close to you // johnstin

( @johnnykellis )

Wearing a binder really had made wonders in Kris’ self-esteem. In only a matter of days, they were smiling more frequently than they ever had and actually not dreading getting dressed in the morning for the first time in their life. They felt comfortable in whatever they were wearing. Contrary to the last time Kris had come over, when they’d been visibly tired and distressed, they were bright and smiling when the door opened.

“Hey,” Kris smiled. “Happy… third date? Uh- I guess it’s third. Hi.” Scratching the back of their neck bashfully, Kris slid into the now familiar apartment and put down their bag. “So—don’t laugh too hard, okay?—I brought my laptop with me. I managed to find a decent torrent of an audiobook version of the first Harry Potter book. I figured we could at least listen to a little of it while we cooked so I get to experience you listening to Potter for the first time.”