I have been thinking a lot about Vriska lately, about how in the beginning, she only intended to manipulate John for her rivalry with Terezi, but then got disbalanced by his unapologetic kindness and friendliness. How, while lacing John into her mind patterns, she got tangled in her own web and unexpectedly started truly caring about that worthless human. How she never intended to be anything more than a heartless bitch to him but ended up trusting that simple minded boy with her deepest thoughts and motivations. And how much I just infinitely love everything about their relationship. 

ok so people are always talking about how self-absorbed and selfish and inconsiderate and basically how vriska only cares about herself adsfljawel


they seem to be forgetting john and vriskas conversation in [S] John: Enter Village

i mean look at that shit. vriska WANTED john to be better than her. she WANTED him to exceed her. considering the kind of person vriska is, this is just

this just means a fucking lot


so once upon a time at otakon at the midnight draw meet i was casually walking with tumblr user vriska when she stopped and tugged on my arm and said in a really intense voice “ivory look” and i looked and immediately did a fucking graceful pirouette to the floor, pulling out my camera and creepily snapping these two shots (later, liz cried over them)

i didn’t want to upload them because i thought it was supes creepy how i launched myself to the floor to take a picture of two people kissin without them knowing, but tonight liz and i were vagueblogging about the pictures because we had a sneaking suspicion that we knew who this vriska cosplayer was

turns out it WAS tumblr user vrillywhat, seen here with john cosplayer lil-lord-cal-english, and we all yelled a lot and laughed a lot and now i don’t feel creepy because we’re united in love for johnvriska