-They’re all staring at a bright shiny object, and Chet decides to sneak off, calling out and making it seem like he fell off the cliff-

Cap: Kelly, are you alright down there? Hang on Pal!

Chet: Wow, look at them scrambling to save me. I wonder if I should tell them that I played a disappearing act and that’s really a dummy down there and not me…

Cap: Maybe next time you ponder aloud, you will watch where your fingers are placed on the handie talkie. That’s latrine duty for 3 weeks, Kelly. 

This scene here in the “Firehouse Four” brings me so much joy that my heart swells like a balloon every time I watch it. If I feel depressed or on the verge of having a panic attack, I know I can put my favorite episode in and listen to these goons sing me back into happiness. 

Team House: Beats United Radio

Johnny Lopez & Jeff Graham have been blazing the airwaves on “Beats United Radio” CHRY 105.5FM for over ten years with the preceeding two years as part of the “Soul Fusion Express Radio Show” on CKLN 88.1FM. One of Toronto’s most underrated dynamic duos, Beats United Radio’s ultimate goal is to present the eclectic sounds of urban electronic dance music from it’s many roots and continue to push the sonic boundaries into tomorrow.

Originally starting out as the legendary Rhythm Method(1989) / Deep Section (2000), on CHRY 105.5FM with T.O.’s own Mitch Winthrop, Greg Gow, and Nick Holder on Friday nights, the weekly show received much support from the community over the years, showcasing both local and international talents such as Josh Milan (Blaze, NYC), Jellybean Benitez (ANBAHP, NYC) and DJ FLX (3 Degrees, CHI) to name a few. More recently, you may have heard them as guest appearances on local shows such as DJ Dirty Dale’s “My Favourite DJ” on and DJ Ali Black’s Nite Beat Radio on  Beats United Radio has played alongside numerous local talents such as SNO-MEN, KOLN, Tricky Moreira, Groove Institute, Guerilla Science, Tyrone Solomon and have been featured guests at Studio+.

Following the age of the internet, Beats United Radio has since moved the show online. You can tune in for a listen each and every Thursday night 8PM - 10PM on Check these boys out as they promise to deliver only the finest in deep and soulful underground dance music along with interviews featuring both local and international DJ’s/Producers and events.

Catch the pair live in action this Friday, September 9th at Revival in Toronto. Details below.

More Beats United Radio Podcasts:

Osunlade, Johnny Lopez, Jeff Graham

Johnny: -excitedly- Alright guys, I need you to act perfectly normal while I take this shot alright? Yeah, that’s right sip that coffee Chet. 

Marco: -mutters- He can’t be serious.

Chet: Surely he can’t be serious. 

Johnny: Awww come on, guys! I said act perfectly normal!

Marco: -makes snoring noises-

Mike: -snickers-

Johnny: Ha. Real funny!

Johnny: You guys are just incredible. Absolutely incredib-… Now hang on one second. Who’s the wise guy that stuck a wad of bubblegum to my camera?! 

Chet: -perks up- Did somebody say bubblegum?