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What are some of your favorite blogs?

@shine-on-you-syd-barrett @thepetsounds @gothbarrett666 @the-pinky-kinkies @dan-sponge-ur-bobbies @johnrdeacon @creepbat @turtlenecks-and-cacti @tackier-than-tacky-glue @istartedoutonburgundy @r0ger-waters @if-i-were-a-swan @officialloureed @spookie-kitty @vinyl-vision @missyou1978 @bobdylanoffical @area51revisited @thesidewindersleepsinacoil @jimmypage-johnnylennon @sw33tgirl @thechess @ziggyandthestones @discodeaky @greatbliss @therockingsuperwho @reluctant-martyrs and a bunch of others that i can’t think of rn


So @george-hairrison tagged me for this first 6 photo thing and these are literally my 6 most recent photos. Note that I AM indeed trash and the top middle picture is just an empty stage I use to psych myself out a little because I’m a weird stage adrenaline junkie that hasn’t had that in a LONG time and most of my google searches is “empty theatres”

So I mean, I guess I will tag @jimmypage-johnnylennon @instantezra @brohemian-fapsody and @brohemian-raspberry