johnnygolucky83  asked:

Hello, I'm Johnny. I like your destroyed films And non-discriminate use of cameras. I'd like to be friends. Maybe I can learn something. Mind if I ask what your favorite film, camera or film/cam combo is at the moment?

Hey thanks! My favourite camera is my Praktica BC1, but I also really like my Olympus XA2 and Zenit E. I do have a few others that I’d like to try make more use of when I’ve got more time. Film wise I kind just tend to buy ‘whatever’ off ebay, there’s a store called Kitschretro I buy alot from. A few films I quite like though are (in no order):

Konica XG200

Fujifilm Velvia

Fujifilm T64 II

Kodak E100

Thanks to Bernie Wong for confirming that a presoak is not necessary when developing black and white film and paper. It’s a big difference between my previous attempt and this one. You should go check out his blog. You’ll get fat just looking at it!

Attempt #2 at alt process photography.

With: Rolleiflex.

On: Ilford multigrade IV RC Deluxe paper.

Hand processed in Kodak D-67 stock.