And when I find that girl, I’m gonna kill that girl
I’m gonna wham! Bam! Blam!
And drill that girl!
Won’t rest until that girl
Is safe and sound six feet below-no!
When I find Luz Batista
A coffin is where she will go. 

Hey guys! Come see sarsler and I’s film Moonstruck at midsummer night toons festival! Its June 20th! gregordraws will be presenting his film Hog Hunt as well! It’ll be fun!!


(LE) Poisson Rouge (158 Bleecker Street) $5 / Door 
Doors 7 PM. Screening 8:30 PM
DJ sets by Pensatore
First 100 guests receive 1 HR Open Bar (from 7-8 PM)

unfortunately i wont be there since i relocated to Cali, but its been so much fun the years before.

Happy September!
I’m back from a small hiatus, woooooo! I had an intense summer moving across the country to the east coast, becoming a GHOSTSCOUT, and juggling freelance. It feels great to finally be settled in and start posting stuff again. I can’t wait to share some art from camp and my freelance project. I have a couple of asks and art trades I’ll be getting too as soon as I can as well.

Hope you guys had a great summer! I’m ready for fall and sweaters :)