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YES keep going this fuels me


starting off with a fav of mine, Meaty Yogurt. This particular artist has been a favorite of mine since I was like 14, and one of their other stories, YU+ME, was the first queer story I ever read. The protaganist of Meaty Yogurt follows her as she desperately tries to get out of the town she’s cursed to die in. 

Vattu is one of the most unique webcomics out there, in my opinion. The setting is otherworldly, the story keeps me on my toes, and the art is GORGEOUS. I spend a lot of time lingering on practically text-less pages just to stare at the art, and the COLORS. 

Not Drunk Enough is a horror webcomic, which is unusual for my list lmao. The protaganist, Logan, is trying to find a way to escape a monster-infested laboratory. NDE has a SUPER strong graphic art style and beautiful color sense. If it looks familiar, it’s made by the same person who used to make Hanna Is Not A Boy’s Name, which I still own a t-shirt from. Good times.

changing moods a lil, you should also read Cucumber Quest!! i’ve only read through this once, since it’s a little new to me, but it’s SO gorgeous and cute and soft. i find myself p much immediately getting attached to the characters, and the colors are so… so pleasing. 

Blindsprings is another new addition to my comics list, and holy shit you guys, it’s… So beautiful. It reads like a fairy tale, and if you like conflicts between the magic and the modern (which i do), you’ll love blindsprings. the art genuinely makes me want to pass out. there’s some queerness in the comic too, don’t go thinking there ain’t.

Johnny Wander is written by ananth and illustrated by yuko, both of which are people i would die for. it’s a slice-of-life journal webcomic a lot of the time, but sometimes they put up short stories, which have a modern fantasy feel of their own. The art is just so strong and pretty. reading it genuinely just makes me feel like i know and love these ppl.

Dumbing Of Age is another slice-of-life webcomic I like- it takes place on a college campus and most of the time takes up the life of a comedy comic, but it touches on a lot of serious themes that actually hit v close to home for me

I’m looking through my list and I think this is most of them!! I hope yall enjoy!

Criminally Underrated Cartoons I Strongly Recommend 

Clone High

description: Clones of historical figures attend high school together. A parody of teen drama’s, Clone High hits every trope and cliche and parodies them mercilessly. The comedy comes in both zany physical gags and dialogue dripping in self awareness. Every plot is a cliche taken up to eleven, hence surpassing the cliche and becoming something else entirely. The jokes range from intelligent to low-brow to absurd. I’m trying to recall an early Teletoon promo and I believe it went something like; “it’s about a girl who’s in love with a guy who’s in love with a girl who’s in love with a guy who hates the guy that loves to party.” Every character is broad, but it’s that type of show. 

strengths: Writing. This is one of those shows written for writers. Also, the voice acting. The cast is great and the line reads themselves can get really funny. 

weaknesses: The stylized art style may turn some people off. Also, if you hate love triangles to the point where you can’t even see them deconstructed and satirized, well…

where to watch: YouTube, DVD, Kisscartoon

F is for Family

description: This show follows the everyday lives of the Murphy’s, a lower middle class family living in the early 70′s. Frank is a Korean war veteran who gave up his dream of becoming an airline pilot to raise his son and quickly marry his girlfriend due to her unplanned pregnancy. The show is far more subtle compared to it’s predecessors such as the Simpsons or American Dad.  It’s more comparable to early seasons of Rosanne or Married With Children, in that it is the subversion of the family sitcom (or animated family sitcom in this case). The show has a slow, more realistic pace focusing on everyday aspects of life. Heavily character and relationship based. But don’t get the impression this show is quite. The arguments, for example are highly volatile and realistic. 

strengths: Writing, character, dialogue based humour, subtle but unpredictable stories.

weaknesses: The art style and animation are rather average and I find that gives people an inaccurate impression of what this show is going to be. Believe me, the writing far makes up for that. 

where to watch: Netflix, Kisscartoon


description: Duckman: Private Dick/Family Man follows Eric Duckman, a put upon private investigator and recently widowed husband and father. Along with his dry-witted and multi-talented partner Cornfed they solve… Well, Cornfed solves them anyways. This relic of the early nineties is often described as “ahead of it’s time”, although I find it to be very much a product of it’s time with perhaps a little more freedom than the average network show. This description likely has to do with the fact that many of the issues satirized in Duckman are still relevant, if not more so, today. Duckman is a fast-paced, action/comedy/family bastardization of a sitcom. 

strengths: Writing, big time, in terms of humour and character. Duckman’s personality leaps off the screen and the comedy is quirky and strange enough to not feel stale, even after such a long time. I personally find the stylized art and fluid animation to be a large strength as well.

weaknesses: Some may find Duckman too reprehensible to sympathize with. The semi-regular pop culture references are also rather dated (though some may find this charming). Finally, the female characters, while well-written, tend to be under used.

where you can watch: YouTube, DVD, Shomi

Moral Orel

description: A stop-motion deconstruction of small town Christian America. The series follows Orel Puppington on his quest to be a good christian. Basically, the show plays on the idea of the towns populace seeming perfect at first glance, but slowly (or sometimes not so slowly) we see the facade slip. Season 1 mainly follows a simple episodic formula with very broad humour typical of Adult Swim (at least at the time). Season 2 is where the more realistic tone and character based plot sets in, season 1 sets it up however. By season 3 many consider the show “too good to succeed”.

strengths: Character, character, character! Character development is by far it’s biggest strength. The show also has a very cute art style which is not only visually appealing, but perfectly contrasts with dark subtexts. 

weaknesses: Season one’s humour may not be everyones cup of tea (though personally, I enjoy it). On the opposite of the spectrum, season 3 can get quite depressing. To the point where, although I enjoy the artistic value of the episodes, some can leave me emotionally drained due to the overall nihilism and bleakness of the world it creates.

where you can watch: DVD (season 1 and part of season 2 only), Kisscartoon

Venture Brothers

description: This action/adventure/sci-fi/comedy show started as a send-up Johnny Quest type shows of the 60′s and 70′s, though by the second season it really became less of a parody and more of an entry into the genre itself, only with copious effort and talent actually put into it. If you like character development, stories that unfold sporadically throughout seasons, weird unexpected characters being killed off and dialogue based humour this is the show for you. Venture Brothers is the type of show you have to watch a few times to get everything out of an episode. Rarely is anything spelled out to the audience, this is a show that loves subtext and referencing previous events without reminding you of it beforehand. 

strengths: Writing, character development, animation, continuity, character driven.

weaknesses: I honestly don’t know if I can list any. I guess season one is a little hokey, but I still like it. Though, the first few episodes don’t do a great job drawing the viewer in and I find most first time viewers don’t really start to enjoy the show until “Mid-Life Chrysalis” or “Eeny Meeny Miney Magic”. Also, don’t start with the pilot. It’s non-canon and it’ll probably just confuse you.

where you can watch: DVD, Kisscartoon, (when it’s airing, not sure if they host it inbetween because I can only access here in Canada)

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If Danny ever does come back, I DO NOT want a reboot, one, because every single cartoon reboot in memory that has come out has been terrible, and two, though the show may have been far from perfect, I couldn't imagine having things different in any other way, as it is a very special thing to me.

The Ducktales reboot seems to be doing well.

The Voltron reboot was met with a lot of success.

The ThunderCats reboot, while short lived, got a pretty positive reception from fans.

The latest, ridiculously popular My Little Pony show is a reboot.

A ton of DC and Marvel shows have been rebooted aside from just Teen Titans, and there have been plenty of hits. Heck, most of the most beloved shows from them are reboots. I personally love X-Men Evolution, an AU reboot of X-Men.

The Johnny Quest reboot improved on the original.

TMNT has had some decent reboots.

The highly acclaimed Sonic SATAM is technically a reboot, since it was the second Sonic cartoon.

Scooby-Doo has perhaps overstayed its welcome, but it’s had some clever, fun, and interesting reboots.

There was actually a He-Man reboot that wasn’t bad.

The Looney Tunes have had their ups and downs, but some of the past reboots have worked.

Winnie the Pooh’s always been top notch, and the newest Mickey Mouse shorts are creative and funny.

That’s probably way more than enough to make my point.

I know reboots have been leaving a bad taste in people’s mouths lately. PPG 2016 is garbage. Teen Titans GO is garbage. Loonatics Unleashed was garbage. There are a ton of baby/kid versions of cartoons that were garbage. I get where people are coming from when they cringe at the word “reboot,” but not all reboots are automatically doomed.

And I get where you’re coming from when you say you don’t want the original to be messed with. I honestly feel the same way sometimes. There were a lot of issues, though. There was a lot of missed potential for character development, world building, and, in some cases, decent episodes. I’d love to see Splitting Images redone. I’d love to see Valerie given more time in earlier episodes. I want an actual story.

I know these are just my desires, but if it’s put in the hands of someone who’s passionate about the show, a reboot could turn out just fine. Nickelodeon has never actually done a proper reboot of any of their shows, so there’s no way to know whether they’d do it well. Everything has to start somewhere, though.

I’d say give DP the Brotherhood treatment (referencing FullMetal Alchemist for those who might not know). Keep some of the elements of the original canon, but make a few changes here and there to improve things. Then take the show in a different direction.

The nice thing about remakes is that they’re allowed to be their own thing separate from the original. If you don’t like it, you can return to the original and it’s unchanged. If you do, then great! You have an improved version of something you already loved!

There have been a ton of remakes lately, and some might say it’s too much. Classic and/or beloved stories have been being remade since storytelling first came into being, though. Most of our favorite Disney movies are retellings of classic stories. Many of the most successful movies of all time are adaptations of pre-existing stories. There may be something you love that you never realized was a reboot or adaptation.

Whether DP comes back as a reboot or a continuation, any sort of revival has just as much potential to be good as it does bad. There are pros and cons to both, too. A continuation would require people to watch the entire first series, and it’d be shackled to the problems of the original. A reboot would lose a lot of the already well-told stories, though. And if it doesn’t know what to keep and what to change, it’ll just alienate the old fans.

I have no way of knowing if DP will get any sort of revival in the future. There are a lot of factors. If it does, though, as long as it’s made with sincere love, there will be at least something worthwhile about it.