Blog Apperception

I got this Idea from hilgramphoto and well here it is for the people who helped me on here. Although to some of you saying “This is just tumblr” Yeah I know it is but posting some of your own photography and having people view it and see them reblog and like it and comment on the post saying good stuff makes me happy to see that. But I couldn't have done it with these amazing people below.

Auerr (aka fytbl) - Well he has been with me from the start really. I came onto tumblr just posting shoes,girls,couples and some cars,as probably most of my followers. But then I come along this amazing blog. I followed him of course and when I realized holy shit this guy has a ton of followers he could never have time to answer a message of mine. Then well I tried it asking him what he thought of my photos and he gave me an honest opinion, which is always the best. My edits weren’t the best and neither are they now. But he has helped me with most of my popular photos and pretty much getting me you guys and girls. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t have as much followers and “popularity” to this date if never asked him just to check my photos. Auerr is really one of the kindest and down to earth people that I know on here and he honestly gets some of the stupidest hate. That just is so stupid and pointless. The only reason I got into cars is because of him to be honest, I never ever gave so much respect for cars until I came along his blog and met him. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be here taking photos of cars or as happy as I am.Just to get to the point thanks Auerr for everything :)

Hilgramphoto - I came along this original one of a kind photography blog full of amazing cars. Like when i mean amazing ha go check this shit out. He has the best original photos of cars that he took! I mean aventadors,paganis,ferraris everything! I loved his work and still do but when I first followed him I figured to ask yet another person for help me with my photos. I asked him what I can improved on and until that day he said it. I, myself see so much improvement because of him. My photos were complete crap back then. Now I can look at that without saying damn this is kinda dece. But me and Hilgram have our photography talks and car talks.

europeancarlove - Hey the name says it all doesn’t it? Found this blog of a promo from Auerr (ftybl). And I said wow, this blog had EVERYTHING from exotic cars to nice sport cars. Me and AJ have our forza horizon meets every now and than. When I saw someone knows about cars this is him. Literally and I can’t beat any of his god damn ghost on forza still, beats me by like 4 seconds.. But i’d like to thanks him for reblogging some of my photos and being such a great guy.

Johnny-Escobar - Another amazing blog I found off of a famous Auerr (fytbl) promotion! I know Johnny has been a little MIA lately but this guy and Auerr had double teamed me on promo’s I had followers just pouring in! He is such a great guy and i’m pretty sure he is out partying right now thinking about all us! He reblogged most of my photos that Auerr did back then and when I saw the amount of notes they put together for me made me so happy.

rralker - Yet another great blog with cars,girls,luxrury and pretty much and life I dream of having. He post his OWN photography as well! The greatest around with Hiligramphoto. rralker helped me with my edits and also a big popular photo on some lambo you all might have seen by now. I’ve been following him for a while know and if you like my blog you will love his! I’d like to thank him for the kind words and amazing advice on all of my amazing skills because of all these people here :D

So this is just the major majority of people who helped me out. Their are other but I don’t know where they went.. Thank you ALL so fucking much for making me happy about everything on not just the god damn sexy ass photos i take but for making me have a hobby and I didn’t pick a camera up as much as I do now until I met all of you. Thank you ya filthy animals :)