johnson treatment

George, you and I shouldn’t be talking about 1964, we should be talking about 1984. We’ll both be dead and gone then. Now, you got a lot of poor people down there in Alabama, a lot of ignorant people. A lot of people need jobs, a lot of people need a future. You could do a lot for them, George. Your President will help you. Now, in 1984, George, what do you want left behind? Do you want a great big marble monument that says, ‘George Wallace: He Built’? Or do you want a little piece of scrawny pine board lying across that harsh, caliche soil that reads, 'George Wallace: He Hated’?

President Lyndon B. Johnson, imploring Alabama’s segregationist Governor George Wallace to help protect Civil Rights activists led by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who planned to finish the Selma to Montgomery march for voting rights which was originally interrupted by violence from law enforcement and white citizens against the non-violent protesters on Bloody Sunday in Selma.

Attorney General Nicholas Katzenbach, who was in the Oval Office during the meeting between President Johnson and Governor Wallace and witnessed LBJ used his famed Johnson Treatment" against the staunch opponent of civil rights later said, “That was the most amazing conversation I’ve ever been present at.”

bonnieblue85  asked:

I saw you mention Strom Thurmond. Didn't he have an illegitimate child? Why was he such a damned hypocrite? Also did LBJ ever give him the Johnson Treatment, and if so, is there any way I can watch or listen to it so I can hear my number one man give Strom hell?

Strom Thurmond did have an illegitimate child. I have no idea why he was a hypocrite.

I’m sure LBJ gave most people the Johnson Treatment at some point. There is only phone conversation in the archives between President Johnson and Senator Thurmond. It’s pretty short and uneventful, though. 

I should put together a list of links to the best “Johnson Treatment” calls in the archives of the LBJ Library and the Miller Center, so that everyone can listen to what that sounded like.