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you’ve all heard of ghost hunger, now get ready for ghost dining, ghost snacking, ghost feasting. Ghost products and services. Ghost consumerism. Mass ghost food corporations. Ghost capitalism

johnny is honestly The Entire Package … he’s incredibly handsome nd tall he’s super entertaining nd funny nd is never afraid to be embarrassed when doing dumb stuff or dancing badly to songs just to make others laugh he’s got such a good heart nd is rlly rlly sweet to fans even if he’s gotten a lot of hate for no reason nd not to mention how absolutely precious he is w his members plus that time he went on bill nye’s show w amber nd talked about breaking traditional gender roles nd … he’s just …. A Really Good Guy nd we are all Extremely Lucky to know him ok so be thankful for Johnny From Chicago™ bc he’s one of the most beautiful souls the industry has to offer

Documented Feelings | Part I

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Characters: Jung Jaehyun x Reader (with the 97 liners)

Warning/s: Rollercoaster ride of emotions lollll

Summary: Your class requires a documentation of you being in a relationship with someone until death do you part. It didnt require you to fall in love, though.

A/N: That was a cheesy af summaryHi im backkkk!!!! This isnt a request but my friend gave me this idea then bam! bus?! lolBut here you gooooo lol sorry for sucking at responding to requests because ideas dont come that often in college lol! Enjoy my friend

This will be divided in two parts. This is the first one!

and this shit is unedited okay i shall go back to reading the taming of the shrew bye

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