Perks of being a Hey!Say!JUMP fan.

1. You get to love members that are either too short or too tall.

2. You get to see their perfectly synced dances and choreography. It’s kinda creepy sometimes,,, of how synced they are…

3. You get to say “aw” and “oh my gawsh” every so often on how cute their member-ai is.

4. You are probably surprised how Inoo-chan has been doing recently…

5. You get to memorize and sing “Viva! 9′s Soul” with all your heart. 

6. You get to watch awesome making clips of new music videos. 

7. You look forward to Wednesdays to see whether new “Itadaki High Jump” video is uploaded.

8. You get to understand why Yama-chan is very girly inside. 

9. You get to hear their songs that are written AND composed by the members themselves.

10. You get to love a group that you never get tired of. 

Pictures don’t lie. The moment they capture means so much more than that split second.
So maybe, this picture is not all about NEWS’s goofiness.
They probably can have fun and smile that brightly because of their strongly bonded relationship and respect, understanding, acceptation, trust, and love they have for each other.



JE is one big happy family (full of ikemen XD )


The English Gentleman observes both nature and humankind to prepare for the break dance battle of the century.