult and as a result, it has made Lance rather strong. He could totally give his s/o piggyback rides
• Lance isn’t very much a fan of junk food and instead prefers snacking on healthy things
• Bought his s/o a matching cape
• Lance is a really, really heavy sleeper and snores very loudly. He also wakes up early in the morning to train
• If anyone insulted Lance’s s/o, family, or friends, he would not hesitate to obliterate them
• His favorite kinds of movies are action or mystery movies
• Lance looks like he has killed a man but really he’s very nice and would love to discuss dragons with anyone
• However Lance’s kindness does have a limit and he has beat up members of Team Rocket in the past


Your wish is my command, dear anon! ;D And thank you!

Have him and the Johto champion going on a little trip on the Alola islands! Arceus knows at least one of these two nerds needs to see a bit more sun…

Also featuring a Koffing, for old times’ sake. 🖤

Dating Silver headcanons

• Silver will try to avoid you if he likes you. However, this plan completely backfires and what he winds up doing is being around you as much as possible
• I’m the beginning of a relationship, Silver can be quiet and seem uninterested but that’s not truly how he feels. He’s actually just very nervous to be in a relationship with someone like you
• As the relationship progresses, Silver becomes more and more open. This is what makes dating Silver a calming and gentle yet very passionate experience
• Spoils his s/o a lot. He seriously doesn’t even mean to buy so much stuff for his s/o, it just happens. You like that sweater? It’s sitting on your bed when you get home. You can’t afford some fancy dessert at a bakery? Open your fridge, it’s there in a pretty little container with your name written on it
• You will definitely catch Silver staring at you quite often
• Silver secretly loves slow dancing with you. The whole experience of gracefully moving together as one is precious to him. It’s undeniable though that his favorite part is when you laugh while he spins you around
• Gently play with Silver’s hair and he’ll be putty in your hands

Champion Ash wants to battle!

A commission of my design for Ash as an adult, where he’s the highest ranking trainer in the Kanto region. The Indigo League has split, leaving Lance to be the Champion of Johto. Still, there’s no one more deserving to be called a Pokemon Master!

If you ask Ash, that is.

EDIT: Mega stones have been added.