Tonight was an eventful night despite the last minute planning but it was good enough to see everyone again and the talks about the good times. Lots of laugh and love was spread throughout our table but it still doesn’t feel the same without Johnson.

To everyone,

I find it impossible for anybody to forget this wonderful person. He has left us nothing but good memorable moments and those memories are forever scarred in my heart. 

One of these days we all should get together and celebrate Johnson’s life. 

Keep your head up everyone, Johnson has always been there for us to make the bad times good. Don’t let him be the reason now to make you feel down and low. He wouldn’t want that.

Johnson Ngo January 6 1982 - August 2 2012


I’ve meet him once. He was on of those guys that were so genuine. He was soo talented and on of our best canyon rider I COULDN’T wait to meet him! FB and text but didnt get to see you for that second time. Yet you taught me so much about riding and reminded me how precious life is. Because of you.. All I want to do is hit up track. Wear gear. And continue to do what I love, which is riding.
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