johns new girlfriend


“I always had this dream of meeting an artist woman I would fall in love with. Even from Art School. And when we met and were talking I just realized that she knew everything I knew. And more, probably. And it was coming out of a woman’s head. It just sort of bowled me over. It was like finding gold or something. To have exactly the same relationship with any male you’d ever had, but also you could go to bed with it, and it could stroke your head when you felt tired or sick or depressed. Could also be Mother. And all the intellect is there… well, it’s just like winning the pools. So that’s why when people ask me for a précis of my story, I put, “Born, Lived, Met Yoko” because that’s what it’s been about.

John Lennon, 1971

5 Funniest TV Comedy Pilots of 2015

#1 Grandfathered
John Stamos is back and this role is perfect for him. It’s surprising how excellent this show really is. The concept is good, but John Stamos makes it great! “Grandfathered” is heartwarming. sweet, and laugh out loud funny. This is a perfect family sitcom for the modern age.  

#2 Get Educated
Another endearing, modern, and laugh out loud comedy. “Get Educated” is pretty much “The Office” in a school setting.  There are not enough shows about teachers, and “Get Educated” knocks it out of the park! It demonstrates that teachers are people too. Rather they’re trying to get over a divorce or trying to teach drunk. The production value could be better, but for what it is, it’s hilarious!

#3 Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Odd, zany, and perfect. I believe Rachel Bloom is going to be a huge star in 2 – 3 years if this show becomes a hit. And let’s hope it does! It offers many laugh out loud moments with a great story and some entertaining musical numbers. Definitely different and definitely works!

#4 Life in Pieces
This is also pretty unique. Take an entire family and break them down into four short stories per episode. The first two stories in the pilot were decent, but they really saved it in the with the last two stories. And there’s some fantastic acting from many of the cast.

#5 The Muppets
The Muppets are getting older and definitely more adult oriented. The show doesn’t quite pull off the mockumentary style nearly as good as “Get Educated” does, but it works.  It’s pretty much what you expect from the last two movies, the jokes are hit or miss, but it’s fun. My biggest concern is there were a lot of celebrity guest stars for a pilot. Let’s hope the show doesn’t depend on its guest stars to keep the show going.