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tolong berhati-hati dengan dia ni ye..fb megat reese mukhriz…nama betul ishrizal bin ishak…dia akan taburkan kata2 manis…tetapi setelah dapat apa yg dia inginkan…terus je tinggalkan ko terkontang kanting….tinggal taman molek johor bahru dan bekerja di watsons austin height johor bahru…sila berhati2…


Man Showing Obscene Gesture to Sultan of Johor Arrested

Johor Bahru: A 40 year old male was arrested on suspicion of pointing an obscene gesture to the Sultan of Johor, Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar at the expressway near Yong Peng yesterday.

Senior Police Officer and Chief Safety Sultan of Johor, Sugumaran A/L Raman said that the incident occurred when a group with Sultan of Johor returns back to Johor Bahru from Muar at 11:20am.

“The suspect driving a white-coloured Perodua Viva has lowered the driver’s side window and showed an obscene gesture with his fist and right hand,” he said.

The suspect was then arrested and taken to the Air Hitam police station for further action.

Police investigations found that the suspect is heading from Puncak Alam, Selangor to his parents’ house in Parit Rajar, Johor due to having marital problems.

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This video was created and uploaded to facebook days ago but due to some reasons,it can only be viewed now.Sorry for the bad quality.And sorry if this video give you a headache.This is the only video that have all the memories I had with them when they came to my town.All my files in my lappy will be gone forever.

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Guys,I do miss you all.

Mesti sedih ni nanti naik sem baru.Takde korang macam sem baru dulu masa matrik.

But it’s okay.Good luck.Do the best for this semester okay!Make our parents proud.Make our family proud.Make ourselves happy.

See you in 4 months from….. now?

For the recent news,I thank Allah for making me smile.I thank my parents,family and friends for their continuous pray and support for me.