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Hi! c: Can I request a Johnny scenario where you're best friends but you have a crush on him and he's teasing you and making jokes so one time like, you would play t or d with the others and someone dared him to kiss you and that's when he confesses? Thank you so much! XX

Thank you a lot for your request! 

Knowing the fool he was at times, you liked hanging around a lot. You remember the day you met. Thanks to one of your friends that thought he was weird. The first time you saw him, you were completely attracted to his charm. He had something alluring about and his unique personality added more to it. He was exactly your type. Since then, you started texting, meeting new people thanks to him, laugh more and bring more light into your life. You became so close you’re best friends now and you’re unbreakable. You have such a strong connection that no one else has or can break. He means so much to you. Your feelings can’t be fully written. You feel a lot for him but you don’t know how to express yourself more. He has helped you so much these 2 years, but your feelings are still hidden. You always think of small ways of telling him about how much he means to you, but your also afraid he might take this as a prank or joke. You don’t want to be misunderstood or have your feelings not taken seriously. You would feel like a failure if that happened. It would be so awkward and it would make you isolate yourself from the nice person Johnny is. He is so kind to everyone and he wants to make everyone happy and keep smiling. It’s so rare to see that nowadays. You enjoyed every moment of his presence. It’s so precious. You wouldn’t trade or change it for anything. 

This night he was going to take you to a friend’s place so you could party and have more fun. He always tried getting you out more and make you live a healthier life. As long as it was with him, you could do anything. He is such a caring and warm-hearted person. Besides occasionally making a fool out of himself, he could be a true gentleman. Every time he takes you out, he is so polite and nice to you. No only when he takes you out though. He is like that in general. Something which you truly adored. You were excited about going out, even after million times it happened already. You felt like this night will be something different. You tried keeping your makeup simple, so you didn’t take too much time. You put your hair in a simple yet cute ponytail and wore a white sweater with some black jeans. A monochrome outfit was going in the best. You suddenly heard someone knocking on the door. You opened in such a rush. “Are you ready?” he said calmly. “Of course! I… just… wait-” you took your bag and hurried to go to his car. You noticed that even your clothes matched. What if we’re mistaken for a couple…? you asked yourself since couple fashion is very popular over there. It wasn’t a bad thing. You were just afraid he wouldn’t like it. 

After you arrived and were greeted by the hosts, you sat in a large, pretty empty, clean and simple room. It was very pale. The furniture was mostly grey or light brown. It had a nice look to it. “You guys are matching with the room!” laughed the host. You couldn’t help but easily blush a bit. You always do, even without wanting. “Johnny, you sure you brought her in the right place?” asked the host. “She looks sick. Is something wrong?”

“No! Do… not worry. I am fine. Thank you.” you were stuttering.

The host brought you a glass of water. “Here. Be careful and don’t catch colds! It’s worse during summer.” You took the glass and took a small sip. They went afterwards on a boring rant about seasons and hilarious experiences they’ve been through while being sick. Out of a sudden, there was silence. Awkward silence. Johnny tried breaking it.

“Why don’t we play a game? It would be fun.”

“What could it be?” said one of the guests.

“The… typical truth and dare?” asked another guest.

You changed your seats and they all came up with amazingly creative challenges and questions. It was so fun to play. But sadly, you felt like you didn’t have as many ideas. It was Johnny’s turn. He picked dare. “Spin for 10 times blindfold and kiss whoever is in your way.” said the host laughing. 

They quickly got a piece of material and blindfolded him. He was rapidly spinning. He could still walk straight. That’s surprising. He had such a speed before. You thought he was going to kiss someone in front of him. A pretty girl as a guest. You prepared yourself to sigh and feel bad for the rest of the night. He went first to the left, put his hand on the ground. Nothing. He went on the opposite side. The accidentally hit with his food someone’s calves. He almost tripped. It hurt. You felt such a big man tripping over you, literally. He picked you up, smiling. He had to lower his head a bit. You still weren’t there. He lowered it a bit more and he found your forehead. You tried staying on the tip of your feet so you could kiss him. He grabbed your whole face with both of his hands. He felt some of your hair. You felt those beautifully shaped lips delightfully pressing themselves against yours repeatedly. Everyone in the room was looking at you two. Some of the guests were even clapping and laughing. He took off the piece of material and saw you, staring at you but this time with such a deep, intense gaze that pierced you. You could feel he wasn’t that fool anymore. He was a bit surprised, from your guess, and serious now. After 1 hour, you decided to go. He drove you home. Before going to his place, he stopped by, looked at you and quietly said “Thank you.” This left you full of thoughts. What is he thanking me for? What happened now? What did I do? You quickly put on your pajamas and wanted to go to sleep, hoping for a better day tomorrow. You wanted to sleep all of your doubts away. Suddenly, you heard your phone vibrating.

By the way, I have something to tell you.

…What now?

I… liked that. I don’t know about you but I did.

Are you serious?

Yeah. I’m actually glad I chose you.

Johnny, this isn’t another prank of yours, is it?

I’m dead serious. Thank you a lot. Next time, we might repeat it. Only in private.

You had no clue. You didn’t know how to reply. But you knew your sleep was going to be better now. You were excited about tomorrow’s new surprises, hoping they will be just like the one that happened this night.

So the other week, Lucy Liu was under fire for her comment on David Letterman’s show about how she looks “a little Filipino” when she tans. Although Lucy has already apologized, a number of people are unsurprisingly still offended by the comment. The funny thing is, it’s not so much of an issue of ignorance as it is about cultural exposure. In the northern Philippines and parts of the south, there are light-skinned people who look Northeast Asian; in southern China, there are dark-skinned people who look Southeast Asian (Malay like some of the people found in the Philippines, Cambodia, Thailand, and Indonesia), and to the west in Xinjiang, some have blue eyes and “white” skin.

It all comes down to the question of diversity that many have a million answers to, but don’t ask enough questions about. Yes, it’s known that Asia is a continent and a region, with a myriad of cultures, languages, and ethnic groups. The ones who make up Asian America, however, are only a small sample of that diversity from each country. The groups who have immigrated to North America historically reveal that it’s not just the melanin level that defines their dark or light skin, but social classes too.

In short: when people in North America think of Filipinos, they think “dark skin” and when they think of Chinese, they think “light skin” to the point a Taiwanese friend said to me “I’ve realized Filipinos are really just dark-skinned Asians,” which puzzled me a bit as I took the time to process that. Why does it puzzle me? Because it assumes that “normal” Asians have light skin–which means that non-Aryan Indians (a large segment of India) and much of South Asia is not “normal” and this is a frighteningly common misunderstanding, especially within Asian America.