I do believe I missed up writing about the Kane/Cena last week...

Whoops! Here it is!

Okay, so this past week on RAW we’ve witnessed the build up of Hate for Cena. Cena did not do much in vast development with it, at least compared to what he has done in the past weeks. However, what we saw was what we needed.

RAW saw Cena’s character mainly hinge on Zack Ryder. Ryder came out for his defense - his first one since winning the belt - against Jack Swagger. Ryder was at a disadvantage due to his attack by Kane last week.

Why? As we established last time, thanks to Cena. Swagger would go onto to win the match with Ryder writhing in pain. Cena, seeing this, goes to John Laurinaitis and complains.

Cena, trying to do some right in the events past, wants to get it sorted. After all, Cena is not accepting the fact that it is because of him (And that’s important), Ryder got injured and lost his title after all his hard work. All the hard work the WWE Universe put into Ryder and it went down the drain, all thanks to Cena. 

Cena enters the match with Swagger, thoughts running through his head that people are blaming him for this. He attacks Swagger, angry that people blame him. In his mind, he did nothing wrong. The anger grows, but he doesn’t get more frustrated… It turns into low intensity hate… It’s because of Kane this happened… The hate grows, as does the strength of his attacks. It’s like he is imagining Swagger IS Kane. The attacks get worse and worse. He’s about to slam those steps onto Swagger, sealing the deal. Then Kane appears. It’s only THEN that Cena realises what happened. You can see the reaction when he looks down. You can see him looking into himself fighting with the idea on what he’s been doing. You can see Kane, starting to invade his mind…

Speaking of Kane, WWE released an gallery comparing current Masked Kane to Masked Taker. It was interesting to note the similarities. The masks for example are similar in design. Not only that, but photos of Kane and Taker both choking people out in the same style. It’s not a coincidence.
Not that I’m trying to say that they are making Kane into The Undertaker, but it is like they are making Kane as a prologue to The Undertaker, the Ultimate Manipulator of minds. He can make any wrestler doubt himself, and that is what Kane is doing right now.

This Sunday, we’ll probably see the conclusion of Kane/Cena. After all, we know Cena is going to go spend the lead up to WrestleMania with Rock, because well, he needs to really. So the pay off for Kane/Cena needs to happen on Sunday, but one of the best things from this storyline is that it can nicely lead into WM. If Cena is able to access the hate inside of him, he should be able to use that for his lead to WM. His hate needs to reappear after this, otherwise this entire storyline will be ultimately a waste of time for Cena, and was just a vehicle to bring back Masked Kane… Then what? 

I spoke to Johnnynopulse - who also runs Tomwatcheswrestling - and asked him, will the Kane/Cena feud end on Sunday. This is what he had to say.

 I don’t know whether it will end like we think it will on Sunday. It might morph and drive Cena towards ‘Mania. Like if he 'embraces the hate’ or something. I think he can change it and make it focus onto The Rock as the head of the hate towards him, in a way. It absolutely can’t be a one time thing. They need to make this story worth it and use it to give the Rock/Cena feud some meat to it.

Tonight and Sunday is going to important for Cena. It’ll show how WWE are going to treat this and the character of Kane. Whether they will throw away everything they created or not. 

And they really shouldn’t.

johnnynopulse replied to your post: johnnynopulse replied to your post: johnnynopulse…

yeah, but no one’s paying to see the diva’s. They’ve got 3 big matches that everyone’s paying for. I want the diva’s to be better…but the crowds care so less that WWE doesn’t put the effort in, which is why we have this maria woman

Woah woah woah, hold on. You know that isn’t even remotely true. “The crowds care so little that WWE doesn’t put the effort in”? No, the crowds don’t care BECAUSE the WWE doesn’t care. There is, at the very least, anecdotal evidence that both casual and not-so-casual fans can care about the women’s division if it is given the time and the thought by creative/management.

The problem here is we’ve all learnt to just accept the mediocrity. We know that WWE doesn’t care, so we try our hardest not to care, but really, how lame is that?! I want more people to get angry. WWE has such a hard on for social networking and social media, maybe if there was a unanimous disapproval, they would actually take it into consideration. Maybe if FUCK THIS FUCKING STUPID DIVA SHIT was trending on Twitter, they would realise that they can’t get away with it anymore. 

Maybe because I am a woman, this just hits a little bit closer to home, but I am genuinely sick of it. I am sick of watching talented women suffer and untalented women praised solely for their looks. I am sick of 1 minute matches and sexual objectification and shitty celebrities being deemed more important than women’s wrestling. If you are okay with all of that, then that’s totally fine, but don’t expect everyone else to stay silent with you.