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100 Days of Trump Day 61b: Vlogbrothers (Current Events)

Follow up for the last episode on how most Americans just don’t have the basic information of a lot of complicated problems but think they understand them which has them make a lot of mistakes, and this is even more true for international incidents, where most Americans have a vague notion of what is going on “over there” and so for those who are kind of confused about what to think about the situation check out these videos.  

Follow up Episode on the first Muslim Travel Ban here

Follow up here 

What is going on in the Central African Republic here

What is going on in Burma here

What is going on with Boko Harem 

What is going with the Hong Kong Protests here

So what is going on in Egypt? 

Follow up here

What is going on with Boko Haram here

What is going on with Brazil’s goverment here 

And what is going in Haiti’s poverty here

The situation in Urkraine which is becoming more and more relevant to our lives here.  

Brief history of North Korea here

More on North Korea here

The Situation in the Israel/Palestine Conflict here

What is going on with the Libyan War and Benghazi outside Clinton here

And of course his series on Iranian Politic situation 

Stupid Islamaphobia bullshit here 

The way we talk about religion is deranged here 

WTF is going on with Pakistan here

The death of Bin Laden here

The role of Poverty in World instability (and how it can be fixed) here 

The Trap Poor countries are trapped in here

Agriculture innovations in Africa here

follow up here

College in Ethiopia here 

His thoughts on the election here 

Why our political elections are so awful here

And finally, good things that happened in 2016,  I thought you guys would enjoy here

Also follow up here 

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I wish you would write a fic where older sister Winchester protects her younger brothers from John. Like when he is drunk or just plain abusive. Maybe one night it's really bad and the reader sneaks the boys out and they head up to Bobby's.

This is a great idea! Actually I’ve been thinking of writing something like this, cause I got a headcanon request for something similar and the whole time writing it i was thinking about how I could turn it into a fic. 

I’m gonna go ahead and start thinking of how I could write something similar to this, at least, and see if it turns out okay. 

Vampire Diaries Series Finale

…told y'all Klaroline was endgame.…
*more sobbing*

Radio trailer for Sherlock...

So there was a ‘pure drama’ trailer on my local BBC radio station this evening and I haven’t seen any mention of it on here (I’m not sure how new it is) so here is a transcript:

Mycroft: Memories can resurface, wounds can reopen. The truth is rarely pure and never simple.

John: I know this is difficult but you’ve got to keep it together.

Sherlock: You’ve got to tell me the truth Mycroft… pure and simple.

Mycroft: You’ve got no idea what you’re dealing with. NONE AT ALL. (he sounds very angry/ distressed here)

Voice over lady: It’s not a game anymore.

John: There’s a place for people like you: the desperate, the terrified, the ones with no where else to run.

Mycroft: What place?

John: (really chirpy and upbeat) 221b Baker Street. See you in the morning!

Beware that this is obviously not a coherent conversation. Different clips had been edited together.  From what I can tell, I think TFP is going to be a very Holmes family-centric episode. Almost like Mycroft’s the client telling them his story. I can’t wait!


Sherlock: Is a phone call possible? 

Mycroft: Phone call? 

Sherlock: Sherlock has a brother he may wish to say goodbye. John has a daughter he may wish to say goodbye.


The last episode was wonderful, but I’ll miss this beans..The vampire diaries is a big piece of my heart and will be forever here,inside my life. ❤


In which there’s another one in Watson family too. Everett Ross is John’s twin but he’s sent to America when they’re very young. John doesn’t even remember the existence of his twin brother. Ross deeply cares about John and meets Mycroft after what happened in The Six Thatchers.

After the finale, after the end, after everything, please, please, please don’t let this fandom die. I’m talking about everything, from the amazing gif makers to the fanfic writers, just don’t leave. Don’t let the TVD & TO family die! THANK YOU!

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