modern!johnny cade headcannons
(there’s so mucb jally and lgbt!johnny it’s not even funny omg)

- johnny would probably listen to bands like imagine dragons, artic monkeys, some of twenty one pilot’s older music, and the hardrock dally likes

- he also managed to talk ponyboy into reading to him, which wasn’t hard because pony loves to read to him anyway

- this boy always has a pair of earbuds on him even if he isn’t listening to them

- it helps him whenever he has to block out his parents

- which is a lot

- but he’s careful not to listen to his music too loud. he doesn’t want to go deaf and especially not before he’s 20

- mostly because ponyboy and darry always nag him about it

- and johnny’s never really understood why it wasn’t socially acceptable for men to wear makeup or wear dresses or skirts?? he just doesn’t get it

- johnny also keeps a hair tie on his wrist for when he gets too anxious and needs something to fiddle with

- two-bit once had to take it away from him because he was scared johnny’d cut off his circulation to his hand

- and his hands are always shaking

- so johnny’s always fidgeting with something to try and hide it

- but it doesn’t matter who you are

- his hands are shaking


- and, okay, one night he’s with dally and they’re driving. they weren’t talking. they were letting dally’s radio fill the silence.

- johnny was cool with it

- and dally was Focused™ on driving

- and johnny’s just watching dally drive and dally runs his hand through his hair and, internally, johnny just kinda goes,“oh. oh shit.”

- mkay he realizes that he may have a small crush on dallas winston

- which he hadn’t really considered before

- and he quickly decides that it shouldn’t matter who you love if it doesn’t harm you or the other person in a negative way

- so johnny realizes that he could fall in love with anyone

- at first, it kinda scares him but he ends up researching all night about this

- turns out, he’s pansexual

- the first person he comes out to is ponyboy, who actually knew what the term meant (probably because this boy never gets off tumblr smh)

- pony accepts

- he comes out to two-bit next. then soda, steve, and darry. he had to explain what it meant, but they accepted.

- he comes out to dally last. not because he didn’t want him to know, but because johnny was scared he’d ask who made him realize that. johnny wasn’t ready to tell him that.

- so one night they’re driving again and the sun is setting and dally looks like he’s made out of gold

- johnny loves it

- dally ofc doesn’t notice or let on to johnny staring

- johnny looks back to the road in front of them

- “i’m pansexual.”

- “you’re what?”

- “i could fall in love with anyone, dal.”

- “even a guy?”

- “even a guy.”

- johnny can feel dally staring at him

- he’s terrified to look up at dally but he does

- dally’s face is totally blank

- “whatever makes you happy, kid.”

- johnny can’t figure out how dally feels about it

- a small part of johnny is scared that dally’s angry

- but dally offers him a cigarette and johnny knows he’s at least not angry

- they don’t talk. just smoke in peace. the radio fills the silence

- which allows johnny’s mind to wander

- his parents would disown him

- so he never comes out to them

- he cries when lgbt+ get equal marriage rights. first, it’s out of elation because he is so happy. but then he goes home and hears his parents bashing the lgbt+ community

- he doesn’t even get through the door when he hears them

- and he goes back to the curtises

- he’s a mess

- he’s trying really hard not to cry but he can’t

- he can’t do it

- he was apart of that community and they were people, too

- ponyboy gets him to calm down after an hour

- he stays with the curtises for a week after that night

- johnny was a lot quieter after that, if that was even possible

- it worried dallas the most, though

- “c'mon, johnny, man, you haven’t said five words all day!”

- “i’m fine, dal.”

- it went on like that for a month, driving dally insane

- so, when dally runs out of ideas, he turns to the oldest curtis brother for help

- dally and darry have always been close,, okay

- and darry honestly saw this coming. he was just waiting for dallas to figure this out himself

- so darry isn’t surprised when dallas comes to him and all he’s talking about is johnny

- darry can tell dally’s been drinking by the way he slurrs his words and how he can hardly stand up

- “dar, what’s wrong with johnny? why won’t he talk to me?”

- darry, being the genius he is, starts to play a little mind game with dallas

- “why does it matter, dal?”

- “‘cause he’s my friend, dar.“

- “you’re friends with sodapop and you don’t care if you go a few days without talking to him.”

- “well johnny’s different, man!”

- “why’s johnny different? why do you care if you don’t talk for a few days?”

- “‘cause i want him happy! and ‘cause he doesn’t act like i’m an asshole!”

- “why does it matter what johnny thinks of you?“

- “i don’t know, man! he just..he makes me want to be less of an ass.”

- “so johnny makes you better?”

- darry watched as a drunk, crooked smile found its way across the younger boy‘s face. it made darry smile, too.

- “yeah, man. i love the little dude.”

- “yeah, just like a brother to you, right?” darry knew this wasn’t how dallas loved johnny, but he needed dally to say it himself.

- darry knew he gotten through to dallas when his eyebrows scrunched up.

- “no, man. i love him the way i loved sylvia. i wanna—” dallas then went on to describe all of the very raunchy ways he wanted to see johnny cade, and it made darry want to rip his ear drums out (he did not need those visuals of his friends), but he had gotten through to dallas.

- “dal—” darry cut dallas off mid-sentence,“why don’t you go find johnny and tell him yourself?”

- dallas’ drunk smile faltered.“no, man. what if he doesn’t feel the same, man?”

- “you’ll never know unless you try.”

- “dammit, darry. he’d be in the lot, right?”

- “yeah.”

- and like that, dally was gone. darry quickly sent johnny a text to give him a heads up about what was about to happen and to be in the lot.

i felt like this was a good place to stop. should i write more outsiders headcannons??

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Hiya! I was just wondering if you could write #19 of the quote writing prompts for ponyboy? thanks! xx


Ponyboy Curtis Imagine
Prompt No. 19 “Hey, can I hold you’re boobs for a sec?”

You were at the Curtis house hanging with Ponyboy since Darry and Soda were at work. You all were sitting on the couch, watching a movie on TV.

Now, Pony has liked you for a while now, and he wanted to tell you so badly. The problem was, he didn’t know how to tell you. He had thought about it and since Soda was good with girls, he would ask Soda for advice.

“Hey, Soda?”

“What’s up, Pony?”

“Can I have help with something?”

“Yea, sure.”

“How do you tell a girl that you like them? Or how do you hint at it?”

“Well you could just tell them or you could just be funny about it, I guess. It really depends on how the girl would take it.”

“Well, what if she would just laugh it off?”

“Okay, you could look at her and ask her if you could hold her boobs. Like, I know that is weird but I have done it and it was kinda funny so I guess it could work.”

“And you promise that it will work?”

“Well we could pray and hope she doesn’t slap you.”

“If this doesn’t work, I swear I’ll skin you.”

He wasn’t entirely sure about his brother’s advice. He was afraid that you would get mad at him and slap him or something.

But if Soda did it and it worked, what could go wrong?

He finally gathered the courage and decided to try it.

“Hey, (Y/N)?”

“Yea?” you said without looking away from the TV.

“Can- uh- um-” he stuttered.

“What?” you laughed, finally looking at him.

“Hey, can I hold your boobs for a sec?” His cheeks blushed a bright red pink.

“Excuse me?”

“I- I have to go to the bathroom.”

He shot up off of the couch and ran to the bathroom. He was so embarrassed.

It was a while before he decided to come out and face you. He didn’t know if you would laugh or cry and run away.

Well, if you didn’t, he probably would.


“Yea? What’s up?” he said, avoiding eye contact.

“What was that you said that a few minutes ago?”


As coincidentally as it may seem, Soda walked in the door and saw how red Pony’s face was and he died laughing.

“I- *giggles*- can’t believe you actually did that. *giggles*”


A/N: I rly hope you enjoyed this. if you didn’t like it, I will be more than happy to write you another!

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  • Darry: You guys need to stop playing "What do you mean"
  • Ponyboy: *rolls his eyes*
  • Darry: When you REALLY need to start playing "What did you clean!"
  • Ponyboy: Darry no. Stop.
  • Darry: *Slams fist on table* Cause ain't nothin' clean in HERE!!!

darry: pony i don’t think you should come to this rumble


*as soon as the rumble starts*

pony: darry help darry help  darry help darry help darry help darry help darry help darry help darry help darry help darry help darry help darry help darry help darry help darry help  darry help darry help darry help darry help darry help darry help darry help darry help darry help darry help darry help darry help


ᴛʜᴇ ᴏᴜᴛsɪᴅᴇʀs x ᴛɪᴍᴇ  ♡

  • person: *walks up to a snack bar* hi, I'm really thirsty -
  • my friend: oh no
  • person: can I please -
  • my friend: sTOP.
  • person: - have a bottle of -
  • my friend: s t O P.
  • person: soda?
the signs as “the outsiders” characters

Ponyboy Curtis: Virgo, Taurus, Libra

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Sodapop Curtis: Aries, Gemini

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Darrel Curtis: Capricorn

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Dallas Winston: Scorpio

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Two-Bit Matthews: Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius

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Johnny Cade: Cancer, Pisces

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