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Romantik film tavsiyesi alabilir miyim 😘😘😘

Aşka Yükseliş
Sensiz Olmaz
Not Defteri
About Time
Love, Rosie
I Origins
Aynı Yıldız Altında
Kağıttan Kentler
Leon; The Professional
The Duff
The Spectacular Now
Language of a Broken Heart
October Baby
The Vow
Remember Me
Now is Good
Stuck in Love
Dear John
One Day
The First Time
A Walk To Remember
Safe Haven
Sweet November
Me Before You
Sil Baştan
Umut Işığım
Ps. I Love You

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Thunderbirds Are Go – “Tracy TV”

Based on a prompt by @wonderavian:

Scott is a Star Wars fan, John is a Trekkie. They constantly argue over which show is better. Virgil quietly watches Mythbusters a lot and tries not to get involved in his older brothers’ quarrels. Gordon and Alan are Whovians and really couldn’t care less

Scott & John

One of the oldest geek wars known to human culture is also being fought inside the secluded home of Tracy Island. Scott grew up watching the adventures of Han Solo and Luke Skywalker, desperately wanting to be as talented as Luke in his X-Wing fighter. John, meanwhile, is living the Trekkie dream up on Thunderbird 5. With its gravity ring, and shiny interiors, it kind of resembles the famous USS Enterprise. But whenever the topic of either fandom is raised, it’s set phasers to stun and light sabers ready – while the rest of the family looks on in puzzled amusement.

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intimissimiofficial; @dakotajohnson about seduction. Outerwear Actress, Underwear Intimissimi #intimissimi #insideandout #italianlingerie

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intimissimiofficial; Outerwear Actress, Underwear Intimissimi
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Worn Out Relationship part 2 -Jack Johnson imagine

Part 1  -  Part 3   Part 4

What we know so far: Jack has been really busy and never has any time for you. There seems to be something bothering him and soon enough he breaks up with you because of another girl.

You’d hidden in the kitchen with the pretense of reading a magazine you found stacked on a pile of papers. So far it had worked, no awkward encounters and no need to explain to your friends at the party what had happened, or so you thought.

 ”Hey babe” You heard a familiar voice you’d been avoiding. Johnson was standing by the kitchen entrance.

”Hey” You answered to be civil and continued reading the magazine; Didn’t know I could paint my nails that way you thought looking at a picture of last seasons trends.

He probably didn’t detect your opposition to him as he sat down next to you.
”How have you been babe?”

”Fine.” You answered without lifting your gaze from the magazine.

”Matt said you got in to to that course you wanted..” He waited for you to continue, but tried to lengthen the conversation himself. “are you excited for it to start?”

”It already started a couple weeks ago.” You quickly shot back trying to end the conversation.

”Oh… so what have you been doing?” Johnson asked while tapping his left hand fingers against the table.

”This and that.” You answered while turning the page to a interview about Matt, Oh that’s why we have this magazine you thought to yourself.

You tried to control your breathing as there was a moment of silence before he continued ”Okay babe, you want to know what I’ve been doing?”

”Not really.” You answered while trying to read facts you already knew about Matt.

”Matt’s probably anyway been telling you all about it? You’ve got to be interested how the tour went…” His voice became more animated the moment he got to speak about something he actually loved.

”Nope, Haven’t asked.” You answered and left the conversation hanging. You tried not to let the silence make you feel awkward and ignored his presence so well that you actually got a bit startled when he finally continued ”Babe, seriously what’s wrong?”

Annoyed you looked at him briefly ”Well for starters stop calling me babe. I’m not your babe.”

”Oh, I guess it’s a old habit..” He said quietly.

”And I really don’t feel like talking to you right now.” You turned the page again and stared at a Aeropostale add.

”Fine..” He finally got up. “I’ll be in the other room when you feel like talking.” His tone had changed, guess you could call it longing or vaguely hopeful, but as it was probably all your imagination you ignored it. 

You just murmured a okay and kept your gaze in the magazine til’ your roommate Kat came in to the room.

You looked up at her annoyed “Honestly Kat, why did you invite Johnson?”

“I saw him the other day at Matt’s and he just kind of invited himself. Matt said  he’s been asking about you…” She trailed of a bit taking a new glass from the cupboard.

”Really? What is he wondering?” You lifted a eyebrow.

”This and that..” Kat was searching for something in from the fridge as she continued “I think he wants you back..”

”He want’s me back? “You questioned. “But he’s still together with her?” 

”Yeah or I don’t know, it might just be physical thing..” Kat took out a soda and poured it in to the glass.

”Too bad for him I’m not crying for him back.” You said looking back at the empty entrance.

”Well, then you can stop hiding in the kitchen? You’ve been reading that magazine for hours.” Kat was trying make you join the party.

”I’m not hiding..” You looked down at the magazine.  “this has a lot of interesting articles.” You tried to defend a silly idol magazine.  

“Right.” She looked at you in disbelief. 

You slammed shut the magazine and got up. ”Fine, I’ll go and be social if that’s what you want.” You said taking her drink while making faces at her.

There were a couple of your friends lounging around, but you tried to sneak past everyone else to sit next to Matt and his friends on the sofa. Successfully avoiding everyone else and definitely ignoring Johnson’s smiling face as you walked in you realized may be, just may be it was better to jump in to the deep end. You looked up at Johnson and gave him a little nod. It was probably about time you actually tried to act normal and be social again.

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