So @george-hairrison tagged me for this first 6 photo thing and these are literally my 6 most recent photos. Note that I AM indeed trash and the top middle picture is just an empty stage I use to psych myself out a little because I’m a weird stage adrenaline junkie that hasn’t had that in a LONG time and most of my google searches is “empty theatres”

So I mean, I guess I will tag @jimmypage-johnnylennon @instantezra @brohemian-fapsody and @brohemian-raspberry

I was tagged by @a-ssthetics to put my phone on shuffle and name the first ten songs, then tag ten people!

  1. In The Night - The Weeknd
  2. Semi-Automatic - Twenty One Pilots
  3. Girls/Girls/Boys - Panic! at the Disco
  4. Hello - Adele
  5. Doubt - Twenty One Pilots
  6. Cry Baby - Melanie Martinez
  7. Sugar - Maroon 5
  8. Imposter - Bearson feat. Mark Johns
  9. Goner - Twenty One Pilots
  10. The Piano Knows Something I Don’t Know - Panic! at the Disco

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Rules: Using only the song names from one band, cleverly answer these questions. Tag 10 people at the end.

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Songs by: Green Day

What is your gender: Lady Cobra

Describe yourself: East Jesus Nowhere

How do you feel: No one Knows

If you could go anywhere, where would it be: I Want to Be On TV

Favourite mode of transportation: Lazy Bones

Your best friend: Whatsername

Favourite time of the day: When I Come Around

If your life was a tv show, what would it be called: The Simpsons theme (:DDD)

What is life to you: 99 Revolutions

Relationship status: Panic song

Your fear: You Lied

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if i tagged you and you have already did it..then do it again with another band:D

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What are some of your favorite blogs?

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Answer questions & Tag people

I was tagged by @queenauditore :D tysm for the tag <33
1.What was the last movie you watched? Straight Outta Compton 😎
2. What was the last song you listened to? What Would U Do - Tha Dogg Pound. Yep. Them West Coast classics you know 😏
3.What was the last show you watched? I don’t watch tv that much, so I can’t remember XD
4.What was the last book you read? I think it was The Hunger Games? Idk
5.What was the last thing you ate ? Cookies 💕
6.If you could be anywhere else, where would you be ? Probably Rome, thanks to Assassin’s Creed XD
7.If you could pick a decade to travel back in time, what would it be ? 
I’d go back to the 1100’s, just to see what life was like tbh. Even though I imagine it was really bad. That isn’t a decade but whatever man
8.If you won the lotto and millions in cash, what would be the first thing you’d do ? Travel the world, because who wouldn’t?
9.Which fictional character would you like to hang out with for a day ?
Probably Altaïr, cuz he hot. Oh, and Ellie from The Last of Us. I can’t choose just one :’)
10.What was the last fandom you joined ? Fallout :)

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