John's coming over, and I'm just trying to understand.

Emily sat inside the flat. She wasn’t really afird of Knives, she had either not meant what she said or perhaps Emily had misunderstood but she did everything John asked.

She was curled beside the window and everything was burning. Her skin her eyes her insides. She was angry and hurt and she was confused. She rested her head against the cool window. She should never have trusted that woman. When would she learn? She was dressed in a long sleeve shirt and shorts her hair still in it’s messy braid. Her hands had stated shaking like they had last night, but this time with anger.

Drinks with John

Emily sat at the bar scratching her name into the wood with her flat key. She was waiting for the man whom had lived with the man, Sherlock, who was curently MIA. Other than that she knew very little about John Watson, but she liked his kind face and his sad eyes. when she saw him enter the bar she waved beaming at him as he made his way akwardly to the bar.

“Hey John,” She greeted him as the barkeep brought her an amaretto sour. “First drink’s on me, you look like you could use one." 

Back again to Baker Street

The trip to 221 B. was rainy and wet but that was typical of London weather. Emily had her hood up over hear ears and her backpack secured around her shoulders as she approached the door. John’s landladyMrs. Hudson, an older very pleasant woman,  let her. She made her way up the stairs an into the living space of Johns flat. The place was a bit more organized than last time John had most of what he needed packed it seemed. She sank into the couch to wait for John, and closed her eyes. She had not felt tired until just now, but then she had been working last night and in school all day today. No wonder sitting down felt so good.

221 B. Baker Street

Walking was so not fun. She winced as she made her way to the front door of 221 B. and seriously considered telling Knives that anymore black-out drinking would result in an immediate termination of their friendship. Her wrist was also bugging her though it had been days since she had injured it. Maybe it was not coincidence that she had recently met John Watson. She didn’t have her own doctor and there was no way she was going to an ER. She knocked on the door and waited patiently, hoping she wasn’t disturbing him.

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