ceslatoil  asked:

I really appreciate how you bring up Ford's character flaws in your GF recaps, post-finale it seems like fans either over romanticize his character and pretend he did nothing wrong, or, even worse, vilify characters like Stan, McGucket or even the kids in order to make him look better. I love his character and I think there's a lot of potential for him to grow post-finale but his fans can be... off-putting.

That news….should not surprise me. Here I thought the fandom had just died. 

I really love Ford BECAUSE the story so continually underlines how wrongheaded he is – we see comparatively little of him, and in some ways he’s the most….it’s not that he doesn’t fit in the story, but more than any other character, it’s easy and interesting to see him fit into other narratives. He clearly sees himself as the sort of eccentric mentor who’d be at home in a Johnny Quest sort of scenario (DO YOU KNOW HOW I LONG FOR VENTURE BROS STYLE FORD), and like I mentioned in the latest recap, he could have EASILY become a fallen hero/villain. The story redeems him convincingly, but I’m fascinated by those other possibilities. 

But. Yeah. Ford’s a dick. There’s basically no way around that.