johns flags


Some of the pride flag requests

Dirk- Gay flag
Jake- Aromantic flag
Karkat- Pansexual flag
Dave- Bisexual flag
Terezi- Bisexual and Lesbian flags
Davepetasprite^2- Genderfluid flag
Aradia- Agender flag
Jade- Polysexual flag
Calliope- Asexual flag
John- Aro/Ace flags

Happy birthday to Jasper Johns, born on this day in 1930. In 1954, Johns began painting the American flag, which he realized was generally “seen and not looked at, not examined.” The execution and composition of Three Flags (1958) encourage close inspection, so let’s take a look at a detail! Johns painted it using encaustic, a mixture of pigment suspended in warm wax that congeals as each stroke is applied; the discrete marks that result create a sensuous, almost sculptural surface. The work’s structure adds to its complexity. The trio of flags, each successively diminishing in scale by about twenty-five percent, projects outward—contradicting classical perspective, in which objects appear to recede from the viewer’s vantage point. Through shifting the emphasis from the flag’s symbolic meaning to the patterns, textures, and structure of the composition, Johns explored the boundary between abstraction and representation.

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Alex: When you’re living on your knees you rise up!


Mod: I colored the pic because I thought it was important. Together we can beat the darkness that’s enveloped this country.


The moment we both walked in, Harry was bombarded with people I had never met before, I hadn’t met much of Harry’s coworkers, or peers for that matter, I knew almost none of the people Harry associated with. Luckily no one acknowledged me, so I clung to his hand and took my time taking in the room, he said it would be a quick meeting, but I was kinda hoping it would be longer, wanting to stall the night. I had decided tonight would be the night, I was going to be with him for the first time, I wasn’t sure if I would ever be ready but it was beginning to put too much stress on our relationship and I trusted with Harry. All being said I was still very nervous, almost as if Harry could sense my uneasiness his other arm draped over his chest as he wrapped a protective hand over my forearm, squeezing gently. I finally felt myself exhale, not realizing I had been holding my breath, he looked down to me mouthing an “All good?” to which I nodded curtly and he resumed his conversation, leaving a few moments later with mention of a drink.

Harry found the bar with ease talking to another stranger, and ordering a rum, I was confused when he turned handing me the drink, forgetting I was underage, he was still chatting away with his friend when he was handed his own drink leading me to the table the rest of the group had already settled around.

He sat taking perched on the outside edge of the round booth leaving me pressed between him and a girl with a pretty face void of any makeup yet still unique and radiant along with an airy laugh that I was overly envious of. I didn’t say anything still holding tightly to the glass in front of me watching as the condensation gathered into small droplets than ran till they collided with my fingers slowly going numb at the cold temperature. I shivered as I felt Harry shift next to me, his arm reaching around to grip the edge of the booth behind me.

“Something wrong love?” he spoke next to my ear, his warm breath heavy with the smell of alcohol.

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