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(Disclaimer: sorry if I insult your faves, I don’t mean any offense and they’re just meant to be jokes.  Most are my faves, too!)


Oh, dear lord, I love this team. THE LEGEND OF JOHNNY CANUCK - Part 2 (by JOHNNY CANUCK) Watch part 1 here.


With the exception of the weird logo thing at the end, this “I am Johnny Canuck” fan video is one of the best and most polished one I’ve seen yet!

Vancouver Canucks 2008-Present

This the latest and the current incarnation of the storied “Johnny Canuck” logo. The Vancouver Canucks first used the Johnny Canuck character back in the teams Western Hockey League days. When the team moved to the NHL in 1970 they disbanded the use of the logo until it was revived as a shoulder patch emblem in 2008 making it’s official NHL debut.  However, the history of Johnny Cannuck predates the both incarnations of the Vancouver Canucks hockey team. The character of Johnny Canuck goes all the way back to 1869. Through his life time Johnny Canuck has been the lumber jack personification of Canada in political cartoons, as a comic book super hero, WWII action hero, and has now had two stints on the sweeters of the Vancouver Canucks Hockey Club.

You can read more about the history of “Johnny Canuck” here