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9 YA Mysteries To Solve Before Summer Is Over

Sun, surf, sand, and secrets that drive us mad trying to solve them – that’s how we like to spend summers. Read on for our list of favorite YA mysteries that are ANYTHING but elementary:

1. Trouble is a Friend of Mine by Stephanie Tromly

Clue you’ll love it: Despite being dragged along through insane situations on a missing persons investigation, you’re somehow LOLing most of the time – and it feels 100% on point.

2. Nearly Gone and Nearly Found by Elle Cosimano

Clue you’ll love it: You’ll redefine #lifegoals when you meet Nearly Boswell, a high schooler who has a knack for tracking down serial killers…even when SHE’s being tracked.

3. The Accident Season by Moira Fowley-Doyle

Clue you’ll love it: A supernatural element adds higher stakes to the question of whether the fact that Cara’s family becomes inexplicably accident-prone every October is a coincidence…or a curse.

3. Daughter of Deep Silence by Carrie Ryan 

Clue you’ll love it: Vengeance is SO much more intriguing when the narrator isn’t only messing with the people around her – but with you as well.

4. The Edge of Nowhere, The Edge of the Water, and The Edge of the Shadows by Elizabeth George

Clue you’ll love it: If you ever thought escaping to the wilderness would solve your problems, you might reconsider after you unearth the secrets on Whidby Island.

5. The Shades of London series by Maureen Johnson 

Clue you’ll love it: You’ll still want to visit London even after tagging along on Lousiana teen Rory’s boarding school extracurriculars of evading serial killers and fraternizing with secret ghost police.

6. The Mickey Bolitar series by Harlan Coben

Clue you’ll love it: The adrenaline factor. High schooler Mickey’s life is a train-wreck after his father dies and mother goes to rehab, but it only gets more intense when he gets sucked into secrets, a seedy underworld, and a major conspiracy that may be closer to home than he thought.

7. I Was Here by Gayle Forman

Clue you’ll love it: Although Cody’s on the hunt to figure out exactly what happened when her best friend Meg left, the real mystery of what’s inside someone’s heart is way more difficult to solve.

8. Paper Towns by John Green

Clue you’ll love it: A mystery that culminates in a spontaneous 21-hour road trip is the best kind of mystery.

What are your favorite YA mysteries?

Jack Gilinsky - Comfort zone (based on Paper Towns)

Request: Can you do a paper towns inspired imagine for jack gilinsky?


Okay, I had been working on this all afternoon, evening and half of the night, I don’t know if it turned out to be okay and like the requester imagined but I tried my best.

The way I figure it, everyone gets a miracle. Like, I will probably never get struck by lightning, or win Nobel Prize, or become the dictator of a small nation in the Pacific Islands, or contract terminal ear cancer, or spontaneously combust. But if you consider all the unlikely things together, at least one of them will probably happen to each of us. I could have seen it rain frogs. I could have stepped foot on Mars. I could have been eaten by a whale. I could have married the queen of England or survived months at sea. But my miracle was different. My miracle was this: out of all the houses in Omaha, I ended up living next door to Jack Gilinsky.

This all started when I was nine, and one day that big van appeared in front of the house next to ours. Then another car pulled over and there he was with all of his 55 inches. I was playing in the garden with my dog as he laid his eyes on me, gave me a bright smile and then ran into their new home.

Mostly because we were close in age we started to hang out and another neighbor kid, Johnson joined our little squad. We used to play until late night and Gilinsky quite often ended up in my window asking me to sneak out, but I was too much of a chicken to do it. He then always just shrugged and went on the adventure by himself.

The years passed by and puberty hit us. I started to hang out with girls and him and Johnson focused on their project. They uploaded short videos to the app called Vine and created a YouTube channel. People liked what they were doing and soon they became part of the Magcon tour. We weren’t talking anymore, they were the famous and popular guys that everyone wanted to be around, while I was just an average girl trying to get through high school. But I was kept dreaming of the day when he finally remembers that I existed and realizes how cool of a girl I was. I sat in my room in the night watching their videos and glancing outside the window waiting for him to appear, however I knew he was always on the road, so there wasn’t too many chances I would see him. It was until one night, when he mysteriously appeared in my room.

I was sleeping peacefully, when I was woken up by a strange noise. I sat up in my room and saw a shadow move from my window to my bed. I was scared to death and was literally thinking I would die in that moment. Then the shadow too his hoodie down and I recognized Jack.

“What the hell?” I groaned trying to calm myself down.

“I need your car,” he explained.

“I don’t have a car,” I said quietly, because it was a touchy subject for me.

“Well, then I need your mom’s car.”

“Jack, should I remind you, that you have your own car?” I asked raising my eyebrows at him.

“My parents took my keys, so I’m in a desperate need of yours.” He took a look at my desk before sitting down to the edge of my bed.

“What do you need a car for in the middle of the night?” I asked realizing I was in my pink pajamas, so I tried to pull the covers up a bit without him noticing my outfit.

“I have a problem to take care of,” he answered diplomatically.

“Can’t just your girlfriend give you her car? I’m sure she has a better one than my mom.” Touchy subject number two. I wasn’t quite happy when I saw the news online that Jack got together with Madison Beer. Actually, I had a typical teenage breakdown, when I sat in my room for an entire day, watched awful romantic movies and ate half a gallon icecream. I’m not proud of that, I have to admit it.

“Ex-girlfriend. And no, because she is a big part of my problem.”

What can you say to this? Probably I stared at him with a weird expression before I managed to speak up.

“Okay, let’s go.”

He exited through the window while I quickly got changed and got the keys to the car. If I was badass enough I would have gone back and followed him through the window, but I chose the front door. He was waiting outside for me, we got into the car and made our way to…

“Where are we going exactly?”

“First we need to have a round in Wal-Mart and then our destination is going to be Hilton Garden Inn,” he answered checking something out on his phone and then giving me a mysterious smile. From what he said I figured out that Madison may had been in Hilton Garden Inn, but I hadn’t knew why she was part of the problem exactly, but I chose to save this question for later.

Jack was the first to talk in the car.

“Have you ever felt utterly betrayed?” he asked looking out to the street.


“Who made you feel like that?” Turning towards me he shifted his gaze to my face waiting for my answer. I wanted to say ‘you’ but I didn’t want him to know how deeply I was affected by him.

“You don’t know him,” I shrugged. “Do you feel betrayed now?”

“More than ever.”

“Will you tell me why?”

“I could, but I guess it will be funnier if you just see it yourself.” He showed me exactly the same smile I got when we first saw each other and it totally distracted me from the topic.

I was used to trips to Wal-Mart with my mom, where we bought usual things. Now with Jack, we also bought usual things, but in that context it occurred to be weird. Coke, Veet, Vaseline, two bags of chips, and a can of blue spray paint.

“This isn’t as weird as it looks,” I told the check-out woman, but she just cleared her throat and said:

“Still weird,” she muttered.


“Jack, I really don’t want to get into trouble,” I said as we were heading to Hilton Garden Inn.

“Don’t be afraid, if we get busted, I take the blame, since you are just the very pretty assistant here.”

“You still don’t want to tell me what happened?” I asked while the word ‘pretty’ was echoing in my mind.

“If I’m not mistaken, you will see it yourself within twenty minutes.”

After finding a spot at the parking lot in front of Hilton Garden Inn, we just walked inside with the bag full of our weird stuff. He walked straight to the reception. A beautiful blonde girl was standing behind the counter, her smile immediately grew wide as he saw Jack.

“Good evening, Mr. Gilinsky. How can I help you?” she asked clearly flirting with him. And I was just standing there awkwardly, feeling useless in that situation.

“Hello, I would like to have another card to my room. Unfortunately I lost it today on my rehearsals.” It was impressing how believable he could lie.

The girl looked at him for a moment before turning around and getting another card.

“Thank you. Just add the lost one to the bill,” he winked and then turning around stepped back to me. “Come on, we have to get started.”

Taking the elevator we went up to the tenth floor. Seemingly Jack knew where we had to go, and walking through the hallway he stopped at room 1023 and turned to me.

“Okay. We are going in, but we have to be quiet. Your task is going to be to put Vaseline to the doorknobs, but only in the insides, okay? I will take care of everything else.” I nodded and took out the Vaseline from the bag handing everything else to him. “Alright. When I say ‘run,’ you have to run and not look back, okay? Just go to the car, ignite and go, I will be right behind you.” I nodded again. He took out the card from his pocket and quietly opened the door.

It was dark inside, but as soon as I got used to it, I could see two figures lying in the bed. Walking closer I saw that it was Madison with an unknown guy… they both were naked. I was shocked, but looking over to Jack I didn’t see any sight of surprise on his face. I shook my head and started to do my task. When I was done, I went to check out what Jack was doing. By that time a huge letter G was spray painted to the wall and he was doing… something on the sleeping cheaters. Stepping closer I could see that he was spreading Veet to Madison’s eyebrows, and the guy was already eyebrowless. I saw him take off the cream and abracadabra, her eyebrows were gone.

“Oh my God,” I gasped trying to hold back my laughter. Jack was grinning too, but he made a mistake, the cream spilled to her face waking her up.

“Run!” Jack whispered immediately as Madison sat up and realized what was happening. I did as he told me, we ran through the hallway, down the stairs and out of the hotel. “Go! Go!” he shouted laughing, my heart was beating madly as I quickly ignited and left the parking lot.

“Oh my God! I can’t believe what just happened!” I screamed when we were far away from the hotel.

“See? I just gave you the biggest adventure of your life!” he laughed happily. When our laughter faded I finally realized that we just busted his girlfriend with another guy.

“Jack, how did you know what was happening there?” I quietly asked glancing over to him for a moment.

“Johnson heard her talk with this dude and then it was easy to get the picture together.”

“I’m really sorry.”

“Thank you, but I’m just happy I could take my revenge.”

We drove back home in silence, I thought he would need some time to take everything in, I didn’t force him into useless talking. When we arrived I parked the car down and we got out meeting at the front.

“Thank you for helping me,” he said giving me that smile once again.

“You’re welcome. I have to admit I had fun.”

“Because you got out of your comfort zone. You should do it more often.

“I don’t think so,” I giggled shaking my head. “It’s too complicated and dangerous and…” I couldn’t finish my sentence, because I was cut off by his lips on my lips.

I had been dreaming of it since I knew what kissing meant and now it was happening. But it ended as fast as it started. He pulled away before I even could realize what was happening.

“Out of your comfort zone. The fun is there,” he said and then just turned around, walked inside their house, like this night didn’t happen. But I knew I would remember to it as long as I live.