ᴛʜᴇ ᴏᴜᴛsɪᴅᴇʀs x ᴛɪᴍᴇ  ♡

  • Cherry:I could fall in love with Dallas Winston...
  • Johnny:*steps forward* Okay, first of all, bitch-
if the greaser gang had a tumblr...
  • ponyboy:nature aesthetic blog, particularly sunsets or photos of em
  • darry:horses,hunting, or animal wildlife
  • sodapop:multifandom probably
  • johnny:sad or cute old 80's anime
  • dally:crime, weapons, or artillery blog
  • steve:cars, definitely cars. his blog would be similar to Top Gear
  • two-bit:memes, shitposts, stand-up comedy gifs, or the blog of Denny's itself.
Modern Outsiders Headcanons- Part One

-Two-Bit LOVES social media. Especially Snapchat. Snapchat and anything with memes. 

-Ponyboy doesn’t understand a lot of stuff so he has to look it up on Urban Dictionary. 

-Sodapop is openly bisexual. But even homophobes don’t care because he is SO HOT.

-Sodapop has a lot of followers on everything. 

-Dallas has Instagram but all his pictures are really blurry. He takes selfies but from weird angles. His clearest pictures are of Johnny. 

-The only time Dally ever smiled in a picture was with Johnny. 

-Steve has a Pinterest board about cars.

-Actually like three Pinterest boards about cars.

-Cars have taken over Steve’s Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram feeds. 

-Darry won’t let Ponyboy get a smartphone, even though Soda has one. Pony has a flip phone only for ‘safety reasons’. 

-Ponyboy is bitter because he was GOING to get an iPhone for his fourteenth birthday. But then his parents died. 

-Ponyboy likes watching slam poetry videos on YouTube. They make him cry sometimes. He’s very deep. 

-Johnny only has a phone because Dally stole one and aggressively gave it to him. 

-Dally has piercings 

-The gang has a group text and every once in a while, Two-Bit texts everyone in the middle of the night. Darry usually yells at him the next morning. 

-When Dally is drunk, he likes to call Darry and say he’s in jail, just to make Darry worry. 


-Everyone just generally uses technology to piss Darry off. 

 -Two-Bit is the kind of friend who steals your phone and changes certain words to autocorrect to terrible things. 

-On Darry’s phone, he changed ‘Ponyboy’ to ‘my child’ and ‘Soda’ to ‘I NEED YOU RIGHT NOW HELP’

Darry: Come home, my child. 

Darry: Where are you, I NEED YOU RIGHT NOW HELP?

-He changed “car” to “beloved” on Steve’s phone. 

- Soda: Steve, where r u? 

Steve: Washing my beloved 

-On Dally’s phone, he changed ‘Johnny’ to ‘my boyfriend’ and ‘in jail’ to ‘at home’ and ‘cigarette’ to ‘unicorn’. 

- Dally: I’m at home again 

Dally: I mean at home 

Dally: At home 


Dally: Just tell my boyfriend I got arrested again 


Dally: I need a unicorn

-Dally swears a lot

-I have more but I will save them for later 

The Outsiders movie vs book.... by a fangirl
  • Book Johnny:Cinnamon Roll
  • Movie Johnny:Cinnamon Roll
  • Book Dally:u ugly
  • Book Darry:hot big brother
  • Movie Darry:hot dad
  • Book Soda:f a b u l o u s
  • Movie Soda:f a b u l o u s x2
  • Book Cherry:i honestly hate u
  • Movie Cherry:nope, still hate u
  • Book Marcia:u literally have two lines and i love u
  • Movie Marcia:u literally have one line and i love u
  • Ponyboy:well why don't you ask for directions? do i look like a farmboy to you??
  • Johnny:well fuck ponyboy i just killed a man to save your ass and i stayed up all night while you used my legs like a pillow and i also jumped off a moving train and now ive been walking for a few MILES so MAYBE you can stop being useless for TWO SECONDS and GET YOUR ASS OVER THERE TO GET DIRECTIONS you DICKHEAD