Melbourne babes, my first solo exhibition is opening in a couple of weeks time! Friday 5th Feb, be there!!!


A bedroom installation and art project exploring identity, self-image, self-doubt, individuality, intimacy and vulnerability. This exhibition focuses on the idea of using personal spaces as sanctuaries away from the external influences that mould the choices, thoughts and feelings of marginalised identities under patriarchal society. Angry Girls Club is a celebration of how girls and non-binary people adapt, rebel against and subvert expectations of femininity, as they find and form their own individual identities in the world.

OPENING NIGHT: Friday 5th February 2016, 6pm - 9pm
EXHIBITION DATES: 5th - 18th February 2016

Off the Kerb Gallery & Studios
66B Johnston Street Collingwood 3066 (Melbourne, Australia)

Photography by Laura Du Ve @femmenatic

Styling by Laura Du Ve, Kelly McCabe @livesick-dieill and Gemma Flack @gemmafemma ♡♡♡