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can i get more johnnyboy hcs, theres a supreme lack of johnnyboy in this world

i agree with you 100%

-they like to do that thing that you see in movies where they’ll hold hands and when they have to go in different directions they’ll reach out their arms and slowly let their hands leave each other do you know what i’m talking about

-Speaking of movies if there’s a scary part in them Ponyboy will jump and bury his head into Johnny’s chest and it makes him feel so needed

-Johnny’s scared too but he’ll be strong xD

-Johnny would give Ponyboy little pet names (in English or Italian it’s your imagination) like “my sun” or “my little star”

-They like to just sit and watch the clouds together

-They will sneak glances at each other while they do stuff but neither knows that the other is dOING IT

-Ponyboy likes it when Johnny kisses his neck

-Ponyboy would probably check out 7294843 cookbooks from the library just to make Johnny’s favorite foods and Johnny is just so happy that someone would do that for him

-One time Ponyboy talked about this book where the couple was kissing in the rain and so the next time it rained Johnny just freaking gRABBEd him and kissed him and he was a happy Pony

-They would definitely turn on the radio and do these silly little dances with each other and Ponyboy would have to teach Johnny bc he learned from Sodapop and Johnny can’t coordinate left from right apparently

-They would definitely kiss at every sunset they saw

  • johnny: im a little thirsty
  • dally: here i'll buy you five cokes you might get thirsty later too
  • dally: do you need anything else literally anything i will get it for you
  • ponyboy: could i have one too

ᴛʜᴇ ᴏᴜᴛsɪᴅᴇʀs x ᴛɪᴍᴇ  ♡

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Imagine where the reader is really sick and running a high fever and needs to go to the hospital but she's terrified of hospitals? (can't really decide which greaser should be the love interest, surprise me!)

(sorry that this is short im on my ipod whoops) (i also made it johnny if you don’t mind)

You shook in your bed as you bundled up the blankets around yourself, but to no avail. You were still freezing. Your parents were out for the weekend and you didn’t want to ruin their vacation by calling and saying you were sick.

Just then, you heard the door knock. “Y-Y/N? Are you home?” You heard the soft voice of your boyfriend, Johnny drift through the halls of your house.

“Yeah! I’m in my room!” You winced at how hoarse your voice sounded. Johnny must’ve heard it too, because he was quick to walk to you.

“Oh man, Y/N, you’re real sick! Did you take your temperature?” He asked, immediately slipping into a worried panic. You nodded.

“It’s a little over 102..” You mumble as your eyes begin to slip shut.

“Oh jeez, we gotta get you to the hospital!” When you heard that, your eyes shot open.

“No! Johnny, you know I hate hospitals! I ain’t going in one, no matter how bad off I am!”

He gave you his kicked-puppy look. “But, Y/N, you’re real sick..and besides, I’ll stay with ya the entire time.”

You give him wide eyes. “D-Do you promise?”

He smiled and kissed the top of your forehead. “I promise. Now c’mon, I got one of Buck’s cars out back. Dally let me ride it around.” And you knew that it would be okay.

(im sorry if it sucked xD i tried man)

Reblog if you are in/at least like "The Outsiders" and are over the age of 12-13

I’m proving a point to my boyfriend.

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my fav kind of johnnyboy is when they arent together yet, lowkey-highkey developing a crush on the other 👀 👌(hcs for crush johnnyboy plz)


-They’d start getting a little more shy around each other

-because both of them are crushing and they dont freaking kNOW IT

-they constantly try to tell each other but they break it off bc they’re too nervous
-“H-hey Johnny?”
-“N-nevermind! It’s nothing important hahahahaha”

-Ponyboy would start leaving little hearts he doodled in Johnny’s locker at school and Johnny thinks that the style looks so familiar but he just can’t place it

-Johnny would be the type to write the “I like you” letter anonymously and stick it into Pony’s locker

-and once again Ponyboy thinks the writing is sO FAMILIAR but he can’t figure it out and it drives them both insane

-Finally it’s Johnny who confesses one day
-“Ponyboy, I-I like you..”

-Ponyboy would be stunned on the outside but on the inside he’s squealing like a little girl

-and Ponyboy would just freaking kiss him and they’d both turn red but they don’t care

-Jahnny is also squealing internally

-And basically these two adorable smol beans stop being awkward and start dating (finally)

The Outsiders (Book vs. Movie) part 1
  • Dally:
  • Book: blond with blue eyes + ugly af but still gets the girls + has ears like a lynx
  • Movie: hot brunet + good looking + eyebrows on fleek
  • Soda:
  • Book: hot damn good looking older brother
  • Movie: hot damn good looking older brother
  • Darry:
  • Book: looks a little older than 21
  • Movie: good looking dad
  • Scene after Darry and Ponyboy argue:
  • Book: Darry slaps Ponyboy
  • Movie: Ponyboy learns about the force of gravity + Bonus: Darry turning into Hulk
  • Scene where Johnny dies:
  • Book: Johnny dies
  • Movie: I die