johns canyon

Is this really how it starts? With a memory of lamplight
Set against a dark background of love? But the ending is alone,
Not in an interesting sense, but just alone.
I write these things and wish that they were mine,
But they’re really no one’s: the stories they disclose
Are pieced together from the possibilities
I harbor at the center of my heart,
Of things I heard or simply might have heard
And saw or wished I’d seen

John Koethe, from “The Other Side of the Canyon,” North Point North: New and Selected Poems (HarperCollins, 2002)

girls together [listen] by groupiesoutrageously

The GTO’s (which stands for Girls Together Outrageously) were a loose collection of groupie-chicks that collected around the FrankZappa/Mothers of Invention/L.A. Rock-N-Roll scene in the late 60’s/early 70’s. The point of this amalgamation of super-groupies was to attract as much attention as possible (which they did) from rock gods and other celebrities, via a combination of freaky makeup, clothes and behavior. In terms of originality and inventiveness, most of the GTO's looked pretty rad…” - Pamela Des Barres

good vibrations: 1. hound dog - elvis presley 2. a taste of honey - the beatles 3. (i can’t get no) satisfaction - the rolling stones 4. day tripper - the beatles

the sunshine crew: 5. turn! turn! turn! - the byrds 6. mother people - frank zappa & the mothers of invention 7. for what it’s worth - buffalo springfield 8. laurel canyon home - john mayall 9. ella guru - captain beefheart & his magic band

the gto’s: 10. miss pamela’s first conversation with the plaster casters of chicago - gto’s 11. i’m in love with the ooo-ooo man - gto’s

miss pamela: 12. let’s spend the night together - the rolling stones 13. she’s so fine - the jimi hendrix experience 14. do right woman - the flying burrito brothers 15. sally simpson - the who 16. heartbreaker - led zeppelin 17. good hearted woman - waylon jennings 18. only you - silverhead

miss christine: 19. christine’s tune - the flying burrito brothers 20. i’m eighteen - alice cooper 21. wonder girl - sparks 22. hello it’s me - todd rundgren 23. for a dancer - jackson browne

miss mercy: 24. have mercy baby - the dominoes 25. you’re gonna miss me - the 13th floor elevators 26. stage fright - the band 27. aht uh mi hed - shuggie otis

miss cynderella: 28. white light/white heat - the velvet underground 29. communication breakdown - led zeppelin 30. guts - john cale

miss lucy: 31. hog - the groupies 32. half a dozen provocative squats - frank zappa 33. beck’s bolero - jeff beck 

miss sparky: 34. disco boy - frank zappa

miss sandra: 35. manic depression - the jimi hendrix experience 36. all along the watchtower - bob dylan

37. tiny dancer - elton john