Snapshot from Johnti’s World -

Love this !!

Really made me laugh out loud. You have to have a sense Of humour in a job like this, and its usually gallows humour. It’s a coping mechanism.
The Client won’t see the patch, it’s for the enjoyment of the crew and if you’ve ever flown HEMS Air operationally, you will be smiling knowingly. (Probably)


Snapshot from Johnti’s World -

Curtis P-40 lost in the sand for 70 years

The perfectly preserved Kittyhawk has remained unseen and untouched since it came down in the Sahara in June 1942.

He had been flying between two British bases in Egypt during the north Africa campaign in World War Two when he disappeared.
Nothing was ever seen of him or his plane again until earlier this year when a team of Polish oil exploration workers stumbled upon the perfectly preserved aircraft.
There is evidence to suggest Ft Sgt Copping survived the crash and made a makeshift shelter outside the plane using his parachute.
It is thought he died while making an attempt to walk out of the desert.

NOTE: Since it’s discovery, I understand the aircraft has been heavily vandalised and robbed.

Photographer unknown