johny blaze

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance Review

straight up, this movie is terrible

it has always baffled me how filmmakers don’t actually see during production that they are making a poor film. i mean, everything about GRSoV just stinks the screen out, so how could you not notice any of it before you wrap? in fact, why did the studio even green light this turkey? the original Ghost Rider wasn’t exactly a commercial or creative success, and even on paper this next attempt at the franchise surely must have looked far worse

i don’t even know where to begin in trying to explain why it is such an awful film. the narrative is wafer thin, the dialogue is amateur, the performances are lazy, the action is comical, it’s boring, it’s silly, and it just irritates the viewer from start to finish. there is not even any half decent slapstick violence because it is a PG-13. seriously, there is just nothing going for it whatsoever

i went into GRSoV wanting to have a guilty pleasure experience because i do love my fair share of trashy movies, but trust me, this is nearly as bad as it gets!

you get an extra point because the HD digital transfer was stunning… 2/10