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Escapes and Punishments

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Cheryl Blossom sat in her solitary room in the Sisters of Quiet Mercy reading some homophobic book the nuns have in the room. She had been there for only a week and she wanted to get out. She wanted her friends back. She wanted her life back. All of a sudden, there was a knock on her door. A nun walked in her prison cell of a room to inform her that it was movie night. The redhead sighed and reluctantly got up to walk to the movie room. She walked in and sat next to a girl that looked like she was about her age and a little bit taller than her. She looked very familiar. She glanced at the girl and smiled at her. The girl smiled at her warmly and Cheryl smiled back. She felt like she actually had hope.

A couple of more days passed as Cheryl talked more to the girl. Her name was Y/N Y/L/N. She had gone to Riverdale High just like Cheryl a couple of months ago and her mom caught her making out with another girl. She had sent her to the Sisters with barely any remorse. Cheryl felt bad for the girl. She felt like the girl had gone through a lot of what she’s gone through. She felt like she had connected with the girl. Movie nights were becoming more bearable. Physical therapy didn’t hurt anymore. This girl is what Cheryl had been missing, even after the two days she had known her. Y/N was the light at the end of the tunnel for Cheryl Blossom, and she didn’t want the light to fade. Not now, not ever.

Three weeks had passed since Cheryl and Y/N had been spending time together. Y/N had never felt anything like this before. She felt like an angel had sent Cheryl into her life when she needed her the most. They had spent as much time together as they could. Movie nights, physical therapy, anything they could to spend time together. Y/N was falling and she was falling fast and hard. Today was one of the days that Cheryl and Y/N had been seperated to do their physical therapy. As she was cleaning the basement, Y/N noticed a window. A window with a huge crack. Y/N scrambled to find something to break the window with and realized there were some rocks and some cloth. She looked around to check if any of the nuns were around and picked up the biggest rock and wrapped it in the cloth. She threw the rock as hard as she could and the window shattered. She smiled to herself thanking the heavens above that she finally found a way out. Sister Johnston had come downstairs to tell the girl to clean up for dinner, not noticing the now shattered window, and leaving. Y/N hurried to clean up to tell Cheryl what she had found.

As Y/N went to sit down with the garbage they called food, she saw the redhead’s face light up at the sight of the girl. “Hey. I haven’t seen you all day.”, Cheryl said. “I know. I’ve missed you Bombshell.” Cheryl smiled but it faltered when she saw the worried look on the taller girls face. “What’s wrong?” Y/N looked around to make sure no other girls or nuns were eavesdropping. “I found something while I was cleaning the basement. A way out.” Cheryl looked at the girl shocked. “Really?” Y/N nodded. “We’re getting out tonight. Be ready an hour after lights out okay?” Cheryl nodded eagerly as they went back to finishing their dinner

An hour after the nuns sent all the girls to bed, Y/N and Cheryl made their move. They quietly made their way to the basement to find the window Y/N had smashed earlier. Cheryl stopped the girl before they could go any further. “What’s wrong Cher?” She looked at the redhead worriedly. “I need to do something.” Y/N looked at the girl confused. “What do you need to do?” Cheryl stepped forward and captured the girl’s lips with her own. Y/N automatically kissed back, snaking her arms around the redhead’s waist. They pulled apart when they needed air. “Wow.”, Y/N said. Cheryl blushed in the dim light. All of a sudden, they heard the door rattling. Cheryl looked at the taller girl in a panic. “What do we do?” Y/N looked between the window and Cheryl. Cheryl realized what the taller girl was trying to insinuate. “No, I’m not leaving you.”, she said, tears filling her brown orbs. Y/N shook her head, “Go. Now. I’ll take the blame.” Cheryl refused, “No!” Y/N lifted the girl out of the window. “I’ll find you. I promise. Now go!” Cheryl looked at the girl one last time and took off running. Y/N turned just in time to see two nuns walk in. “What are you doing down here girl? It’s past curfew!.” The older woman looked towards the window Cheryl had just escaped. Realization hit her and she ordered the other nun to grab Y/N. “You, young lady, are going to be punished severely for what you tried to attempt. "What are you going to do to me?”, Y/N asked. The woman smiled sinisterly at the younger girl, “You’ll see.”

I kind of changed the prompt a little bit. I hope you still like it! Part 2??

Escapes and Punishments Part 2

Cheryl ran until her lungs burned and her legs hurt. She couldn’t stop until she got somewhere safe. She suddenly found herself on the Southside of Riverdale. She knew that she could only trust one person. She found herself outside of the White Wyrm. She was on the hunt for one person. Toni Topaz. Still dressed in her “uniform”, she made her way inside.

The bar smelt like smoke and sweat. Her eyes scanned the bar in search for Toni. A voice from behind her got her attention. “Uh, Cheryl?” It was Fangs. She turned and fell into his arms crying. He was taken aback but wrapped his arms around her and yelled for Toni and Sweet Pea. Almost instantly, they were at his side. Toni took one look at Cheryl and noticed her clothes. “Cheryl, were did you come from?” Cheryl took a deep breath and calmed herself. “It’s a long story.”

After she was done explaining, the three serpents were in shock. Sweet Pea was the first to speak up. “Holy shit Blossom. That’s hardcore.” Cheryl nodded. Fangs was next, “We’ll help you break her out.” Toni and Sweet Pea nodded. “Of course we will. We’ll go tomorrow night.” Cheryl’s eyes lit up with hope. They were going to get her girl back.

Y/N was in her room, fading in and out of conciousness. Her punishments for trying to escape have been brutal. She recieved 250 beatings with a cane, she had been starved for two days, she had been injected with many fluids that the nuns had in the facility. Her body was tired. Her mind was clouded. At this point, death sounded better than the punishments she had been recieving. She laid in her bed thinking of Cheryl. Her smile, her eyes, her red hair, the kiss they shared. She wanted to be with her. Maybe Cheryl forgot about her. Maybe she moved on. Her door was unlocked and opened. Sister Johnston walked in with the doctor. The girl looked at the two tiredly. “It’s time for your injection.” The girl rolled her eyes. “Why don’t you just kill me?”, she asked. The nun smiled at her evilly. “Because girlie, it’s much more fun like this.” Y/N rolled her eyes, “Whatever.” The nun nodded at the doctor and he got the needle ready. He walked over to the girl and inserted the needle into her arm and injected the fluid. Y/N felt her body shut down as she drifted into unconciousness.

Cheryl, Toni, Fangs, Kevin and Sweet Pea sat outside the Pembrooke waiting for Veronica to meet them outside. After five minutes of waiting, she finally exited the building. “Sorry, had to wait for my parents to do a bed check.”, she told them. They all just looked at her and waited foe Cheryl to tell them the plan. “So, curfew for the girls in the program is in 15 minutes. We’re going to sneak in through the window I escaped out of. I know where her room is so Toni, Veronica and I are going to get her out while the boys keep watch.” Everyone nodded and headed to the Sisters of Quiet Mercy to save Y/N.

Everyone slipped into the window and went to their posts. The girls snuck quietly out of the basement and headed to the rooms. After five minutes of searching, they found the room they were looking for. The two girls looked at the redhead anxiously. The girl looked at the door and took a deep breath. She turned the knob and opened the door quietly. The sight of the girl in the bed brought tears to her eyes. Y/N laid in her bed stiff as a board. She was pale. Her arms were covered with bruises. Cheryl quietly sobbed at the sight of the girl. Veronica and Toni stood shocked. They couldn’t believe that the people here did this to an innocent girl. Toni was the first to speak. “Cher, we need to move her. We need to go.” Cheryl nodded and walked to the bed. She gently shook her, “Y/N please wake up. Baby, please wake up.” Y/N’s eyes fluttered open. “Cheryl?”, she asked quietly. Cheryl chuckled as tears fell down her face. “Yeah baby, it’s me.”, she told her. Y/N smiled tiredly. “You’re so beautiful. I missed you.” Cheryl nodded as she started to sit her up. “I missed you too honey. But we have to hurry and get you out of here.” Veronica handed over Sweet Pea’s sweatshirt and her own sweatpants to Cheryl to get the girl changed. Once they got the delusional girl changed, they got her out of the bed and towards the door. They finally got her out of the room and headed towards the basement when Toni felt her phone vibrate. Sweet Pea had texted her to hurry because they heard the nuns were doing room checks. They put some pep in their step and made their way to the basement.

Once they made it to the basement, the boys were already waiting for them. They told the girls where the truck was and lifted them out of the window. Once the boys were out of the window, Sweet Pea picked Y/N up and ran towards the truck. They all piled in and drove off. Y/N was laid in the back and in Cheryl’s lap. “We need to get her to the hospital.”, Fangs said. Everyone hummed in agreement as Kevin drove in the direction of Riverdale General. Cheryl ran her fingers through Y/N’s messy hair. “You’re gonna be okay now baby. You’re gonna be safe with us. I promise.”

They brought Y/N to Dr. Masters to get evaluated while everyone sat in the waiting room. Cheryl spoke up, “Thank you everyone, for doing this tonight. I’m eternally grateful for all of you.” Everyone smiled at the redhead. “Of course Blossom, I’m glad we could be of assistance.”, Sweet Pea said. At that moment, Dr. Masters walked to the group. “People for Y/N Y/L/N?” They all stood up. “Is she okay?”, Kevin asked. Dr. Masters nodded. “I feel like there’s a but.”, Fangs added. Dr. Masters nodded. “There was an alarming amount of dangerous drugs in her blood. She’s going to have to stay here for a couple of days for further evaluation.”, he told them. He noticed the look on the groups faces. “I’ve already talked to her nurse to change visiting hours for you guys. You can stay as long as you want.” The group looked at him in thanks and followed him to her room.

They entered her room to find her watching TV. Cheryl rushed to her side and before Y/N had a chance to get a word out, Cheryl kissed her passionately. The rest of the group watched happily as Cheryl kissed her girl. The couple pulled away after a few minutes and looked into each other’s eyes. “I told you I would find you Bombshell.”, Y/N said tiredly. Cheryl shook her head and chuckled. “Technically I found you but we’ll say you found me okay? Now you need to get some rest.” Y/N nodded tiredly and started to drift off into sleep surrounded by her new family and (hopefully) new girlfriend.