The truth about SMAP

Major English media are just reporting the surface…


I found some English speaking bloggers that explain the (original root of) this issue in English.

Japanese major media reports SMAP will break up due to the corrupted relationship between Masahiro Nakai (leader, one of 2top of SMAP), Goro Inagaki, Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, and Shingo Katori -vs- Takuya  Kimura (one of 2top).

However, fans and some anonymous staff from the Japanese entertainment industry are beginning to question and raise their voice on the internet that this whole thing was set up by Johnny’s agency (the vice president of Mary, her daughter Julie, and their supervisor, Ryuzo Kosugi- those who has ambition to take over Johnny’s agency after president Johnny Kitagawa).

People are beginning to say that SMAP (and just like their former manager Mrs. Michi IIjima) had been left at the altar by them. 

Johnny’s agency had a plan to break up SMAP from beginning. They gradually cancelled each of the members work schedules for this year. 

According to Johnny’s agency, while Takuya Kimura (one of 2top of SMAP) was out of the country, and the leader Nakai was absent due to his tasks as a Rio Olympic official MC, the decision was made by the strong claim of the youngest member, Shingo Katori who could no longer work with Kimura (and Kusagagi and Inagagi supported Katori’s request).

This huge decision was made so quickly without 2top member’s appearance and was officially announced only few days after the acceptance of their request.


I won’t translate now about what fans are discovering regarding the false facts that Johnny’s agency are reporting to media here, but  the more I research the more I discover the darkness of Japanese entrancement industry, and how most major media are not covering the truth.

Each Japanese major media has representative staff to deal with Johnny’s agency. And because of the relationship, they are controlled by Johnny’s command on what they are allowed to report. Therefore,  most of the information that the media covers is biased by the agency. Until this moment, SMAP has never explained about what is really happening.

But many fans are aware that SMAP had always said that they are not going to end SMAP no matter what happened, until very recently. Each one of SMAP’s member often said how they felt the importance of being SMAP and the existence of SMAP for people. 

Some might say that they that they are idols, and therefore they can act professionally and positively about their identities as stars and icons. 

I think that is true too. But no one knows what SMAP are really thinking about. Being a symbolic icon for a longtime without knowing the retiring deadline is tough— This maybe be similar to how Heisei era might end soon, with Japan’s emperor possibly abdicating his throne. 

But Japanese people have long sensed that SMAP had been always fighting against something big. And because of that, their bond and teamwork continued to appeal to people’s minds and allowed them to exist for a long time.

This group has been active in the front-lines of the major entertainment scene for 28 years. I cannot recall any other bands or group that existed for such a long period of time being  number one. It’s amazing and an unshakable fact. 

Also same for SMAP fans…

SMAP fans have been professional idol fans for 28 years. Because of the length of fandom, their knowledge about each member is very keen. Fans will read, see and think about each members of SMAP all the time, and appreciate the bonds and their team work.

I hear more voices on internet from anonymous identities saying that perhaps this could be the first and last chance to change the corrupt industry of the Japanese entertainment world if fans react and fight back by raising their voice. 

This reaction may still be small to fight against a monster. And this idea of rebellious action sounds very non-Japanese. But this is very interesting phenomenon. SMAP has always been the pioneer of breaking the “stereotype” idea of idol in the industry. In fact, this is why they became such huge stars.

So maybe now SMAP will revolutionize idol fans and their behavior toward Japanese traditional media.

Lastly, I would share this interview of cognitive science professor, Dr Tomabechi, who talks how Japanese socially has never been changed since Moromachi ear no matter how civilized system has been introduce into this country.

In the world of entertainment industry especially, he says, is the world without basic human rights. The relationship between the idol and their agency, are same as Geisha and patron form the ancient time.

There is a petition at that makes the following request to the Japanese government and Tokyo mayor:

“Let’s withdraw the breakup of SMAP! Let’s demand normal management!”

This text on this page clearly explains how Johnny’s agency is one of the best articles that explains what really happened in chronological order with clear facts. Someone should really take the time to translated and distribute this text…


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