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Winchester Sims

So, today is my last day living with my sister, her husband, and my two nieces and I really wanted to play Sims today, but the computer is having problems and I don’t want to fuck the whole thing up because how nice would that be? “Hey, sorry I fucked your computer up. Anyway, bye!”

So, instead, I’m gonna do a little recap of the Winchesters’ lives and how they dramatically changed when the Novak siblings moved in down the street.

I have a lot of screenshots, so I’m gonna insert a “read more” because this thing could very well be longer than the Color of the Sky post, and we all know how much I despise that fucking post.

So, once upon a time, Dean Winchester and his brother Sam moved into this really big expensive house because God (me) decided to give them a shit ton of money. Then, a few days later (which may have been weeks idk Sim time is weird), the Novak siblings (Gabriel, Castiel, and Anna) moved in a few houses down and the Winchesters decided to welcome them to the neighborhood. Fate had this weird idea that Dean should fall in love with Anna, but God could see that Dean just couldn’t keep his eyes off of Castiel. And it was around that time that God figured she should probably start documenting this love story and showing it to her followers.

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