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Johnny did not mean to incite violence. But I do not see his remarks as a joke. I think that Johnny, as the modern standard bearer of all things counter-culture, sees it as his duty to take risks in order to provoke thought and even controversy. I think he is a brave man and that it is no coincidence that he made his remarks while introducing The Libertine. There is more than a little of John Wilmott in him.

Hadn’t thought of it like that. It’s an interesting thought. I’m not sure i agree with it but it’s a different perspective on it!

Hey! Say! Jump | Over The Top PV 

 In true Hey! Say! Jump style, with amazing choreography! and their very own “Formation Change” choreography style. I really enjoyed this song! its an opening for an anime, and I really felt its something anyone can enjoy! It has that very addictive beat! and it just makes you want to dance! I can’t wait to see it live! I know it will be explosive!

Happy 10th anniversary Hey! Say! Jump 🎉 this single is a really an apt 1st single for their 10th year! 

not to be sappy twice in one day but I love how incredibly defensive NCTzens are of Johnny. The slightest thing happens and my entire dash is full of love for Johnny, we refuse to let the simplest mistreatment pass without calling it out and full blown loving on Johnny in response. Lowkey wonder if Johnny ever uses tumblr and if he sees how much we love and support him. SM and staff and k-fans might ignore and put him down but it warms my heart that Tumblr NCTzens love and support and defend him so much. I hope he sees it, and smiles that dorky, beautiful Johnny Seo smile, and knows he’s deeply loved.

irrelevants: johnny shouldnt even be in nct hes so-

me: anyway here is my johnny love blog, here is my johnny love tag, here is my johnny appreciation thread, here is my 100+ reasons to love johnny book, here is an invitation to my johnny appreciation event (free snacks and drinks included, vegan and gluten free options included, cruelty free goodies and more!), here is my gofundme to buy johnny a coffee and a brownie everyday this year, here is my i