johnnys pizza

Calgary Flames Memes

-pointing at anything that’s small and saying “wow that bigger than johnny”. they did it with a paper clip once.
-every time someone sees a dog they send a pic to sean. every time.
-dougie hamilton looking directly into the camera. any chance he gets. they compete for who has the best dougie photo bomb.
-johnny pretending not to know what any produce item is. they’re all plums.
-the constant game of who can sneak up behind johnny and rest their chin on top of his head. he gets so pissed.
-purposely calling dougie freddie and freddie dougie. alternatively, insisting that they’re the same person and freaking out when they’re seen next to eachother.
-stating sam bennetts age and full name every time they mention him. bonus points if they still refer to him as “18 year old sam bennett” well into his 20s
-blaming everything on lance. even if he’s not in the room at the time.
-sending eachother awkward photos of sean with no context. they become the groupchat reaction pics.

You didn’t tell her?

Pairing : Sam x Exwife!Reader, Sam x Pregnant!Katy, Dean x wife!reader, Cas.
Word count : 854
Author : Mel
Requests : @sandlee44 - Well let’s see I love SLD as is, but I ’d like to know what you would write if The Reader and Sam never lost their son.

@kitchenwitchsuperwhovian - For the SLD celebration: what if Katie and the reader were both pregnant by Sam and carried to full term.

She’s Leaving, Dean 1 year Celebration.

“Sam? Who was on the phone?” She stepped out of their bedroom to find Sam grabbing his shoes and coat. “Sam?”

“Y/N went into labour, I need to go.”

Furrowing her brow, she watched him as he sat and pulled on his shoes. “Why? Sam-”

“Look, Katy, I’ve just always been there okay, for her, for my brother, for the kids.. my daughter..” He reminded her.

“I’m carrying your daughter too, Sam.” His eyes went to her rounded belly. A pregnancy he didn’t really want. He didn’t know how it had happened either, Katy had been on birth control. “Just..” She sighed. “Bring the kids here while they’re at the hospital. We’ll do something fun together, and bring them to the hospital after.”

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