This is a special “Red Pants” Monday post of the new Peek-A-Boo Series Action Cards! 

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And check out the rest of the Peek-A-Boo Series that features 4 fun fandom surprises! 

“Red Pants” featuring John
“Damn It Cas” featuring Cas & Dean
“Under the Sea” featuring Donna & 10
“Barrels of Fun” featuring Oin, Nori, & Bifur

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Keep an eye out for even more Action Cards! in the future!

Sir Octopus


Windy Bangs - “Red Pants” (Unofficially Official Video) from “Mind Stuff” out NOW on No Face Club

Directed by Nicole Fuller

Get “Mind Stuff” here:

The REAL reason why John Watson wears red pants ;D

I figured somebody, maybe while he was in college or early in the army, thought it would be funny if they bought him a pair of red pants at a Chinese New Year celebration. Okay, they sell them at the Chinatown here, not sure if they do elsewhere, but still! Yea verily, that’s my head canon!