johnston's of elgin


Trying Something New

In music, you don’t usually start by improvising and composing music. You practise technique and usually learn other people’s compositions until you get comfortable enough to create your own variations.

It’s no different in this case. This is a glen plaid Barbour Beaufort SL that is slimmer than their regular versions. I’ve essentially replicated an outfit from @cazjl (on IG) but I look forward to creating my own variations. The brands may be different but it’s essentially, the jacket, blue cap, camel scarf, dark denim and burgundy derby boots.

Jacket - Barbour

Scarf and Cap - Johnstons of Elgin via Henry Carter

Jeans - Orslow 107 One Wash

Socks - Anonymous Ism

Boots - Carmina

Consider the Office Cardigan

When I get to work I usually hang my jacket up immediately, leaving me looking somewhat sartorially incomplete for the remainder of the day. I like putting together odd jacket looks for office wear, but keeping my jacket on all day would be a bridge too far, even for me. So in the event of a staff meeting or an interview, I like to be able to put something on over my shirt and tie, without always resorting to re-donning my sport coat (especially considering some of the wilder plaids I tend to favor from time to time).

That’s where the office cardigan comes in. Something simple, like this navy blue 100% cashmere number from Johnsons of Elgin (thrifted) is versatile enough to go with almost anything, but with enough unique details (MOP buttons, an extremely soft hand) to not be boring. Plus, it can be handy in dealing with the harsh climates of the office air conditioner system.

Consider the office cardigan.