Character Background Asks

Acolyte: If your character were a deity, what would they be patron of?

Charlatan: Who does your character wish to be, as opposed to who they are now?

Criminal: If your character were to be arrested, what would it be for?

Entertainer: Write a one paragraph drabble heralding your character or their deeds as though a bard had written it.

Folk Hero: What is the most heroic (or villainous) thing your character has ever been a part of?

Guild Artisan: If adventuring were no longer an option, what profession would your character take up? Why?

Hermit: If your character were left alone on a deserted island with all their abilities but no supplies besides the clothes on their back, what measures would they take to leave the island? Or would they leave at all?

Noble: Your character is invited to the equivalent of a red carpet event. What do they wear?

Outlander: What is your character’s dream vacation?

Sage: If your character were to become a teacher, what subject would they teach?

Sailor: Write a log book/journal entry from your character’s perspective.

Soldier: What is your character willing to fight for?

Urchin: Who had the most influence on your character during their childhood?

Holster Has Made Out With Everyone 3) Sophomore Year: Jack

Truth or dare is a problem for Jack.

At first Holster assumed it was the drinking that goes along with drinking games that was his problem, but for all his tragic backstory, the dude isn’t averse to the occasional beer. It was Ransom who first suggested that ‘truth’ might be the real reason why Jack used to back out of rooms whenever he spotted a healthy bro bonding game going on.

So Johnson invented ‘dare or dare’ which, weirdly, Jack is okay with as long as no one takes pics on their phones. Everyone gets to choose between two humiliating acts, and no one has to make confessions.

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Don’t worry about Johnson, Shitty is there for him. Shitty is there for you, too. Shitty is there for everyone. He’s There.

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