A Curtis Thanksgiving
  • Darry always does the turkey and he is vv good at it.
  • Soda does the mashed potatoes and he has Pony taste test them because he is honest about how lumpy they are. 
  • They always turn out smooth (THANK YOU PONYBOY) 
  • Oh, did I mention that no matter how much Darry begs Soda makes sure the potatoes are always some outrageously bright color. 
  • Steve is the asshole who plays Christmas music during Thanksgiving. Darry and Pony are FED UP. 
  • Dallas can hardly stand Steve and his stupid music, but he’s there because Johnny would like him there. Plus he always has a qood time.
  • He provides the alcohol. It varies from year to year, but he usually brings beer. Christmas is for the nice smooth stuff.
  • Pony is making some of the other stuff, but nothing too important, because he may mess up the recipe.
  • He forgot the flour in the rolls one year and Darry was so mad and confused.
  • Dallas went out and bought rolls so it was all good, but STILL
  • Twobit is drinking and wearing a Santa hat. He is down with Steve and his Christmas songs
  • That boy def dances around the house 
  • Johnny and Pony have to go hangout in another room at some point because the house is so so rowdy
  • They play cards and have a nice old time then they come out for dinner. 
  • They eat the food in like .5 seconds. 
  • It is just absolutely devoured. 
  • I would pay to see it
  • Wow, would it be impressive. 
  • Dessert is a mess because they literally have about 20 different cakes and pies. 


Thanksgiving hc’s for The Outsiders

  • Darry actually gets a break?? Like wow
  • Steve is trying to get the pie out with his bare hands
  • Soda yells “ PUT ON THE HAND PROTECTORS!!!”
  • Steve actually listens to him and only gets a very minor burn
  • Two-bit is making the most horrible thanksgiving jokes
  • Two is not even helping oof
  • Ponyboy is reading off the directions
  • Ponyboy screeches for everyone to hear him
  • In between pony and Johnny watch the parade
  • Johnny is decorating these cute little turkey cupcakes
  • Dally tries to decorate but, those cupcakes look like brown blobs with tinier orange and yellow blobs
  • After the cupcakes and pie are done, it’s time for the turkey
  • They forgot to get a turkey,,
  • Darry sighs and has to go out to get one already made
  • Pony gets mad at dally for telling him to shut up because he only spoke once during the meal,,
  • Everyone laughs
  • After Dally cleans his face up they play football
Imagine Thanksgiving with the Curtis Gang

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AN: Happy Thanksgiving! This kind of sucks but I put it together pretty quick. 

-Waking up too early to the sound of Darry cursing in the kitchen

-Him brushing you off when you offer to help him and telling you to make the coffee instead

-Watching the Macy’s parade with Soda and Pony 

-You, Johnny, Two Bit, and Pony arguing against Dallas, Steve, and Soda to leave the parade on instead of football

-Two Bit and Dallas wrestling in the floor 

-Everyone heading to the lot for your own game of football while the turkey cooks

-Everyone eating too much and passing out in the living room

-Curling up next to Darry because your already there and defiantly not moving anytime soon

-Everyone yelling at Pony when he tries to put on a Christmas record

-Insisting everyone spend the night instead of walking home tired and full

-Insisting they all help with the dishes too

-Falling asleep with your belly full, surrounded by your guys, and never feeling so grateful

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hcs for pony breaking his arm please

-he’s playing football with the Boys
-its all fun and games
-until two-bit accidentally throws a really shitty pass
-but ponyboy is determined to catch it anyway
-bc he’s like that
-so he fuckin dives across the milky way for this ball
-yeah rip
-he lands on his arm weirdly and
-it doesn’t,,,,look right
-i’d be lying if i said this guy didn’t let out a banshee scream
-who can blame him tho bc that arm got b r o k e
-Darry Curtis Calls Seize To Gameplay
-pony is basically like that scene in IT where eddie is just screaming to not touch him
-johnny and soda are freaking out
-darry is trying to keep pony calm and make him stop squirming for 2 seconds
-dallas left
-who knows where he went
-two-bit and steve are confused as to what they should be doing
-so they finally get everything chill and get pony to the hospital
-setting it back into place was,,,brutal
-so he gets his cast and they go back home
-there are like 3 dicks drawn on it before they even leave the hospital tbh
-thanks steve

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Could I get some trans Dal (ftm) hcs? I really like the other stuff you’ve written and I may or may not slightly self-project onto dally once in a while lmao

//Sure man!! I actually really enjoy the idea of Dally being trans in that he’s tough and self-confident and that reminds me that i can be too, despite not being cis. These might be kinda similar to the ones my friend @pmcurtis did a while back bc theirs were perfect tbh lmao- also some of these are p angsty+warning for long post//

💬Darry was 1000000% the first person he came out to bc the two of them have always had a p close bond but it was also bc he was the most scared to come out to Darry so he wanted to get it over with in a sense
💬It wasn’t super dramatic or anything it was just kinda “Oh by the way can you start calling me Dallas? I’m a trans dude”
💬Darry was somewhat surprised but also not?? Dal’s always been p masculine mkay so it wasn’t a huge shocker to Darry
💬Dally came out to the rest of the gang progressively over the course of a couple days and even though it was v v nerve wracking to him if he was honest, he was still v v glad he did it
💬All of them were accepting of course, even if they didn’t fully understand it since they didn’t go through it themselves, and they’re very careful to make sure they’re using the right name&pronouns
💬Part of the reason he chose the name Dallas was bc that was the name of a close friend of his in NY who was hella strong & loyal to his friends and generally a great person (not exactly a /nice/ guy, but Dal still looked up to the dude)
💬He gets really bad social dysphoria (regarding name/pronouns/other people who don’t know him not referring to him as male) but his physical dysphoria isn’t super intense unless he’s on his period
💬When he’s on his period he literally does not leave Buck’s at all. The only person who can help him feel even semi-okay about himself at that point is Johnny and even then he still feels awful all the time and he’s emotional and in pain and hates himself, it’s just a point of complete suffering.
💬On a happier note, Johnny, Soda, and Steve saved up some money and bought him a binder for his 17th birthday and he was sO HAPPY he felt like he was gonna cry but he didn’t
💬He has an aWFUL habit of falling asleep in it tho- like to the point that Johnny has to bug him about remembering to take it off
💬When he does fall asleep in it he wakes up full of regret bc not only is that generally dangerous but also his entire ribcage is sore and aches like hell and he can’t wear his binder for the next day or so without causing himself literal physical pain
💬He had Soda cut his hair short (and complained the whole time bc he doesn’t like haircuts) bc he wasn’t entirely comfortable with going to a hairdresser for it- he liked how his hair came out tho
💬Two-bit of course cracked a joke when Dal came out to him- “Now I can roughhouse with you without feelin’ mean!” Which of course ended with the two of them roughhousing and trying to overpower the other until they got too tired and reluctantly made a truce lmao
💬At one point Pony called him by his deadname jokingly but the cringe from Dal and the disapproving glare from Darry and Johnny were enough to make him realise that that wasn’t okay, and he promptly apologised, Dal played it off as if it was okay bc Pony didn’t really know better at that point but he was clearly uncomfortable
💬He feels really awful about himself and as if he’s not enough every time Sylvia cheats/cheated on him, but you’d never really be able to tell bc he acts as if he doesn’t care and he still goes back to Sylvia largely because he has a lot of self doubt in that he doesn’t think that people are really gonna be attracted to him because of him being trans ((which btw to any of y’all out there trust me you shouldn’t have this mentality, please don’t go back to someone who keeps hurting you thinking that they’re the only one who will love you))
💬Little does he know Johnny is gay as hell for him and it kills Johnny every time Dally gets hurt by her because he wishes he had the confidence to just tell Dally how he feels and find a way to convince him that it’s not his fault and that people who truly love him are gonna look past his exterior
💬Generally pretty confident though and after he was on T for a while he could pass when he wore his binder and remembered to speak from his chest instead of from his head/throat like he used to
💬He wants to get a chest reduction&transitional surgery but he knows he probably won’t be able to afford it for quite a while, as he struggled(and continues to struggle) to afford to go on T
💬All in all he’s pretty happy with where he is now though and he’s glad that the gang is accepting and that he has friends who care about him

// tbh the dysphoria part is 90% self-projection on my part whoops- tho i’m genderfluid not a trans guy lmao- if any of these seemed offensive in any way please let me know, i’m actually fairly new to writing trans characters and even though I’m not cis myself i recognise that i still could have said something problematic and would like for someone to let me know if i did. Thank you!!//

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Hc’s about Johnny confessing to his crush because uhh I need some Johnny in my life

me too hun

-he had been debating over it for like 2 months
-constantly asking pony and dally if he should do it
-so he grew finally grew a pair and decided he was gonna tell his crush he likes them
-so he invited them to hang out one friday night
-they went to the dingo
-he was planning on doing it there
-but he chickened out
-so he sat there the whole time like “fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck”
-and the plan was for them both just to go home after that
-but he was r e a l l y wanted to just tell them at that point
-so he decided he needed to prolong the night some more
-and he insisted they go back to his crush’s place for a while
-and they were just like lmao k
-so they get there and they’re just talking and stuff
-johnny can feel himself starting to chicken out again
-so he just blurts it out
-“i really like you”
-and he’s .002 seconds away from gunning it tf outta there and hiding in a hole for the rest of his life
-bc he’s so damn scared they don’t like him back and that he just ruined their friendship
-but his crush blushes so hard
-“i really like you too johnny”
-a happy ending god bless

Imagine Being the Curtis Sister and Secretly Dating Tim

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A/N: This was wayyyy longer than I thought it be but I couldn’t cut it down any once I’d started. I hope you enjoy!

Requested by @savmontreal 

-Okay, so in retrospect bringing Tim home with you probably wasn‘t your best idea

-You and the leader of the Shepard Gang had been sneaking around for almost two years now and you’d always been painfully careful up until then

-You guys were suppose to be home alone. -Everyone else at work or school

-Which is where you were suppose to be until you ditched to meet up with Tim

-So imagine your surprise when mid kiss Tim is being pulled off of you and thrown up against the wall

-Darry had forgot his lunch

-He held Tim against the wall and looked between the two of you for a long moment his blue eyes hard enough that they threatened to cut through you

-It was the only time you can remember being afraid of your big brother

-After a minute Tim opens his mouth

-”Darry man we were just-”

“Shut up.” 

-Darry glared at the other greaser shaking his head then glanced back at you.

-Leaning against the arm of the couch wide eyed with your hair and swater all messed up and shook his head

-“Get out of here. Before I change my mind.”

-Tim looked at you to make sure you were okay with being alone with Darry but slowly made his way out the door when you nodded at him in reassurance.

-“Darry, I-”

-He left before you could finish. Mummbling something about you getting back to school as he stormed out

-It took him a week before he would speak to you again 

-A week in which the rest of the gang watched awkwardly as you and Darry skidded around each other

-Made worse by the sudden and increasing prescense of Tim around the house now that everbody knew abou the two of you

-Sodapop was the one who got the two of you to talk again.

-Darry had just walked in from work but as you climbed from the table to head towards your room Sodapop threw down the towl and the dish in his hand getting everybody’s attention as the glass shattered

-”Alright that’s it. You!” He pointed at Darry with more authority than you had ever seen Soda show before, then at the table. “Sit! You!” He pointed at you and gestured you back down.

-Pony sat next to you looking back and forth between you and Darry afraid to move. 

-”This has gone to far.” Soda said standing at the edge of the table, hands on hips like your mom use to. “Y/N shouldn’t have lied. Darry shouldn’t have overreacted. Tim and Y/N…are dating.” He forced out like the words made him want to vomit. “But she’s Y/A and we have to accept it. And if he hurts her we’ll kill him.” He said like it was a no brainer “But Y/N you should have trusted us enough to tell us. We’re your brothers and its our job to look out for you. Now both of you kiss and make up before my dinner gets cold.”

-Still a little awkwardly you and Darry turned to each other. Finally you spoke first.

-“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about Tim Dar. I just didn’t think you’d approve.”

-“You’re right. I don’t. But not for why you think. You can do better than a hood like Tim.”

-You shook your head, “I love him Dar.”

-He groaned like it pained him to hear it. “Okay fine. But if I find out your skippin school to meet up with him again I’m sendin you to a convent.”

-”Thanks Dar.” You giggled. 

-He nodded his head, punching you lightly in the arm like he did when you were little. 

-And with seemingly perfect timing there was a knock on the door. “Anybody home?”

-Tim let himself in but stopped in his tracks at the sight of Darry sitting at the table beside you.

-”Everything okay here?”

-You held your breath as Darry climbed from his seat and walked towards Tim.

-Tim tensed like he was preparing for the blow he was sure he was about to receive.

-Darry’s hand shot out but stopped right before Tim’s stomach. He was holding out his hand to shake.

-Cautiously, with a confused glance towards you, Tim took it.

-”So you and Y/N huh?”

”Ya, me and Y/N.”

“Do you love her?”

“Like you wouldn’t believe.” Tim awnsered without hesitation

“And you know what I’m gonna do to you if you hurt her right?” Darry asked without blinking.

“I can imagine, ya.”

-Darry seemed to process this for a minute before nodding in understanding. “You wanna stay for dinner?”

-And just like that you had all your boys back

Outsiders instruments

- Two-Bit can play Guitar, and he likes to play for the gang. He’s also a nice singer, but would rather not sing.

- Johnny can play the ukulele!! He doesn’t like to sing, but can sing well!! He can’t tune it tho :/

- Ponyboy is the best at piano !! He can only sing MCR songs and that’s the only song he can play AND sing to.

- Dallas can play violin and can tune by ear. He often helps Johnny, and he can play the best shit. He can’t sing, but he plays.

- Sodapop can play the drums !! Can’t sing for shit, but he can play the drums well.

- Steve can do the tambourine and saxophone !! He can sing the best out of everybody, but doesn’t because of the saxophone.

- Darry can work the harp like nobody’s business. He doesn’t sing, but he wishes he could.

Jally- I write Sins Not Tragedies

They were like an oil painting- Dallas and Johnny. Smudged lines and lidded eyes, the blond and the brunet were summer at dusk.  Sharing cigarettes and drinks.  They’d run away together, catch a ride on some train out west. Towards the setting sun rather than farther from it.  Ain’t nothing left for them in that skid-mark between the cornfields.  

If they ever made it to the Hills, Dally promised Johnny that’d it’d be different. Gone with neon lights and in come every candle he could buy for him.  Leather and lace and all that jazz and they’d marry nobody or everybody that looked pretty to ‘em.  

‘Course, the prettiest was always Johnny to Dally and Dally to Johnny but both had too thick of walls ‘round their hearts to admit so. One day, was all Dally could promise. One day had gotten him outta New York and one day would get him and his Johnny out to the coast. Where the waves crashed and the guitars played and it was all booze and pot and love.  None of this turf war shit.  

But then Johnny had to go and be good and Dally saw that his Johnny was an angel with slick hair and had to shove his dreams of sultry sin and love to the side and be who Johnny thought he was.  

Dallas hadn’t planned on this. He hadn’t. He was ready to go out with a bang, his doll at his side and with a fist in the air. That’s how a Devil’s son does it. Ain’t nothing tragic ‘bout Dally Winston.  He made Johnny less so in the process. 

Guess it didn’t turn out that way.